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If your brother is a full sibling then there is a rare possibility of getting a false positive, especially if the biological mother does not participate. If the biological mother and the other alleged father will not participate, our lab will still need to be aware that the second alleged father is your sibling so they can take that into consideration while testing.

If you have any further questions or concerns about a paternity test, please contact us at I was young and dumb, very bad decisions. Good afternoon London, To perform a paternity test we would need a child and alleged father to test. If you have any other questions or concerns, or to assist you with your testing needs, please contact us at Hello Jeff, We can test a sibling sister or brother of the alleged father to help answer paternity questions when the alleged father is unavailable.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, or are interested in an avuncular test please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. My son is not able to take the test so I want to test me, his father and the baby. The mother of the child is willing to test along with myself and my son father.

If by chance I purchased the wrong one pls email me on how to purchase the test for the grandparents. Also can I return his test back to the store where I purchased it. Pls help need this ASAP…. Thank You, LaVonda. Good afternoon LaVonda, The test you purchased in store is a Paternity test, meaning for an alleged father and child to test. You will need to contact the store you purchased it from to see if you can return it as that is up to that store. We offer the Grandparent DNA test by phone. The biological mother will help to strengthen the results.

If the biological mother decides not to provide a sample for testing there is a greater likelihood that the results will be either somewhat supported or inconclusive. Hello my son is currently incarcerated and a child is in question I was wondering if my DNA along with child and mother of child would be able to determine if my son is the alleged father.

Hi, Niki. Best case scenario is to get a sample from your son, of course, and some prisons will allow it. Hey, — I have a question i have a friend who is trying to find her child father. She only know his first name and thats it. She is not really sure if he is the father. Hi, Jessica. My son father stated that he took a DNA of our son 4 yrs ago and the results stated that it could be his brother or uncle child.

Now there is no doubt in my mind about my son being his child because he is his child. Can I sue him in court for doing this behind my back? We cannot give legal advice, but at the time an alleged father orders a paternity test, he signs a document that states he is also a legal guardian for your child. This would allow him to have testing performed without your knowledge. This a long complicated one. My husbands maternal grandmother did not know who her mother was. We want to know if we are actually blood relatives. My husbands grandmother has past away along with the older generations.

His uncle mothers brother has also passed away, so it is just his mom and sisters left along with cousins. How can we test to see if there is blood relation? Hi, Robin. Is that correct? We purchased the paternity test in the store then realized it may not give accurate results. Hi, Shun! Now, call our Client Support Center at during business hours you can also live-chat on our website and they can thoroughly explain what your options are. We used Identigene to determine positive paternity of my niece. We were able to swab him directly and send it in along with hers.

We are not able to get another swab from him. Can Identigene use his DNA markers from the first test to determine possible paternity of another child? Hi, Jennifer! We can only use the same markers if the test was completed within the last 30 days. For full info on what your options are, feel free to give our experts in the Client Support Center a call at What degree of accuracy will your test using the above samples provide, would it be adequate to settle the question of paternity for probate purposes?

What would be the cost of the necessary procedure? Hi, Jake! Yes, we process DNA tests for clients all over the world and can definitely help you. Without the participation of the possible father, the price of testing is quite a bit higher. The reason for this is simply that it requires much more extensive testing and analysis at the lab. You said you prefer email to phone, but setting up such a test requires doing so via phone.

Our offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and therefore you are seven 7 hours ahead of us. I have a 6yr old daughter who father passed away in April. How accurate are the results? What would be the price for this? Hi, Felicia. This is because more extensive testing is involved. One of our friendly representatives can help you decide which test is best for your situation and how much it costs.

I had already bought a Paternity test thinking that since I am the grandmother of the father it should work. I just want the piece of mind. My phone is not working at moment so I can not call. Hi, Dawn. Yes, we definitely do grandparent testing. The number is Ok, my so called biological father died, I supposedly have 2 half siblings.

One of the siblings agreed to a dna test. I can also get my mom to do it also. Will one of your test be able to tell me for sure if my so called biological dad is my dad and my siblings are my siblings?? Trying to find my missing pieces so I can have peace. Hi, Toni. We can do a half-sibling test to see if you have a biological relationship with that potential sibling.

I am trying to help out a friend of mine. We live in Germany and he is half German and half American. He is an adult and would like to claim his American citizenship. His father left before he was born and so he grew up with his German mother. He knows who his father is but neither wants anything to do with eachother my friend just wants to prove his father is truly his father so he can claim his citizenship. He wants to do this for his two children who may also be able claim their American citizenship through him as they both want to move to the US permanently.

My friend has half siblings from the father that may be willing to do the dna test. Hello, David! We highly suggest your friend contact the U. S Embassy to get specific requirements what they will and will not accept , vis a vis DNA testing under these circumstances. Usually in these cases, the potential father, the mother and the child are tested. Hope this helps. Our Client Support Center handles hundreds of international cases and are highly-experienced in this area. My nieces mother and myself are trying to establish paternity for my niece.

Her alleged father my half brother is unable to take the test, is my dna close enough to test against even though we are only half siblings? Hi, Michelle! The best choices for testing are:. I want to add something to my question. I meant if the dna will point to me as the dad if indeed my brother fathered child with my wife. In the article I linked to, it talks about this.

Unless you and your brother are identical twins, testing will definitely be able to differentiate between the two of you. You share some of the same DNA, but not all of it!

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Does this help answer your question? And myself her mother. The Paternal Maybe Grandfather has passed away. How much will this cost for the three of us to be tested. Hi, Karen. Thanks for reaching out to us! Please call M-F, 9 AM to PM Eastern time , and a Client Support Representative will be happy to explain the test and its likelihood of giving you the answer you seek, answer your other questions, send testing materials for you and your daughter, and send testing materials separately to the possible grandmother.

Yes, this kind of family reconstruction testing requires extensive analysis at the lab level. Hence the cost is higher than for a straight paternity test. Enjoy the holidays, Karen! Hi, Mark. Both of my parents have passed. And there are 5 years between my sister and I. She is the 4th born. Is there a way to tell if my sister and I have the same father? Hi, Christine. Yes, we can do a siblingship test to determine if you and your sister have the same parents. Good luck! I believe he may have a few children with different women.

I did not let her know that my ex-husband might be her father. I did get hair samples from both my son deceased and the presumed daughter.. I never did the dna on that one also.. I still got the hair samples safely put away.. I would like to confront the girl that need to find out because I need to know first.. I hope I make sense.. Hi, Nellie. Yes, your situation is complicated! The most reliable samples are obtained from cheek cells, and those can be collected easily using special swabs we provide. What you would want to do is call us directly at to get details and arrange the test.

Give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to help you, whatever you decide. Legally i woud like to have this proven in a court is that possible. Hi, Pam! We can definitely do a full sibling vs. If you want to use the results for legal purposes, DNA collections and submissions will need to be performed by an unrelated 3rd party.

Please call us at M-F, 9 AM to PM Eastern and one of our expert representatives will be happy to explain the process to you. I have an uncle and his daughter willing to participate. I highly recommend you contact us directly at to see what your best options are to maximize conclusiveness. That makes a difference. Are either of them still living? Does your possible father have any known children who are definitely his? Can I use the alleged father DNA markers from a previous test to determine possible paternity of another child who was previously tested? Hi, Halley! He was 71 so obviously his parents are gone.

Would I be able to test my supposed uncle with my dad even though they had different moms? Hi, Taylor. We can do a half-siblingship test, but I want to give a caution. To speak to one of our experts about your options, please contact us directly at I know That 1 marker of The baby should match with The father and another one with The mother. I would like to know if you can identify which marker belongs to The mother and which to The father without making laboratory testing. For example if you have a profile only of The mother and one marker is 17 Could you know without testing if The baby gets from The mother 17 or if he gets 10?

Another question is if you know if in The laboratoryes they save results? I already Did one test and if I do again will they see That they already have results for this person? Thank you for your answer. Hi, Tjasa. The same principle would apply if we were testing the mother with the child instead of testing the possible father with the child. Our lab does save results from previous tests. Thank you for you answer. So your laboratory save The test results, but does The laboratoryes share The data between each other? Can a test of my DNA indicate if my parents were siblings?

One of them is dead and left no DNA record and the other is unwilling to help. Hi, Robert. We have to have something with which to compare your DNA.

Uncle will not admit nor will he not participate in a swab. Hi, Sue! We can do testing using DNA samples from sources other than cheek swabs. Im wanting to know if im related to the family ive been living with which is my supposed fathers parents. And he never comes around and my biological mom is in another state. Hi, Richard. Are your grandparents not willing to test as well? That would be ideal. Hi, Diana. We can definitely do a full-sibling vs. Please give us a call at M-F, 9 AM to PM Eastern Time and one of our experts can answer your questions and set up the test, should you decide to do it.

One of our experts can assess your individual case and the chances of getting a conclusive result. They can also give you pricing information. My daughter in her dad was tested he match everyone but 7 the man explained at thr lab corp that i needed to be tested to make the test stronger. Did you mean that there are 7 mismatches or that there is only mismatch at the 7th position?

Hi, Tammi. We do a half-sibling vs. I have a question. I would like to know if the man that raised me was indeed my biological father. I know he had a half brother, and three other children from a previous marriage. I was basically an only child. What, if there is, test can I take to see? Hi, Regina. I wish you all the best!

Hi there. Now we found out that we have half sibling 2 brothers their mom dead none of their mother side is a live. The two alleged siblings that we found out claim that we share the father with them, what shall we do if our both mother and father dead, but my father have a sister i a live and my mother have brother is a live. I suggest you contact us directly at M-F, 9 AM to PM Eastern , and one of our experts can assess your individual case and give you your best options.

My husband recently had a man reach out to him claiming to be his half-brother. Hi, Chelseigh. We can do the test with just the two of them, but the chances of getting an inconclusive result are much higher than they would be if others could be tested too. Is it possible to test myself and my sister to see if we have the same father without having to test either of our mothers or father We have different mothers but possibly the same father.

Hi, Cara! Unfortunately, your chance of getting inconclusive results increases significantly when there are so few participants. Call us at and one of our experts will be happy to go over your options with you. Can we use her DNA to prove that was his father? Hi, Terry. I suggest though that you contact us directly ton consult with one of our experts. Hi, Kortney! To consult about what options are available to you, I suggest you call us directly and speak to one of our experts. My daughter father could be my son father.

My son is in Prison. Can I get my son to swab his mouth with q-tips and his dad also get him to swab with q tips , alleged dad lives out of state. Can I also get my daughter and son to swab with q-tips and send it to you? My question is can I use the q-tips?? Hi, Diamond. The kit swabs are specifically designed to optimize DNA collection and make extraction by our robots efficient.

I am a 40 year old female. I believe that my biological father may not be who I thought it was. Unfortunately, my biological mother, thought to be biological father, and might be biological father are all deceased. I do have two maternal siblings. How would I go about testing to see if I have the same biological father as my two siblings? Which test is most accurate in this situation?

What is the accuracy of this type of test? Hi, Geri. Rather than trying to figure it all out here online in a back-and-forth conversation, I suggest you call us directly to speak with one of our family relationship test experts. I sincerely wish you all the best! Is there anyway i can find out if my cousin is really my sister?

Do not have mom or dad for testing. Hi, Kei! If there are other close relatives willing to test, then possibly. I suggest you consult with one of our experts at to see what your possibilities are. I know I could have a grandparentage test done with the pregnant ex. I was wondering if a prenatal test could be done with the pregnant ex, using property of my deceased son cell phone that was packaged by the police which contains quite a bit of his dried blood on it would produce a more accurate result?

I want to know for certain before she does so. Is it possible do know if a child i son to me father or grandfather? For example if you take dna samples from me, mother and the son, can It accurately say if it is mine or my sons grandfather? Since we share the same DNA I am kinda unsure how it works…. Hello there back atcha! Can you please rephrase it? Can I do a DNA test with my unborn child and my 2 year old daughter to see if they have the same father? Hi, Maria!

The profiles are then analyzed. If you want to do a sibling test instead of a paternity test with the samples, there will be additional fees. Hopefully, your husband would agree to test by then. You still have a long way to go in your pregnancy. Wishing you all the best!

Stronger DNA Paternity Testing Results

My mother was a victim of rape and I was raised by whom I considered my father. I did not find out about the rape until my father had passed. The rapist is also deceased. This has been weighing heavily on me since finding out. Is there any way to get DNA from my fathers personal pocessions such as a ring or wallet, etc and my DNA to find out if he was in fact my father or if I am the product of the rape? Hi, Linda. Tough as it is, that may be a conversation you want to have with her.

I want to find out if my daughter is related to possible family. Her father was an only child and passed away when she was young. Her grandparents have passed away as well. Several great aunts and uncles are still living. Can she test DNA with them? Thank you Marley. Hi, Marley! If the father had another known child, then that would be a possibility, as long as you submitted your DNA as well. Can a DNA test between brother and sister determine if the siblings have the same father we dont need to who just if they have the same father? Hi, Don! This is a great question.

We can definitely do this test, but there is a high chance of getting inconclusive results if the mother is not willing to participate is well. Is it possible for her to test also? I have a question is it possible to do a dna test between two children to know if they have the same father but the mother of each child are sisters and the father is not available for testing.

Hi, Jesus! It would be essential for whoever orders the test to tell the lab that the two mothers are related. This way, they can do more extensive testing and analysis, if necessary. For more details, I suggest you contact us directly and talk to one of our experts: My husband is deceased and always doubted that his daughter my step daughter was his.

He gave me his hair brush, which I sealed in a bag, should I ever want to have a paternity test done.

Can I Do a DNA Paternity Test without the Father? | qyjywolu.tk

Question: Can I take his hair, along with a sweat sample or even a tossed cigarette butt from the step daughter, and have a DNA test done on them to confirm paternity? Or does it have to be blood or urine? Hi, Mindy. The normal samples used for doing a paternity test are buccal cheek cells, which are collected using special swabs like the ones in our home kit. Special samples such as the ones you described require special approval from the lab director and are only accepted under certain circumstances. DNA extraction is much more expensive for this type of testing and can run in the hundreds of dollars for you.

Our number is I found out that I have a sister that was out up for adoption and she found me. She looks so much like me it unbelievable. We want to find out if we have the same father. There is no mother or father to use and my sibling from the same father has passed away. Is is possible to use our DNA to see if we have the same father? Without a mother or father, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to get conclusive results. To discuss your situation with a relationship-testing expert, I suggest giving us a call directly at My biological father passed away about 2 months ago.

I have 4 half siblings on his side of the family, but only continue a relationship with one of them. Over all of these years I was never allowed to have a relationship with him. His wife insists that he was not my B. We would like to have a DNA test run so as to finally put this matter to bed. I no longer carry on a active relationship with my B. Will this be enough to prove that I am, in fact, his daughter? Hi, Sara! Well, this is a tough one. We could do a half-sibling vs. It would be best if your birth mom would be willing to participate.

If there is a chance that the two alleged fathers are related you need to let us know beforehand. Additional analyses need to be performed and it will determine the way we interpret the test results. For a relationship test we will use a more comprehensive test as the participants are often only distant relative, if related at all. So we will test 26 - 45 marker, if needed even more that that, to answer the question of relationship between the participants. If, after the testing, we cannot exclude the paternity for an alleged father we will proceed with a biostatistical probability calculation.

Such a result is called "paternity practically proven". If there are genetic markers in the child's DNA profile which cannot be found in the alleged father's profile, this person is excluded from being the biological father of this child. For a paternity test with two or three participants we generally test 21 to 31 DNA markers. The child's inherits half it's DNA from the mother and the other half from the father. If the mother and the alleged father are the approved parents of the child the DNA must have been inherited from those parents.

A paternity test now analyses the DNA sequences. When, during the test, we find differences in 3 or more DNA markers the alleged father's paternity is excluded. Bottom line: if you went through an AABB-accredited lab for this test, you can most likely trust the results.

Physical looks are never an absolute determinant of paternity. Hi, Amber! There are times when her participation can strengthen results, however, which is why we recommend that she provide a DNA sample too. This was between an alleged niece and aunt. The mother of the alleged niece was not tested. All tests were done in a lab but not the same lab but the same company. The lab that did the relationship test had both the alleged niece and aunt at the lab at the same time. There is a lot of confusion and the parties involved would like to know if putting the mother in the test would possibly give a result that would match the paternity result.

If the paternity test had enough cells to test, then would the test be accurate even though the sample may have been taken incorrectly? Hi, Dawn! Are any of these labs accredited? Because the processes you are describing for DNA collection are very unusual 4 swabs at once for a minute. Participants in this paternity test should include: child, alleged father, and mother. I hope this helps. I had a DNA test done. It says I am Hi, Jason! For example, she could push a Good evening..

The truth is i always had doubts about who is the father.. Now my ex wants DNA paternity rest as he believes that she was his. She didnt have siblings…i have siblings…please advice. Hi, Micole. How close related does the father need to be if there are two being tested? Hi, DaNazshia! There is no half way. In your last question, are you asking what the chances are of a getting conclusive results if two possible fathers are closely related? Best case scenario is for the second man to test too. I have a boyfriend who just recently got a home dna test back which was Hi, Genesis!

Hi my name is silvi,and i had a child with my cousin. Hi, Silvi. You absolutely want to include your DNA as well, and notify the lab of the biological relationship between you and the possible father. Question: I would like to use my wife to strengthen results but now willing. Can I use her identical twin sister in her place? I know they share the same DNA and the markers tested would show the same or in distinguishable. Hi, Akosua. We do maternity testing and can test you and your mum if she is willing.

Please give us a call directly at I did the DNA with the father and me and our son and it came out negative but in the Id thing he has more matches numbers the father and son than me with my son. Hi, Sharon. Hi, Juanita. The only way to answer a paternity question is to include your father or one of his close relatives in testing.

Without DNA from his side of the family, the question of your paternity cannot be answered. I tested my daughter and her alleged grandfather. And I checked the alleged dad boX and sent it that way. Hi, Elizabeth. You would need to do a grandparentage test and this time be straight with the lab about what you think the relationship of the man being tested is to the child being tested. If the mother and the potential father are related would that effect the result of the paternity test?

Hi, Louise. It depends on how closely-related the mother and potential father are.

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If they are cousins, for example, it would not be an issue. It is always best to notify a lab about any biological relationship before testing, since it could affect analysis. Thanks for your reply. They are second cousins. Will be receiving a dna test through the post in a couple of days to get the test done. No, Louise.

That relationship is distant enough to have no effect on a paternity test. However, to be on the safe side, they should still notify the lab of the biological connection. The mother is in jail and my son never took one because the doubts been high. We have custody of the child. Would my D. Hi, Gail. Is your son not willing at all to do a test? That would be best and cheapest! The man I was with on and off for two yrs left me when I was four months along. But according to three different drs.

I conceived around the second week of Feb. Which if I go back through my emails and various social media I was indeed with him from the first week of Feb to the third week of Feb before we split up again for a short period. So is it possible for his mother to submit to a blood test if I can convince her to? Hi, Lin.

If you want to do prenatal paternity testing, it must be the alleged father who participates and not an alleged grandmother. I am pretty convinced and still maybe grasping at straws. My question is would a normal test flag this or is this something that has to be disclosed. Should I retake this test? Hi, Jeff. If there is another possible father closely related to the man being tested, this information at the very least should be disclosed to the lab.

But seeing as you were given a If all of this is going to bug you, however, it may be worth it to you to call us and discuss it further with one of our relationship experts. The number is If mother and child DNA swabs got mixed up in the envelopes with the wrong names can it mess up the test. If the child is a male, then testing would be halted and the lab would reach out to the mother to clear up the problem.

Hi, Cedes. Results are posted at 6 pm Eastern. Since yesterday was a holiday will I still receive my results the email said I was souspped to receive it today at 6. Hi, Tiffany. The holiday pushed all test results back one business day. I want to have myself tested because I strongly believe that he is her biological father even though the last test came back as him not being the biological father.

DNA Paternity Test

How much would it cost to just test my DNA markers? Hi, Krystina. In the original test, if your DNA had been required in order to get conclusive results, the lab would have asked for it. So you can be sure the results you were given were accurate for the samples that were submitted for testing. WE got a test done came back Hi, Ashley. It certainly appears that the man tested is the biological father. So how could you tell which chromosome is from the mother if she is not tested?

Lets say that on the test there were only 3 spots where the numbers were the same for the child and the father but the other spots it could have been the mothers because the percentage index is low for the matches for them. There has to be a match with the alleged man being tested at every single locus barring the possibility of a mutation for the man to be considered the biological father. If the mother is untested, the assumption is made that a gene is hers if the other one matches both the man being tested and the child.

Because we know one of the genes has to belong to the mother, if there is no matching gene at the location with the man being tested, that is a red flag. My boyfriend did a home paternity test on his child 6 years ago. Those results came back as His case was finally brought to court last month and a paternity test was done. The results came back again as BUT, they are saying that another man was tested 3 years ago, and that he also tested positive. What does all this mean? So confused because we were pretty positive the child is his. There can only be one biological father for a child.

Could it be a blood relative of his that is the actual father? Given the circumstances of the relationship with him and the mother, another member of his family seems highly unlikely. With a Rather than trying to explain on the paperwork, I suggest you call us directly at to get your kit registered. Hi, Vanessa. You can test with other close biological relatives of your deceased father, if they are willing. To discuss your best options, I suggest you call our parent company, DDC, for a free private consultation: The suspected father was using a vape before he went in to get his DNA tested.

Will that affect the DNA test results? Child and male did not submit samples at the same time. Should tests be done again with mom, child, and male submitting samples at the same time? Hi, Reci. How long after the transfusion did he do the test, do you know? That could make a difference. Regardless of when the blood transfusion was done, the male should let the lab know when doing this test. Hi, Jerome. Of course, the best scenario is to test both you and your father. Be sure to notify the lab ahead of time that the other possible father is your father.

This way, they can test additional genetic markers to ensure accurate results. Can I test the mother and brother of the deceased father and swab the child to establish paternity? Hi, Cassy. Yes, you can. The kit in stores and its accompanying lab fee are not designed for this type of testing. You are welcome to contact our parent company DDC directly to set it up: Hi, Jackie. I suggest you call our parent company DDC directly at to discuss what your best options might be. How tests to find our real biological grandmothers who were both already passed away in over 20 to 43 years ago but same area of hospital and may find their dna bloods to where test blood for born my mother?

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Can it-old DNA blood checks on old copy in some where? I need to find real biological grandmother! May I find it? We did a paternity test with just baby and alleged father and it came back I know that you can not just go off of appearance, but it is really bothering me. But I am scared to death we will get different results. Has this ever happened? Hi, Jj. The only way results could be different is if different people submitted their DNA for testing. It is all the same. I watched it all in my home the first time. Does this happen? Yes, sometimes. Again, if all participants are the same, then the results of the second test will be exactly the same, as will the DNA data.

No worries! So we want to know will we get the same results?? Hi, Keria. The kit is not designed for sibling testing. I suggest you give us a call directly at so we can set up the right test for you. A possible match was discovered on Ancestry. However, neither the mother nor the alleged father remembers conceiving with the other.

The issue is the possible father has a full brother, who is now deceased, and I have learned that brothers can garner an exact DNA result. So, the question is: Would including the mother in the DNA Test, along with the child and possible father, yield a more concise result? Please respond. Those results are extremely conclusive, and including the mother in another test with the exact same alleged father and child is most likely not going to help determine if the brother of the man tested is the biological father.

You could try testing the mother, alleged father, and child again, but this time inform the lab ahead of time about the other alleged father and his relationship to the man being tested.

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  • What would help the most is including a known first-degree biological relative of the brother, such as one of his children. Of course, with any testing going forward, it is absolutely essential to let the lab know that there are two alleged fathers in the case and the they are full brothers. This will help them in their analysis.

    Hi ex boyfriend and my daughter did dna test by december the results was negative ,their pictures was send along with blood samples and want to know how this help cause blood sample reveals the results. Hi, Salsakm. I hope I understand you correctly. If pictures were taken and IDs checked, then that step is necessary for results to be court-admissible. In short their root are related to each other by blood. How will this affect the reliability of the paternity dna result? Since they are relatives, is it still appropriate to take the paternity test?

    Is there alternative or more appropriate test for this case? Hi, Rhen. I had DNA test with my son and my wife. My son is 9 years old now. Can you let me know electrical shock or using Lithium pills have effect to my test result please? The kit says to use 4 swabs per person and it only comes with 12 swabs total, but I need another 4 to test the mother. I swabbed the 2 possible fathers and the child.

    Hi, Sarah. Hence the three packets of swabs. Testing an additional alleged father requires a whole other lab fee. The easiest thing for you to do is to contact us directly to set up your test: My ex-husband may be the father of a boy with another woman. He had a DNA test done with swabs from himself and the boy, and the result was inconclusive. Would it increase the chances of a conclusive result if my two children were also tested? My ex-husband is definitely the biological father of my daughter and son. Would a sample from me also be useful?

    I think it is important that this testing be done, so we know for sure if the boy is a half sibling to my children or is unrelated. How much would this DNA testing cost and what are the chances of a conclusive result? Hi, Ana. That being said, the scenario you described for additional testing is also an option. No body have sex with my wife except only me and I believe he is my son because he resemble me so much and people saying it too that we both look alike so much. What should I do again? Hi, Fatai. Two separate tests show the same thing.

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    If they are truly mother and child, they would match at every genetic location barring the existence of a mutation. Hi, Johnny. That is a complete coincidence.