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He was told that his father had been praying for him. His father had asked God to give Alma the Younger a knowledge of the truth. The angel had come to convince young Alma of the power of God.

Doth not my voice shake the earth? And can ye not also behold me before you? I am sent from God.

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Go thy way, and seek to destroy the church no more, that their prayers may be answered, even if thou wilt of thyself be cast off. Alma and his friends were so astonished that they again fell to the earth. With their own eyes they had seen an angel of the Lord. They had heard his voice and had felt the ground tremble when he spoke.

They knew that only the power of God could cause the earth to shake so violently. Alma the Younger was so overcome by the things he had seen and heard that he was left powerless for several days. He could not speak or even move his arms or legs. When his friends saw how helpless he was, they carried him to his home and laid him before his father. Alma the Elder was overjoyed when he heard what had happened to his son.

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He knew his prayers were being answered and that the Lord was helping his son know the truth. He was so happy that he invited a multitude of people to come and see the result of the prayers they had offered. Then Alma asked members of the priesthood to fast and pray that the Lord would open the mouth of Alma the Younger so that he might speak, and also that his arms and legs would receive their strength. For two days and two nights they fasted and prayed. The Action Bible. Prayer is a conversation with God and an invitation into His presence.

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However, many people find prayer intimidating. In Come and See David Keller introduces you to many different practices in personal and contemplative prayer. He invites you to try several and find out what method of prayer works best for you. By discovering your natural prayer habits, you'll be able to draw closer to God and experience His transforming presence. Related Products. Vicki Dincher. Sally Lloyd-Jones. Jennie Allen. Have a question about this product? When we become Christians, Christ gives us new life.

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But, like Lazarus, we emerge from the tomb of our past shrouded in — and constricted by — our graveclothes. We need help in casting them aside to walk into our new life. You need to spend quality time with people who clearly see that they are loved, valuable, and useful to God and others.

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People who are confident in who they are in Christ radiate an intimate relationship with God and genuinely enjoy serving Him. They help you to desire both, as well. As we see others act with open-hearted generosity, we learn to give ourselves away. When we see others forgive each other, we learn to forgive like Christ.