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Aug 07, Sherry rated it it was amazing Shelves: reiki , favorite. I loved this book It was well worth the time and money spent. It was unique compared to all the other Reiki books that I have read.

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I highly recommend it. Aug 17, Nicole rated it really liked it. First of all, I love Penczak's way of writing. He is down to earth and easy to understand, without a lot of fluff and banter. He gets straight to the point, presents the facts, and offers some of his experienced opinion but not too much so that you feel as if all you're reading is a manifesto.

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This one did not disappoint. His appro First of all, I love Penczak's way of writing. His approach to writing about Reiki is progressive, in that he doesn't believe it should be a "hidden" practice but he also stresses the importance that an attunement to Reiki is necessary before using the symbols, etc. What I really enjoyed in this book are the chapters where Penczak presents the dozens of different symbols used in various Reiki traditions.

I am Reiki Level 2 and know a few of the symbols, but the rest were new to me. While I found them interesting, I do not plan to use them as I have not been attuned to these traditions and levels yet. Though it did put a fire under me to take more Reiki courses so that I can be given these amazing symbols.

Also, the fact that he details the many different Reiki traditions I had NO clue there were so many out there! The one I was particularly interested in was Shamballa Reiki. Karuna Reiki is another on my list. Penczak also goes into detail in the book about ways to use Reiki in your magick, if you are indeed a magickal practitioner of some kind witch, shaman, etc. There are shamanic rituals and circle-castings that can be combined with Reiki, and I love his approach to each of them. I use Reiki in my magick and feel it goes hand-in-hand pun intended.

Highly recommend to magickal practitioners who are also Reiki practitioners and want a new perspective on combining the two! Mar 13, Andrew rated it it was amazing. I've read quite a few of Christopher's books and, in the spirit of full disclosure, studied with him briefly some years ago.

One of the things I appreciate most about him is how down-to-earth he is. That's not what you might expect from someone who writes about metaphysical and occult topics, but there you have it.

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This book is no exception. It covers both the main stream and some of the tributaries of Reiki as things stood in and is very clear about what is likely to be original to Usu I've read quite a few of Christopher's books and, in the spirit of full disclosure, studied with him briefly some years ago. It covers both the main stream and some of the tributaries of Reiki as things stood in and is very clear about what is likely to be original to Usui's system and what has been added on by the generations that followed him.

As the title indicates, Christopher focuses on the compatibility between Reiki and magic k , and does an excellent job of showing where and how the two overlap. It's definitely worth reading if you are a Reiki practitioner, a student of pagan or occult traditions, or just someone interested in the highways and byways of spirituality. Jan 16, Jenny rated it it was amazing.

Review: Enjoyable and easy read. Penczak uses conversational latter and covers many styles and types of Reiki as well as the History. He includes many Reiki symbols and makes the practice feel accessible to the layman. Tone: Christopher Penczak is part of the new spiritual community. One that embraces many outlooks and backgrounds, denies exclusivity, and promotes inclusivity.

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I believe we are all healers, and his tone is one of raising the vibration on Earth. Healing for the sake of healing. I h Review: Enjoyable and easy read. I hope that practitioners and Reiki Masters use the messages in Penczak's book to spread access of Reiki by offering pro-bono classes to assist Earth in healing as many people as quickly as possible. The time is now! Oct 01, Justin Sanders rated it it was amazing. I also noticed the real deeper aspects of magick were covered and ways in which to combine them.

I am going to likely buy this in the hardcover as well. I got the kindle edition thinking I could just go through it. I had no idea that I would have all these extra reiki symbols that I could add to my tools in here showing up. It also gives a detailed analysis of what each one does outside of the well-known ones. If you're a Reiki practitioner definitely add this if you want to boost your healing focuses with key aspects in life like addictions, awareness, burns, infections, communication, emotional healing etc.

Feb 12, Yvonne rated it it was amazing Shelves: reiki , wicca , witchcraft. This book was recommended to me from my Reiki Master, who is also a fellow pagan. Great book that, although written by a Wiccan, has a strong focus on reiki while incorporating it into a magickal pathway that doesn't feel 'too witchy' as stated by another reviewer. There's a lot of information presented within this book and it's a great addition to any reiki library! Dec 16, Mandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: metaphysical. I have to say I own a lot of reiki books, collected over many years of studying Reiki and Seichem.

And most of them get a cursory glance over then get put back on the shelf. And hands up those of you who flick through the pages hoping that with a quick glance, all the wisdom held between the pages will be instantly imparted to you so you'll never have to pick the book up again. I thought so. Well, this book actually made me want to read it. I think it is in part down to how it is set out, in eas I have to say I own a lot of reiki books, collected over many years of studying Reiki and Seichem.

I think it is in part down to how it is set out, in easy chapters with information you actually want to read. I used to own a shop where I sold lots of metaphysical books, and this was the one Reiki book I would actually encourage fledgling reiki healers to buy. Highly Recommended. Jul 01, Tonya rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: those into Reiki. This book was really informative. Reiki is not a religion and is not magic but this book showed a nice link to the possibility.

I have already learned many of the techniques that are talked about but not in the magical context. The main point that the author reminds the reader is to use your own intuition and do what feels right to you because Reiki is always going to work for the greater good.

I was very happy that this point was driven home. Feb 08, Avacyn rated it really liked it. I'd recommend this book to any Reiki practioner as it gives ideas on how to use Reiki for more than just healing. I now use Reiki in creative ways for other areas of my life and it has been very helpful. Thinking 'outside the box' with Reiki wasn't really something I had thought about before reading this book.

Feb 28, Darlene rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Those interested in what the title portrays. Shelves: kindle , magick , personal-growth , nature , instructional. This is a very informative book and has rekindled pun intended my pursuit of my higher self and Reiki energy. I liked the Kindle edition so much that I had to order the book. That way I will have all the information even when the electricity is off. No need to recharge a battery of a real live book. Jan 01, Diana Walker rated it it was amazing.

Best Reiki book ever!!!

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Don't worry, it's not too witchy for the mainstream reader. All three versions are currently on the AHNA website. These newly elected officials will take office on June 1, We apologize if you are experiencing problems voting for AHNA elections. If you are having any other problems with links or voting, please call us at You may submit a proposal until PM on Thursday, October 18, The study was designed to document current and potential uses of the nursing diagnosis addressing the energy field and gather information on the concept of energetic healing.

The conference will be June 2 — 7th, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Conference event space and lodging is provided by Hyatt Regency Tulsa. Conard, Myrna L. The purpose of the JHN Writing Award for Practice is to recognize excellence in writing and its contribution to advancing the scholarship of holistic nursing in practice. The purpose of the Journal of Holistic Nursing Writing Award for Education is to recognize excellence in writing and its contribution to advancing the scholarship of holistic nursing in education.

This award recognizes a new nurse who dedicates themselves to a holistic path, applies creative holistic practices and epitomizes holism in their personal and professional life. The Charlotte McGuire Scholarship Program was named in honor of AHNA Founder, Charlotte McGuire, and is intended to recognize and celebrate upstanding members of the new generation of holistic nurses, who are dedicated to practicing holistic nursing and are enrolled in either the undergraduate or graduate levels.

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Conference is June th, An interactive portion will offer experience in giving and receiving Healing Touch and how to use it for self-care. The participants will go through an experiential exercise, learning and utilizing Ayurvedic Self Pulse. Participants will learn the difference between a balanced and imbalanced pulse and learn daily routine approaches to promote balance. This educational workshop and lecture will explore touch-based healing through the skilled-usage of acupressure. Learn acupressure approaches that have been passed down through generations to address common health issues, both for self-care and patient-care.

Participants will examine the relationship among social and legislative events, healthcare transformation and nursing education within a historical and contemporary context. Additional webinars will introduce the principles of holistic nursing education, the essential requirements for basic and advanced holistic nursing educational programs, and implications for planning curricula at the basic through doctoral levels. The Congress will provide an opportunity for experts to come together and discuss ways to improve pain care policy in the U.

Nurses will gain new self-care skills they can use at home or work including: aromatherapy, energy healing, movement, resilience and more. Complimentary download will be available October 15, through September 30, We would also like to congratulate the winners of the incentive prizes for participating! The goal is to support the nursing staff to care for themselves so that they feel more confident and better able to care holistically for their patients.

This Council is interdisciplinary and works through transformational leadership. The primary goal is to foster an environment of healing throughout the healthcare environment with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships.

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Christine Eaches, served as the perfect example with her practice at the Cardiac Care Unit at Huntington Hospital where she also assists in leading the Holistic Nursing Council. The study will look at the hypothesis that a topically-applied Essential Oil blend containing Curcuma longa, Mentha x piperita, Pelargonium asperum, Piper nigrum, Rosmarinus officinalis ct. Prior to joining the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation in May , Christine worked in a wide range of settings, with clinical experience in Level I trauma centers and post-acute rehabilitation facilities in the Chicago area.

Her clinical practice has allowed her to focus on peri-anesthesia care, acute and chronic pain management, and spine injuries, as well as chronic medical conditions and debilities. She regards the utilization of a multidisciplinary team approach as the most successful dynamic, creating a cornerstone between herself, her patients and the collaborating team.

This beautiful quick-reference guide provides 8 core actions and 11 nonpharmacologic pain management nursing interventions that are safe, simple, effective and evidence-based. Use with patients and for your own pain relief, too. Go to www. Or go to www.

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