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It was pleased with itself and its creations, and the creations that its creations had made. It was in company with like minded individual entities of varying sizes and evolutionary status, all stemming from the original entities that were created by the Source Entities. Some had collated together to create a bigger entity of collective individuality, others had maintained their individuality.

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All were of single status. All had graduated from the need to be contained within the environments that their respective Source Entities had created for them.

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All were in direct communication with each other, the Source Entities and the Origin itself. The Origin had created a community, a family and it was well pleased. SE5: That is the echo of what could be should the spark of conscious communication with the Source Entities and the Origin by those entities at its lowest levels of frequency continue. Remember that in your own communications with the Origin and your Source you were party to the fact that when the Origin was singular it also lost contact with that part of itself that it projected into the lower frequencies.

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SE5: Well this is an image of the Origin and all that has been created in its name that does not have the problem with loosing contact with those parts of itself that reside in the lower frequencies, for they no longer exist. I first came across some info on beyond Source 25 years ago. Then someone mentioned it in passing in recent years. Recently one of my students said she was being told she was from another Source.

Since then, they have been with me, supporting and healing me, helping clients and others. They introduced me to my immediate Source beyond Source, then up to my 6th Source beyond Source. Then introduced me to another Source, thus helping me to understand there were more. I have since been connected up to my 10th Source beyond Source. Over the last 2 weeks walls have fallen inside me: I am now experiencing connection with, as far as I know, all other Sources beyond Sources, to what level I do not know.

I am due to talk to a group about it all in early September. May I speak about your book? Is it out yet? Do you have a publishing date? Hi Charmian, Thank you for getting in contact with me.


Yes you can talk about my books, they six of them to date are all available via Amazon etc. Try this link. Are you aware of the work of Wes Penre, and others, who advise that upon transition death to avoid the tunnel of light, that the light is a trap back into incarnation on the 3-D plane of reality? Is Penre on to something? Finally, do you buy into the idea that we are living in a controlled environment, operated, manipulated, and maintained by the Annunaki or whomever , and that the tunnel of light and the encountering of significant persons in the afterlife are part of the maintainence of this scenario?

Dear David, The tunnel of light is a function of our sentience moving back through the protective energies of the hara line towards communion with our True Energetic Self sometimes called the higher self, oversoul or god head. It cannot and should not be avoided. People we see in the after life are usually the image we form around Aspects souls that we have interacted with, whose energetic signatures we recognise.

It is usually a function of our denial of our ascending from the previous incarnation. We are not controlled by anyone other than ourselves and those that we allow to control us. I hope this is of use to you. Blessings Guy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Number of items in basket: 0.

For the triangulation effect you have previously discussed with your own Source Entity not only applies to entities that are involved in existence in the physical frequencies associated with the entity you call the Earth, it also applies across Source Entities as well. The History of God by Their mission was and continues to be to provide readers with accurate, interesting and educational information that opens the mind to fascinating possibilities.

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