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Thousands of people get shot in this country every year. People are kind of shocked to hear that I will shoot guns, but I understand the desire. I understand the culture here in America. Shooting has also solidified in me the need for change because of how incredibly powerful these weapons are. Fragments of bullets are still getting pulled out of my body.

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They are given to the police immediately as evidence. I want to see it. I want to touch it. Everyone was trying to flee for their lives. And then another one in my shoulder blade. Me being a three-sport athlete — playing basketball, football, running track, used to being able to do whatever I want with my body. Playing football for Morgan State University was my childhood dream.

Some people may have never even heard of it, but it was the school that my father went to. The doctors said my chances of walking again were slim to zero. However, your son has showed no remorse this entire proceeding. Andre Wilkins Shot at age 16 by a fellow student. I thought it had been squashed.

The guy came up. You got any problems? The whole aggression thing. He shot my friend first. Then I started to panic. Your mind starts to race. I never got a mustache. I never got a beard. I never went to the club. Sean Graves Shot at age 15 by two fellow students. We were confused as to what they were doing. They were loading magazines into their guns and pulling gear out of duffel bags. In our eyes, innocent as they were at the time, we assumed it was a prank.

None of the first five hit bone. If you flip through the pages, you can see where the bullet actually changed trajectory, where it turned around and pointed straight for my spine. I thought, This hurts like hell. Somebody just shot me with a tranquilizer dart. I had a hard time dealing with that. Jennifer Alldredge Ryker Shot at age 17 by an expelled student who had killed his parents, then driven to school with a Glock, a Ruger rifle, and other weapons. I tried to scream, but blood came out. My hand was spurting blood too.

It looked like the scene from The Crow. Then I pretty much passed out. I woke up a couple of times. I just want to go to sleep. Later on, I woke again, and I had a Life Saver in my mouth. I spit it out because I was worried I would choke on it. A paramedic saw me spit out the Life Saver and realized I was still alive. My boyfriend had tackled the gunman. We were both shot in our hands. We were both shot in our lungs.

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A couple years later, we got married, and we have two kids. Betina Lynn Shot at age 18 by an expelled student who had killed his parents, then driven to school with a Glock, a Ruger rifle, and other weapons. I was sitting in the cafeteria at the table I always sat at. I was in the orchestra, and some of them played Dungeons and Dragons, and Jen was in choir.

We sort of banded together.

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So I made the decision that instead I was going to purposefully watch what transpired. Because they were going to need witnesses. Missy Jenkins Smith Shot at age 15 by a student who showed up to school with 3 guns. Every morning, me and my twin sister would attend a prayer circle.

And then I saw a girl I knew get shot in the head. It felt like fainting is what it felt like. He was a freshman; I was a sophomore. He was in band with me. I liked him. So I was surprised it was him. I would start bawling. I knew nothing about. The bullet bounces around in your body. But it missed every major artery and organ besides my lung and my spinal cord. The only thing that was taken away from me was walking.

Ride a horse, climb a tree, water-ski. Rick Maloney Shot at age 35 by a year-old student. We were fixing to have Thanksgiving holiday. They were watching a movie, and at the end of the class, I gave everybody their grades. So each individual walked up and I gave them their grades, and I remember the bell rang and the TV was still on behind me and it was making that chhhh sound.

So I started to turn around to turn it off, and all of a sudden I heard the biggest firecracker go off. I thought, Who is shooting a firecracker in my class? When I turned back, I could see that a student was slowly walking out of the room, and I heard some girl scream. I was embarrassed. It shattered my tongue, it went through the bottom of my mouth, it lodged over in my neck. The police found him. He was out at the lake, fishing. Even to this day, I do not know why he shot me. He had failed my class, but then he had failed three other classes.

Never told me. At the trial, defense attorneys tried to make me look like crap. I was a sorry teacher, and all this stuff. He got 14 years for attempted murder. You get in this business because you like kids, you want to help them. Then all of a sudden you have someone that wants to kill you? I went back and taught ten more years. Same classroom. I felt like I had to be the example. Russell Allen Johnson Shot at age 15 with a. We had intruders coming from another school.

Some folks said it was about a girl. He shot five of us. I was hit in the calf. It almost knocks your leg out from under you. My mother was hysterical, girlfriends were hysterical. Then we went to the hospital to extract the bullet. More excitement and more popularity. It was a different time.

They stayed in the same vein. I believe in guns, I do. Kenneth House Shot at age 15 by another teenager. It was gang related. Chicago was one of those places where the gangs were generational. My dad even belonged to a gang: the Warlords. The doctor who worked on me was an old guy. One of the things about being shot is I do not like weapons. I live in a right-to-carry state, Georgia. We all have a right to carry a weapon. What are you preparing for, some big race war? Kevin Roth Shot at age 14 by a fellow student with a.

The day before, David said that he was going to kill us. Any type of movement could have lodged it. Back then, X-ray machines were huge, and it came right down on top of me, which made me really claustrophobic. The bullet had stayed intact very close to my heart. It went through my liver and lung.

Forrest Wylie was in the hospital too. He was a school administrator, a good father, somebody that saved lives by trying to get the gun away from David. I was, being where the bullet was. Wylie just died. No psychiatrist, no type of help from anybody, not even a priest. The seniors teased him, and since I hung out with those guys, I was part of it.

All David wanted was to be accepted. He would tell people outlandish stories: I belong to the Mafia …. His dad showed him how to load the gun the night before, more than likely not even knowing what David was going to do. His dad was an alcoholic who physically abused him. There was no self-worth. Joe Pepitone Shot at age It was my senior year of high school. I had 13 Major League Baseball clubs after me. A group of kids were talking, and one jumped out and put a gun in my stomach.

It went right off. It went under my heart, came out my back, and shattered the blackboard. He ran out of class. I could see a hole in my sweater with powder stains. I felt a pinch on my back. I put my thumb back there, and when I pulled it out, I had blood all around my thumb. I must have gone into shock, because I fell to my knees. Right after that, a lot of the baseball teams dropped out; they thought it was all over.

And the next thing I know, my father died, about three days after I got shot. He was 39, so that was a trauma in itself. I went back, my heart started beating fast, I was a wreck. I just ran out of the classroom. But I finally got well. I started playing ball a little bit. Three teams stuck with me, and I went to the Yankees. But the flashbacks were terrible.

He was an angry, angry kid. As I say, I was 17 years old. Victor Simeone Shot at age I think I was the first one in New York to ever get shot for 35 cents. I was in the lunchroom. There were four or five of them, and one approached me. Twenty-five for lunch and ten for the subway. Good mustache. I think about it still. Even in Korea I did, you know. Subscribe Now! In a letter to the president Tuesday, D. Mayor Muriel E. Trump looked at him, put the packet on the table, and slid it across.

The party chairman began to read, the room now filling around him with the rest of the team. Fahrenthold had sent over the alleged quotes and was requesting comment from the campaign for a story that would run later that day. The group was paralyzed with silence. Finally, Kushner piped up. The Justice Department is seeking to discourage Robert S.

The department told the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees last week that it was opposed to the testimony and had communicated its view to the two former members of Mr. Quarles III, according to a senior congressional official familiar with the discussions. A Justice Department official confirmed that account and said that the department had instructed both men not to appear. Mueller, the former special counsel, and the two prosecutors could still unravel. His surrogates have been unleashed to deliver more pointed attacks on Harris.

Lawmakers had hoped they would be able to avoid the politically painful vote to raise the debt ceiling until the fall — and that it could be packaged with other legislation to fund the government and set budget caps on spending. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

School-Shooting Survivors Bear Their Scars, and Bear Witness

Account Profile. Sign Out. Since being shot five times, Parkland survivor Anthony Borges has worn a colostomy bag. Photo: Michael Avedon. Tags: gun control guns school shootings new york magazine parkland More. Most Viewed Stories. Appeals court dismisses emoluments clause case against Trump involving Washington hotel. Most Popular. The Gulf Coast will likely see the first hurricane of the season, Barry, over the weekend. Photo: NOAA. Pelosi, in caucus meeting, made a forceful case for unity amid bitter Dem fight over immigration and now a defense bill.

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