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We have several friends and also relatives in a number of European countries and this app is a magnificent tool to help in reading or writing some simple, but tricky expressions from English to a number of languages and vice versa. It certainly is very useful when using some expressions in English which do not have a direct translation to other languages or vice-versa. At least we can see the effects of an expression in the destination language. Since using the app only occasionally I am very happy what it can do and in our situation the upgrade to the pro version at a monthly cost would not be beneficial.

Been using this app through France, Belgium, Germany and now Austria. Yea I know Germany and Austria are pretty much the same. The best feature is the ability to scan text and objects with the iPhone camera and get a translation. Happy travelling and translating. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hiatos y Diptongos 2 No ratings.


Spanish 2 5B pt1 No ratings. El imperfecto clue words No ratings. Spanish 2 4A pt2 No ratings. Espanol 3: vocabulario cap. Spanish Terms No ratings. El Paso No ratings. Spanish 3 Destinos No ratings. Spanish 2 No ratings.

El Verano No ratings. Addition In Spanish No ratings. El cuerpo y la cabeza No ratings. Spanish 2 chpt6A pt1 No ratings. Comprometiclo a especta'culo amor y perdo'n No ratings. La Tierra y el Suelo No ratings. Comment y aller? D No ratings. Spanish 2 Honors Vocab No ratings. Escuchando a malo voces y desobedecer Gallinero Reglas No ratings. Vocabulario: U4 S3 No ratings. Spanish 1 4A pt2 No ratings. El Oceano No ratings.

Spanish 1 ch3A No ratings. Muebles y Objetos de la casa No ratings. Spanish 2 ch2B pt1 No ratings. Spanish 1 chpt6B pt1 No ratings. Spanish Verbs No ratings. Busque los diptongos y hiatos No ratings. Spanish Sports No ratings. Que hacias durante el verano? Spanish 1 Chapter 5B No ratings. El Pelo De Pepe No ratings. El misterio de la isla San Matthew No ratings. El Eclipse No ratings.

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El Cucuy No ratings. Repaso Lexico y Ortografico No ratings. Irregular Nouns- y to I add -es No ratings. Danzando para el rey No ratings. Look for the letter Y No ratings. La clase y la universidad No ratings. Spanish 1 chpt 2 pt3 No ratings. Spanish 3B No ratings. Para Empezar Vocabulario: Unidad 1 No ratings.

Spanish 1 chpt pt 1 No ratings. Spanish 1 4A pt 1 No ratings. Spanish Vocabulary Words No ratings. Palabras con el prefijo Sub No ratings. Happy Spring and Easter, Y'all! El sol y la luna No ratings. U2E2 Vocabulario No ratings. Estados y sensaciones No ratings. Y Final 1 No ratings. Spanish 3 lesson 27, 28 No ratings.

Words Ending in -le, -el and -al No ratings. Forming Comparisons with -y No ratings. Actividades en el Invierno No ratings. Spanish 1 chpt 3a pt 1 No ratings. Animales y Caracteristicas No ratings. Lola y Lupita No ratings.

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    El Barrio No ratings. The El Felix No ratings. La ropa y calzado No ratings. El Canal de Panama No ratings. Change Y to i No ratings. Spanish Directions - MS No ratings. The Letter "Y" No ratings. Spanish 4B pt2 No ratings. Spanish Word Search Vocabulary No ratings. Spanish 2 chpt 1 A pt 2 No ratings. Spanish Lucas M No ratings. Vocabulario de la Unidad 3 No ratings. Vocabulario: U4 S2 No ratings. Spanish No ratings. Spanish Armada No ratings. El Arreglo Personal No ratings. Spanish 2 Empezar pt 2 No ratings. El Norte- The North No ratings.

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    Padres Flexibles, Familia Feliz (Spanish Edition)

    Chapter 9 Vocabulary Spanish 3 No ratings. Yell at her! Yo solo hablaba para explicar las lecciones a Melanie. Martina: The teacher told the girl that Maria had permission to talk in class. Just like that. It was a classist and xenophobic word, used by Latinos who were more established in Miami against those who had just arrived. Estaba sola. Pensaba que no iban a entender. Even though they may have occasionally faced discrimination from Latinos who were fluent in English, it was still Miami and completely possible for them to go about their lives speaking only in Spanish.

    Plus, they had each other. Maria remembers walking into her new school with her mom on her first day. Martina: Maria was given a placement test to see what level of English she should take. Martina: The teacher told Maria that she was fluent in English, and that she should have never been placed in such a low level at her previous school.

    10 Lovely Ways to Say “I Miss You” in Spanish

    From here on out, Maria would be put in a regular class with native speakers. Practicaba mucho en casa para perder mi acento. Imitaba el acento de Velma y el de Daphne. Martina: She also struggled with the various ways to pronounce an S. She was mortified and overwhelmed with shame.

    Years later, when Maria went off to college, she entered a bilingual program. Maria: Pero era un programa muy importante. She remembers a party in the beginning of the program, where everyone was dancing cumbia.