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You want to create as much light in the space as you can, and you want it to be evenly-distributed. Add standing lamps to the space, or increase the wattage on your bulbs. You can help reduce glare by covering windows with blinds or curtains, and avoiding shiny surfaces like shiny tablecloths. Using contrast such as dark tablecloths with white dishes, or a dark rug on a tile floor can also help make the space more accessible.

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Make sure the space can be easily navigated. When choosing a venue, make sure that it is a safe, accessible place for your partner.

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Make sure the aisle is flat and smooth, and that your partner will be able to navigate the space easily. Also, make sure that the seating is adequately spaced with rows and chairs a little father apart from one another to make the space more accessible for your guests.

Wedding guests wear blindfolds to support blind bride

Talk to the manager of the venue. Speak the manager of your venue about what can be done to accommodate your partner and other blind guests. With the help of your partner, create a list your specific needs and bring this list to the manager. Find out everything they can do to make the day easier and more enjoyable for you and your guests. You might ask about adding additional lighting. You might find out if you can customize and rearrange furniture in the space.

For best results, bring some of these needs and concerns to light before you book a venue. Provide transportation. An effective way to help accommodate your blind guests or any of your guests is to provide transportation to and from the wedding. You might book a limo, bus, or car service, or simply asks some friends and family to volunteer. Providing transportation can make it easy for many different people to attend. Consult your blind guests. If your partner is involved in the visually impaired and blind community, remember there will probably be several guests with visual impairments.

Even if you have already tried to foresee what accommodations you could make for them, it is best to inquire about their needs. Every blind person is different, and there may be simple and reasonable ways for you to help make your guests comfortable. Method 2. Plan your flowers. Since your partner may not have as much authority over the visual aspects of the wedding, let them take the lead on scents and tastes.

Allow your partner to select the flowers for the wedding based on scents they enjoy.

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Work with a florist who is sensitive to your partner's disability. Choose your food and desserts. Give your partner the opportunity to express their opinions when it comes to the wedding menu. Select foods and dessert items that your partner enjoys. Work with a caterer and dessert-maker who offers ample test-testing opportunities.

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The powerful moment was captured on video by Shaun and T. Tolhoek told "GMA. Lemon Tree Film House helped come up with ways to make the Campbell wedding day a "whole sensory experience" so the guests would be fully immersed in hearing Stephanie and Rob's wedding vows.

Tolhoek said. As for when Stephanie walked down the aisle, Shaun and T. Tolhoek said it was unlike any other moment they've seen between a bride and groom.

Elegant Wedding of Visually Impaired Couple

Stephanie said she and Rob are looking forward to relocating from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family, live the beach lifestyle and start a family of their own. All rights reserved. Play Lemon Tree Film House. Lemon Tree Film House. Why this blind bride had her guests wear blindfolds during her wedding ceremony. Trump handed a victory by appeals court in DC hotel lawsuit.

UK ambassador to US quits over leaked cables criticizing Trump. Mazda recalls over K vehicles to fix engine stall problem. Support for legal abortion matches its year high: Poll. Single county sees 9 overdose deaths in 2 days, possibly linked to fentanyl. Man may have been crushed to death by car during earthquake. When Steph says "and the silence", there is a shot of Steph leaning into Rob, both of their eyes are closed, everything is perfect at this stage, the background is out of focus but the sun is spilling softly on the rolling hills behind. Jarrad starts to talk about losing one of your senses, it cuts to the wedding guests putting on their blindfolds.

A quick timelapse of the Glasshouse Mountains shows fluffy clouds and a dramatic sky flying over, fast then slow, then fast again. More of the crowd putting on their blindfolds. Rob guides Steph across a ditch in the field, and then a close shot of her hand wrapped around his arms as they're walking. The camera flies across a field towards the Glasshouse Mountains, this is the view that Steph remembers as a child and the reason she chose to get married at a spot she can visualise. It cuts back to a few different shots of guests listening to Steph and Rob's vows with blindfolds on.

Steph's mum is shown as the only other person without a blindfold on. Her eyes are closed as she takes in every word you speak to one another and everything thats going on around her.

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You can see two guests smile and giggle at one point. Steph steps out towards the corner of the aisle. We see Rob about to lose his s h i t. Steph faces him, Steph's dad is looking at Rob down the aisle, Steph's smiling, she look beautiful and we just pause on this moment for a second. The music kicks in, it cuts to Rob leading Steph down a dirt road, and unbelivably beautiful sunset behind them. It flicks to Steph walking down the aisle, whether or not Steph knew it, she was looking directly at Rob.

We can see Steph's mum holding Steph's brother's hand. It then cuts to looking from behind, over Steph's shoulder where we can see Rob rubbing his hands, about to cry but trying to keep himself composed. Looking between Steph and Rob we can see her mum, very emotional but still smiling. Then it turns back to soft dreamy focus with Rob's hand on Steph's back, grassy fields in the background, Rob kissing her forehead, their hands holding one another.

You can see the beautiful beads on Steph's dress. The next shot shows the magical rainbow that appeared whilst they both cuddle.