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Finding a space to showcase all of this great work. Interested in partnering with us on our next show?

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Let us fill your house. But we also want our community to create and produce, get feedback on works in progress and share stories that they think deserve to be told. We produce shows because we believe that your work is important.

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We are looking for:. In order for your work to be considered for LitCrawl, you must include the following with your submission:. This gives you two weeks to polish off your words and prepare to submit. Thanks to Ryan Alpers for filming and Branden Frederick for taking photos, as well as all of the amazing writers, performers, artists and friends who helped make this show happen.

We hope to host more POW shows in the months to come, so stay tuned to learn how you can participate! Have you ever had dinner with your late grandparent?

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How about a drink with your long-dead grandmother? Big thanks to Ryan Alpers for filming and Branden Frederick for being our trusty photographer. Few things can fully capture the absurdity and sheer love of early parenthood.

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We are currently seeking venues for our next show. Sometimes the sacrifices of seeking a better life feel like a catch Last month we were treated to a special performance of this lovely essay by the one and only Arcadia Conrad at the San Jose Museum of Art:. This was one of those performance that had the audience murmuring in the minutes after Arcadia left the stage. Many thanks to Mairead and Arcadia for bringing us this story, and to Ryan Alpers for filming and Branden Frederick for taking photos. How many parents must learn to read between the lines—or gauge the distance between postcards?

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Thanks to Ryan Alpers for capturing this on film:. Thanks, as always, to our writers for loaning us their words, and to our actors for making their stories come to life. Photography by Branden Frederick. Calendar of Events.

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Joie Kathos performs at the Cecil B. Moore Block Party Follow her joiekathos and check out joiekathos.

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Moore Block Party June 4, The Philadelphia Zoo brought a tiger pelt to a Play Party for families to feel. Fox 29 News interview with Jazz the Barber and some of his clients June 23, Shakespeare 's "quibbles" have made him a noted punster. Similarly, P.

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Wodehouse was hailed by The Times as a "comic genius recognized in his lifetime as a classic and an old master of farce" for his own acclaimed wordplay. For example, in his Finnegans Wake Joyce's phrase "they were yung and easily freudened" clearly implies the more conventional "they were young and easily frightened"; however, the former also makes an apt pun on the names of two famous psychoanalysts , Jung and Freud.

Crossword puzzles often employ wordplay to challenge solvers. Cryptic crosswords especially are based on elaborate systems of wordplay.

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Life: The Biggest Troll". Word play is closely related to word games ; that is, games in which the point is manipulating words. See also language game for a linguist's variation. Word play can cause problems for translators: e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Wordplay disambiguation.