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Many people use standard playing cards for readings especially considering the price of some decks or maybe they just like the anonymity of it. There is still a wisdom in silence and doing your work quietly. At one time, it was not "cool" to display or even own Tarot cards.

Can You Put a Curse on Someone and Not Know It?

Hell, a deck of everyday playing cards was enough to get you trouble from a local church. So women did what they had to do. Also, Tarot cards are based on playing cards. That is where the correlation between suits and numbers come from. I don't do things I used to love. I always iv always been in a relationship since I'm happiest when I'm sharing daily love. I am in love with my three children. I haven't had a friend for years.

I went to 3 different hospitals to get surgery was neglected and never got the surgery I need. This is so stupid Theres so many ways and this is the most misleading piece of crap ive ever read. Using selenite is basic stuff but it wont rid a curse. If you believe you are cursed look into a real hoodoo witch not an exemplor article.

Some curses can even be dangerous to unhex because the person who did it can have you KILLED if they find out you are trying to. Its best to see a real person not take advice from someone who doesnt even know what tarot cards are. Tarot doesnt have jokers or aces those are as you said, playing cards. Tarot is not a play thing it is an oracle. I pulled 2 cards, the third was an ace, in the second stack I pulled 1 card, it was an ace, and finally in the third stack I pulled 3 cards and the forth was an ace, I have only 3 aces in my deck, now I have no doubt I'm cursed. Think someone has cursed my family for many many years so many people have died and other hard family things like really bad bad luck.

Thank you this should help me I've been cursed with a bad luck hex for 12 years in a row I'm tired. I have been told repeatedly and more recently by mediums etc that I was cursed as a child out of jelouse Nature and that is why no matter how Good I am or how hard I try, things just don't go as intended. Honestly, great article, but I can tell you're a wiccan or a "light path" follower because of how you handle the description of the curses, specifically the one on lessons. That sort of shaming towards cursing for justice is abusive and gaslighting, witches who practice revenge and justice curses are just trying to do something to get back on their wrongdoers, and many a time those witches are just hurting from abuse and feel like that's the last resource they have in their hands to get some control back on their situation that has forcibly put them on a position of powerlessness.

It's disgusting to tell people to "just forgive and move on," no one can tell an abused person that, people have to work through their grief, and calling for justice definitely should not be placed in such a bad eye, mainly considering many a time those abusers never see any sort of punishment from anyone else, even society. So no, I have to disagree with you deeply at how you worded about curses, you made it seem like cursing to get justice is as bad, if not worse than a binding, which IMO is WAY worse, since you're inflicting emotional and psychological pain, which goes far beyond some karma.

Kayla - I have read your comments and just wanted you to see in case you came back on here that someone is reading and someone cares. It's definitely not an easy world to live in these days, and it definitely sounds like you're depressed. Have you tried reaching out for help IRL? I hope that you'll consider telling someone in your life that you trust about how you're feeling so they can help you get the help that you need. I'll be sending you tons of Love and Light! The probability of not getting aces using this method is almost zero.

If you had said randomly draw 3 cards that would make sense but you are effectively drawings 30 cards from 52 and hoping you don't draw an ace which is just stupid. You will draw aces and highly likely 3. Literally every Endeavor I have put together and I am very detail-oriented has fell apart has failed I have had numerous businesses personal relationships they have all failed it seems like money just Escapes Me so am I cursed.

I would like to break this type of curse or a spell that came from this girl without using any magical things i just want it to be simple but maybe it won't be that simple as i think it is. Im just tired of being depressed like this because my life and even my spirit has been down lately since Im really tired of it. I will pray to jesus to help me heal and keep me safe. I just need help maybe psychological help. She's been to our house a total of two times.

The first time she came, my dad left his job and now our financial situation isn't great. The second time, she made her son skip his exams just to meet us, but that's uncharacteristic of her since she skips all the weddings in our family because of said son's studies. But that's not all. My mum complimented her watch which was quite expensive, fyi , and not two minutes later she's sitting with the watch in her hand, muttering under her breath my mum was busy in the kitchen, but she got a glimpse.

Then she gave my mum the watch. I need help or a spiritual healer that won't be a scam for any circumstances whatsoever. Anyway I am so sick and tired of being this way because in my mind, my mind is blocked from all my thoughts and it comes naturally to me but in i started to become depressed and depression is a symptom of a curse and i never been depressed before. I am acting forgetful and probably memory loss too.

I don't know what it is i mean i do know who did this to me simply because she doesn't like me. But all im doing is taking one day at a time but still im depressed and i eat healthy and stuff like that i just don't like being this way i was happy and find until my mind became tormented by this girl.

I cry just about everyday because of the way I am right now and I just need help im tired of everything and I'm only 18 and I'm depressed. Thanks, id say an amatuer was trying to curse me but my protections are high so it showed in observable odd ways. Made a talisman and did the bath cleanse with oak amd rosemary thank you!

Feeling great! I have a gut feeling something is wrong, but not in a natural way. I did this with the cards, twice. I got three aces, both times. Where do i go from here? I feel like i need someone professional. I've had bad a few very bad things happen to me lately, and I decided to do the salt water bath.

After rinsing myself off, my heart rate has been quite elevated. Hi I am abit crazy and I thought I might be cursed I always have bad thoughts and ocd I played the card game but after didnt ask the question putting the intent of the thoughts of why i might be cursed in the cards but forgetting to ask the question will that cause me to be cursed of those things?

The 6 Steps To Breaking a Generational Curse

I also tried the braking curse spell but I can never be relaxed and Ihave bad thoughts so I was afraid that because I had bad thoughts of something bad happening to my heart will when I was doing the spell will that intent cause it? I pulled two aces to see if I was cursed. I want to try the method that asks I be soaked in water but I do not have access to a bath tub. Does the size of the tub matter? I found a pouch wrapped up perfectly right on the top with white string. It was in my closet I never seen it before.

I feel a creepy negative vibe I even got rid of it. What do I do? Where did it come from and how do I stop this? Nothing is more powerful than the name of Jesus. Call on his name to fight this wicked world and to break all curses and hexes. I know this girl who rode on my bus when I was in high school did something to me to where im unhappy sad and depressed. I know she put a curse or a spell or something like that because my spirit has been down lately and i feel miserable or something. This happened in and ive been depressed i can't concentrate i act forgetful and i don't know what im talking about i know this sounds crazy but my mind is depressed here that's all.

It has nothing to do with my health or what i eat because I eat healthy i just know my mind has changed and effected from this girl and what she did to me. She thought i was disrespectful to her but i wasn't at all even i know for a fact i didn't do anything wrong to deserve this. Im to the point now that being done with high school and all i just don't know of anything or how to think and make decisions now because of this girl. It still bothers me today i need help to get rid of this and send it back to her because ive thought of suicide and what i say and do to the answers im looking for im not getting nowhere.

I don't know what to do now ive given up my spirit is down i just i don't know that's all ive been saying lately and that's not like me im very depressed. Call on Jesus and expain the situation and then ask him to remove it and everything that's associated with it. Thank you for the very interesting read. If not a curse, a Hex as it has been long standing without mercy.

We have had constant sabotage and a strings of unexplainable misfortune for at least the last decade. Everything from death, miscarriages, losing our house, job and vehicle each more than once. Unexplained illness that lead to rare complications and financial struggles that have lead to foreclosure and evictions despite me working upwards of 16 hour days between employers at the same time. We have seen, heard things that is supernatural even I have been molested in my sleep. This has even affected our child, who was top 3 - 5 in his classes, a sought out athlete, out going loving person, to the bottom of his class, not making on athletic teams, miserable and lashing out not wanting to socialize, sleeping all the time and losing significant weight.

I know this may sound absurd to some of you, but let me give you example. One night, I woke up to use the washroom, on my way back to our room, I stopped to check on our child through their slightly opened door. I swear I saw something not of this world perched on their back like a winged gargoyle. I blinked and shook my head and swang open the his bedroom door and it was gone.

This scared the very core of my being. Within a week I dreamt myself crying over of my child's lifeless mottled body twice in one night. I, my spirit has been unease ever since. Going against my families faith to seek outside help anywhere, like here We have become so paranoid not trusting anyone, cutting off friends and family. To the point we are afraid to have conversations out loud about anything significant in our own house; may it be how we are going to pay a bill, a job interview to trying to conceive which has been years since our last miscarriage.

My partner and I have lost our faith in our conservative beliefs we were raised up in, as despite our prayers, fasting, seeking pastoral advise, NOTHING has changed. Of late, my partner has voiced serious consideration of suicide. I am scared for myself and family in all aspects.

The Easiest Way to Break a Curse or Hex (and Keep It Broken!)

We all now have anxiety, depression and the feeling of impending doom all the time. I am, mentally, spiritually and physically exhausted. I am so livid as we don't know who or how we could have pissed them off so much that they have made it their mission and have been so relentless in making our lives miserable and unsuccessful to the brink of bankruptcy and marital separation. We want to know who it is, at this point I don't care why they have instigated this.

We what to make this cease immediately, return it back to the sender s tenfolds and protect our family from this ever happening again. We have endured more than enough, more than most would bare. Our blessings and the seeds that we sowed of bounty are long overdue. We cannot continue to live this way. Please advise as I believe it's going to take more than a salt bath especially if it is a hex.

A so called friend gave me a gift of a nice cat head piggy bank - mirror metallic light blue color, which she insisted meeting with me to give to me. It was a Christmas gift that she had been wanting to give to me. Along with it came a key chain and a small beauty bag. She gave me bad advice on dating a guy who really liked me and she sabotaged me including my sisters crush. I also got into a bad car accident that ruined my life. And all this happened right after I met her again after 7 years of not speaking with her.

She would say I was her best friend but when I would tell her my major in university, she would tell people I was majoring in something less interesting. Can someone please help me in determining if these objects by what they are be possible objects to curse? For all of you with bad luck get a tablespoon of salt put it in your right palm and go circle clockwise over your head for 21 times and throw the salt outside flash it off try that every sunday for a while the bad luck should go away.

Very terrible stuff keeps happening to me in 3 month intervals. July last year,My girlfriend gets pregnant by another guy. January i finally got my car out the shop and my car slid into another in the snow but it was still driveable. That February,another accident on the same side where a driver tried to run me off the road and i hit another car and the damage was on the same side and I guess whatever it is tried to finish the job. April I couldn't reenlist back in military cause of medical reasons. June my car got severly totaled and almost killed my nephew on the passenger side when we got T-boned on the highway of cars doing 50mph.

Now this september I hit a dear with my other car that im driving now. Judging by all this stuff that happened,my question is do everyone here believe that i'm cursed??????? Like for real at this point,it's very hard for me to think that i'm not cursed :' also I was Born February 13th, and idk if it was on a friday or not. If you need help check out Kelly at lunamlove. She does spell work to remove curses and she also sells hex breaking and protection candles. She's the real deal. If you're not cursed she will tell you that also. Very ethical. I use her services all the time.

Been to many fake people. She's one of the real ones.

How To Pass From Curse to Blessing by Derek Prince complete

I recently found out my wife have to affairs with my brother-in-law and a co-worker and ever since I haven't been the same I feel like I'm under a love spell and I've been so emotional ever since and they can't get my head straight. All soldiers is look in my ex's eyes I look so evil and that's the first time I ever brought it up to her. My name is Carolyn there's a very problem in my home someone I feel like has done something to my son's mine he can hear people talking to him and he keep telling me to cut it off I just want to know is it any kind of way that you can help my son.

Why allow people to practice putting a curse on someone knowing it is just like free murder?

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I know my grandmother practiced magic and she was killed my mother died at age 44 for unknown reason my father has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at 57 my whole life has been a series of bad luck and mishaps and i was born on a friday 13th which is creepy but it just seems to keep getting worse. Ive heard over the years that my dads family was cursed but it was my mothers mom the practiced the magic. Im lost on how to break this cycle if any one could please help.

If you google "lunam love Etsy" my friend Kelly has an Etsy shop that sells purification soaps and oils and spell candles to get rid of jinxes and hexes. She also does reiki to remove them. Kelly from lunamlove. When I was a teen my mother , grandmother and I went to visit a woman. She was crippled and unable to walk. After we left I asked my mother who the woman was. She told me that she was the mother of my fathers military friend. She told me that the woman had cursed my father because her son was chosen for a military duty over my father and died.

I still don't understand why she thought that was my fathers fault. I asked my mother why we visited her if this was true, she really didn't answer me. Long story short. My father died at age 27 of a brain tumor. His decline was very fast. My parents were still newlyweds and I was only 15 months old. My mother never dated or remarried. My Grandmother mourned her only child's death until her own death. I have had an feeling of unhappiness as long as I can remember. My marriage was doomed from the start and ended after 19 years of hoping things would get better. Both of my daughters suffer from anxiety and sadness.

Neither will ever have children due to health issues. I feel that this old woman's curse has reached all of us to be lonely and sad. My daughters know nothing of this curse and I don't want to ask my mother any questions about it either. What can I do to lift this off all of us?

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I am sure the woman is dead herself by now. She would be well into he nineties by now. I am tired of living under this cloud and I want better for my children. Check out lunamlove. Kelly is a great reiki master and has helped me to remove curses before. I didnt come here casualy! I make the cards and was very concentrate when i was doing it. Usend all cards 3 times, and 3 times i got A of Spades!

Breaking the Curse - Ministrymaker

I would apresciate alot if you could tell me smth about this!? Greetings from Italy. I been told several times they bewitch me put the evil eye on me cause a female person was so jealous of my parents. They cursed me or put the spell on me since I was a couple of months old. I AM 37 I been trying hard to get pregnant but I cant. Humans interact not only with the physical world, we also live in a spiritual world.

Both physical and spiritual interact with and affect each other, and bring about visible and tangible consequences to our lives. You can know by observing the signs. Take a look at the 6 signs at the end of this post. If you realize that you or a loved one is experiencing one or more of these patterns, then now is the time to seek help. Do not compromise with a curse. The problems will thrive with your denial. Many families barely survive; they accepted the curse as a fixed part of their life.

However, if you do NOT accept this and are decided to fight for a change, we have good news for you. That is until I found out what I was really dealing with. A curse. Thankfully I was able to work with a friend in prayer to find out the deeper spiritual root of the sty. With prayer, the sty disappeared very quickly. That is until a new one appeared just a day later. So what exactly is a curse?

Well according to Merriam-Webster a curse is:. When we break down the meaning of a curse, it is words spoken with contempt and the intent to cause harm, or a punishment by God. A curse causes all types of misfortune or torment to the person the words are spoken over, but every curse is not a punishment from God.

In my case a curse caused four styes to form on my eyes, as I searched for the true root. No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication from me, declares the Lord. Curses are commonly found in the Bible.

The first time we see a curse being spoken is by God in Genesis God speaks this curse over the serpent Satan to be lower than an animal and hated by mankind. Before Lucifer entered the Garden to tempt Adam and Eve, he was an anointed guardian cherub on the holy mountain of God. His actions of betrayal against God, and his attempt to be a god are what brought this terrible curse on him. The next curse we see is over the ground in Genesis Adam decided to listen to another human instead of trusting in the word of God. Adam not only listened to another human, but he listened to someone who was under the spell of Lucifer the deceiver.

These curses are a result of disobeying God by trying to take His place and breaking the spiritual laws. They are the consequences of our agreement with sin. As we see in Deuteronomy , the entire list of curses are results of disobedience. Even though there are curses against man for disobedience towards God, these curses are not acts of evil. God does not do evil, and it is not possible for Him to do anything contrary to His nature. God is good, and He is a God of justice. These punishments are fair and just because they are results of the betrayal of God.

Another type of curse mankind is under is the curse that comes when we try to follow the law. We are no longer commanded to follow the Levitcal Law. We are redeemed from following the Law through the blood of Christ and instead are under a new covenant of grace. This covenant was established to protect us from our own proclivity towards sin.

Another type of curse is an agreement with sin through the false beliefs that come with it.