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It was an unmanned , ballistic missile guided by an advanced gyroscopic system that sent signals to aerodynamic steering tabs on the fins and vanes in the exhaust. It was first fired operationally on Sept. V-2 unknown. Noun abbreviation : a sub-orbital, intermediate range ballistic missile carrying an explosive warhead , officially known in German as "Vergeltungswaffe 2" Eng.

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Short range ballistic missile. Developed in Germany By Von Braun. First operational liquid fuel rocket. Developed by Germany in a huge development program as large in proportion to the German gross national product as the Manahattan atom bomb project was in America. Personnel and technology from the V-2 formed the basis for subsequent rocketry developments throughout the world.

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A symbol of representation among the peers to to leave the thought in there minds What now V2 For example prince turned himself into a symbol July 8 Turn-by-turn voice navigation and offline functionality Premium included! Find your perfect bike route More than 4. Discover the world's largest cycle route collection.

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