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They come in handy bottle sprayers, but if your garden is large, you might want to buy it as a concentrate to mix in your tank sprayer. Neem oil is another alternative for treating black leaf spot. Add a dash of horticultural oil or horticultural soap and Voila!

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The oil or soap makes the solution stick and the cost is around four cents a gallon. The next step in getting rid of black leaf spot is prevention and maintenance. The first, we already talked about. Inspect your garden regularly in the spring. Black spots on plant tissues will spread quickly. Start preventative spraying before the temperatures hit sixty.

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Read the label directions for the method you choose and follow it closely. Continue spraying until temperatures are hot enough to get rid of black spot fungus without. Avoid watering your plants on cloudy days. Bright sun and good air circulation are essential for getting rid of black leaf spot.

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During an outbreak, all affected debris should be disposed of. It may not be ideal as far as looks go, but affected plants should be cut back, and in the fall every bit of garden debris should be thrown away or burned. The good news is that black spot fungus rarely kills the host plant.

What is Black Spot Fungus?

Getting rid of black leaf spot takes a lot of diligence, but in the end, the rewards are worth it. Read more articles about Plant Diseases. Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Sign up for our newsletter. Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

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I can't do that; they'd have the black spot on me by then. View in context. Not once did she look back upon the ruin that brooded like a huge monster--a black spot in the darkness that enveloped it.

Ahab's hat was never restored; the wild hawk flew on and on with it; far in advance of the prow: and at last disappeared; while from the point of that disappearance, a minute black spot was dimly discerned, falling from that vast height into the sea. They were "cestracio philippi" sharks, with brown backs and whitish bellies, armed with eleven rows of teeth-- eyed sharks--their throat being marked with a large black spot surrounded with white like an eye. Bulstrode's eyes of an ugly black spot on the landscape at Stone Court, but not relieving him of the dread that the black spot might reappear and become inseparable even from the vision of his hearth.

I discovered my admiration that I had not observed any of these illustrious persons at court; the black spot on the forehead being so remarkable a distinction, that I could not have easily overlooked it: and it was impossible that his majesty, a most judicious prince, should not provide himself with a good number of such wise and able counsellors.

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But there may be such a thing as a very dark well in the Horner Country, which is a black spot on the face of the earth.