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How long does it take to build:. The elegant Junior Suites have a cozy living room completely separated from the bedroom. Only two exclusive Master Suites, located in the front of the building, it has been….

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Decorated in pastel tones, it offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The exceptional specialties and the international cuisine along with its experienced staff, create the conditions for a truly unique flavor experience. We provide special seasonal discounts for selected rooms, Spa or for our Bistro.

Imago is the word that the Greeks use to refer to an image. Hence, the Imago philosophy aims to help guests to achieve the right balance between their inner and outer being, thus making them feel and look good. This transforms Imago Spa into the ideal destination to find not only physical relaxation but also mental and spiritual.

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The front of the glacier exceeds 60 m above the water at its maximum height, from where pieces of different sizes fall continuously, producing a stridency comparable to the sound of thunder. Most of the visitors that arrive are attracted by a challenge: hiking, trekking or hiking in one of the breath-taking granite spiers that surround the villa.

The options are many: you can take simple paths, in the middle of the forest, or others that include some climbing, or you can also choose one of the most demanding expeditions on the planet: travel a portion of the Patagonian Continental Ice, the cradle of glaciers. A success in every way, highlighting the friendliness of all the staff.

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They have spa, heated pool and massage service. We tried the massages and they are recommendable, the prices range the pesos for half an hour. To put a small snag, it must be said that it is removed from the city center, but has an hourly free transport service to the city center from It was a success since after the excursions it is good to be able to relax. Very friendly people at the reception; with good view of the lake. Breakfast buffet that passes any test very easily, nice heated pool.