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Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audience. No, Thanks. Nein, danke. Some of the book sizes are a little unusual. For instance, it offers a 12 x 15 photo book but not an 11 x 14 option. There are more than 1, backgrounds and stickers to decorate your photo books. While we liked the predesigned photo layouts and design features, the interface for creating a book wasn't as easy to navigate as some other companies.


You can create your books from scratch or you can use the autofill feature to quickly create your projects. You can interact with other AdoramaPix users on the user forum, which can answer your questions or offer ideas for your own books. AdoramaPix doesn't offer softbound books or in-store pickup. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee.

Best Photo Books Picture the possbilities | Top Ten Reviews

The photo book we received from Amazon Prints was surprisingly well designed. It had a good print quality and the book was well built. We also found the Amazon Prints interface easy to navigate and design with. Because Amazon Prints doesn't offer as many book sizes, backgrounds or cover options as Mixbook, it didn't rank as well against our top pick and other services that have more variety. Fortunately, what Amazon Prints does offer is stylish and inexpensive.

This price will change depending on your proximity to the printer and on how many books you purchase. You can manually choose your backgrounds, stickers and photo placement. The interface gives you the freedom to create your own photo layouts and lets you crop and zoom into photos as you please. It also warns you if your photos will print blurry. If you need to make a book in a hurry, you can choose from among the 13 pre-designed photo books and use the autofill feature.

This service allows you to share photos with other Amazon users to create collaborative photo projects. Amazon Prints also offers a strong money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, the service doesn't offer large-quantity discounts. We recommend Amazon Prints if you just want an affordable photo book. If you want more choices for material and designs, then we recommend paying a bit more to get the look you want. This services will allow you to create a photo book either online or in the store and have it ready for pickup within the hour. They each offer express shipping if that works better for your timeline.

This is mainly due to the design system that is overly simplistic when creating the pages in your photo book. The design system was also slightly hard to use, as it wouldn't let us fit the cover image to the design window. This resulted in the photo book creator chopping out some of the people in the picture - and the photo becoming distorted. Walmart's photo album creation system does provide the cheapest pricing.

This services doesn't provide a flyleaf for their books. Walmart doesn't print its logo in the book, so it won't distract your from your memories. We have worked extensively with photo book services over the last decade, and for this test, a group of testers with backgrounds in photography and graphic design evaluated the photo books.

They looked for color accuracy, print clarity, page thickness and book integrity. We wanted to make sure the evaluations would be fair, so we covered any company logos so that testers wouldn't feel partial to a specific brand. We also wanted to make sure to recommend the best photo book companies that have easy-to-use interfaces. While designing our books, we looked for features that gave us more creative freedom or made the designing process more convenient. All in all, we spent more than hours testing and evaluating photo books this year.

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We also reached out to Shutterfly and Mixbook and asked them questions about their bookmaking process. We used each photo book maker to create the same project, which let us compare them on an even playing field. Our print quality score reflects how accurately the colors printed and how clearly the images appeared on the pages. Template designs scored higher if there were plenty of options and if these options were modern and appealing.

Templates that covered photos too much or displayed them in unflattering ways scored lower. If services were clear and easy to navigate, and we could place photos wherever we wanted — including zooming and cropping images — then we scored them higher. We also looked for the ability to store photos online, import photos from social media, rearrange previously placed images and autofill.

Services that limited user options or made the designing process less intuitive scored lower. We didn't score services based on pricing, but we did note whether a company was on the expensive side. This included the cost of additional pages and standard shipping. We noted the shipping services offered by each company and awarded more points to companies that shipped internationally and offered express shipping. You can slap together some pictures and throw in some graphics within 30 minutes, but when the photo album arrives, it might be obvious that it was thrown together in a hurry.

We recommend giving yourself at least three to five hours of creative time when building your online photo album. In our testing it took us an average of three hours per book, sometimes longer. If you need to digitize any photos, plan on giving yourself at least an extra hour. This might seem a little excessive, but keep in mind what you have to do:. Even when you know exactly where you want your images, the photo book creation process takes time.

Companies that offer this service will usually allow you to review and adjust the design before it is sent off to the printers. When we asked Shutterfly when its peak season is, a rep told us its busy season usually runs from Nov. This is typical for other printing services as well. If you plan on ordering photo books to give as gifts during the holidays, we suggest completing your order no later than Dec.

It takes time for the service to process and print your order, not to mention the time it takes to mail it out to you. Printing services are extremely busy during the holidays, so your orders might take longer than usual to process, especially as it gets closer to Christmas. These companies are also busy around other holidays and seasons, for example Easter, Mother's Day and graduation.

If you plan to order a book for any of these occasions, make sure you give the company plenty of time to print your project and mail it to you. We suggest ordering your book at least two weeks before it is needed. If it gets a little too close to the holiday or special occasion, your best bet is to place a pickup order with CVS Photo, Walmart Photo or Walgreens Photo. Each of these services offers one-hour pickup, so you can have the photo book in your hands shortly after ordering it.

Most online companies where you can design a photo album will print a photo book for you, and post it to you or your intended recipient. If you are really creative, and know how to make a photo book without needing online software there are a lot of stores that have same day printing. For a higher quality print and design there will be specialist photo developers in your area that you can contact.

The best photo book creators to help you preserve the good times

Photo books can quickly become expensive when you add in a book's base cost, extra pages, taxes and shipping. The best companies are reasonably priced and give discounts when you order large quantities. The best priced, page, 8. To get specific pricing for large quantity discounts, you typically need to request a quote from the photo book service. Many companies also add an additional tax charge to your order, so be aware that the price can go up even more.

The charge for shipping and tax will depend on your proximity to the printer, the number of books you order and the state you live in. Lucky for you, companies try very hard to convince you to take their business over using any other service. We highly recommend checking Mixbook, Shutterfly and Adorama for promotions as you begin selecting the service you want to use as they run great discounts.

Just remember that photo book services get a lot of orders near big holidays, which can make the processing and shipping times take longer. The best photo books provide beautiful color accuracy and sharp print clarity and make the designing process easy. They offer thousands of backgrounds, stickers and templates to help you personalize your books to fit any and every occasion. These styles should be both plentiful and modern and should show off your photos to their best advantage.

Mariko told us that if you edit your photos at dots per inch dpi , you can print them at just about any size. Shutterfly, Mixbook and other top-brand services will warn you during the creation process if your images will print blurry so you can replace them to keep your project looking good. Fortunately, most smartphones these days have really good resolution so your phone images will show up just fine in your books. Most services allow you to upload images from social media sites. Be aware that many of these images are reduced before getting placed on social media so they will show up blurry unless they take up a small section of the page.

Mixbook and Shutterfly both provide unlimited picture storage so you can quickly access your favorite pictures for any photo project. The 8. If you are looking for something different, make sure that the service you choose offers it. Books should be sturdy and should have paper that isn't flimsy or easily creased. The cover of a photo book can greatly change the feel of the book. If you are looking to purchase a book for a formal occasion — like a wedding — leather, fabric or lay-flat covers can help fit the scene.

Best Photos of 2011

You also want to keep your audience in mind when choosing a cover. If you plan to make a book for a child, a softbound cover might not be a good option since it can get bent and damaged. Aside from having good print and paper quality, the best photo book services simplify the designing process.

Most will supply a library of graphics and designs for you to use but the quality and attractiveness of this art varies widely from company to company. Websites that make it difficult to find what you're looking for or that don't offer a wide selection of options can get frustrating very fast. When you're in a hurry, being able to autofill photos to your pages can be a lifesaver. Additionally, being able to store photos on the service's website as well as import photos from social media sites can make the designing process run more smoothly.

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Mariko told us that in addition to giving you a design library, it would be better if these services also allowed you to create your own designs and place them in your books. We agree. Mariko also pointed out that when designing your book, you should be aware that many services do not allow you to add foreign characters or symbols to your text. This can be a problem if you are creating a travel photo book that features exotic locations.

Services that offer express delivery can really benefit you in a pinch. Similarly, being able to pick up your books from a local store can be really convenient. When looking into a company, make sure you understand what is covered by the refund policy. Some companies offer money-back guarantees and you can feel more confident when making purchases from them. The best companies also offer several assistance features such as live chat, email and FAQs pages to help you find answers quickly.

Some companies, like Chatbooks , have a monthly or yearly subscription and will automatically send you photo books using the pictures on your smartphone or camera photos, Instagram, Facebook and Google Photos.

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Specifically with Chatbooks, every 60 photos you post become a new book, and if you subscribe you determine how often the books are sent. The best part? Shipping is always free. You can also order either a single 6 x 6 or 8 x 8-inch photo book with up to pages of manually placed images. The cost for books with manually placed images will be determined by the number of pages you include and the cover type you choose.

Anyone wanting to use their iPhone photos to make a photo book should consider Apple Photo. You need to log into the Apple Photo app to create books from your phone, iPad or computer. If there are images outside of the app you want to use, you must import them into Apple Photo.

Once you gather all the images you want, right click on your album. From there, select Create and then Book from the pop-up menu. Apple Photo has fewer book cover and size options than many other services. You can create an 8 x 6-, 8 x 8-, 10 x , 11 x 8. Cover types include hardcovers with image wraps and matching dust jackets or softcovers. There are a few themes to choose from as well as several photo layouts.

We like that you can place your photos wherever you want within your book. However, there isn't an auto-fill button in case you are in a hurry. Apple automatically places its logo on the book, but if you are willing to pay a little more, you can have it removed. At this point, the service differs from others. As of September 30, , Apple Photo Prints no longer accepts printing orders. To actually print your photo book, you need to use an extension for the Apple Photos app and have another company, such as Shutterfly, Mpix, Snapfish, AdoramaPix, Walmart Photo and Walgreens Photo, print for you.

When Apple Photo Book was still printing, it outsourced print orders to other companies. The company in charge of Motif was one such print source. To use it, you need to download the Motif extension from the App Store. Motif's interface is very simple to use. It sorts through your photos and only chooses the ones that will print with good resolution before autofilling your book. If you wish, you can manually place the images.

This is a minimalist photo book, so you cannot choose any backgrounds or embellishments for your pages. There are five cover sizes to choose from: 8 x 6, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 11 x 8. Some of the sizes are restricted to specific cover types. Namely, the 8 x 6 only comes in softcover, and the 13 x 10 only comes in hardcover.

There is only one paper option, but the service still has a larger book selection than Google Photo currently offers. Most photo book services offer free, unlimited storage space on their websites. This makes it easy to create multiple projects, whether they be photo books, photo calendars, canvas prints, photo paper prints, or photo gifts like mugs and iPhone cases, with the same pictures. Occasionally, you might find a printing service that deletes your images over time, but this is uncommon. Often, you can organize your entire photo library by date uploaded or by file name.

These sites also tend to allow you to create albums to help keep your pictures organized.