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There is a recurring theme this evening that cannot be overemphasized. Measure J passed because many people care about Bakersfield College and what its future means to Bakersfield and Kern County. Sue Benham is one of those people. And when Sue Benham spoke about Measure J, people listened.

The previous honorees are those who played an especially pivotal roles in the workings of the actual Measure J Committee. Thank You! We make a powerful team. Almost a billion for the Thomas Road Improvement Program and then helping with the bond measure that will help modernize BC over the next 30 years. The dinner also made me feel good about BC all over again.

Talk a force for good. Manny de Los Santos put together this video with some of the Measure J faces. Together, we packed a lot of conversation into such a short time. I really enjoyed my time talking with Joe.

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This 3-year grant will allow Professor Ono and other college professors to continue their work and complete the curriculum updates for the Horticulture program. Shasta College and Reedley College are also receiving this grant. Congratulations Lindsay!! Jerry Ludeke reminded me that in print, his name was shown as E. Wallace and in person it was Wally. He was a retired History Professor with 34 years of service and who passed away on May 18th. Leadership Matters. But for now enjoy this picture that I snapped the night before the big event. Jonathan Schultz , faculty at BC, has been doing brief videos of BC staff for his students and all students at the college.

Oliver Rosales , History faculty. On May 23 the Levan Center for the Humanities hosted a one-day symposium event for about 30 area educators, writers, and artists. The program included two panels and a keynote address. The afternoon panel featured recent state and federal recipients of grants focused on the cultural diversity of the San Joaquin Valley. College faculty and area educators, as well as potential grant writers, will be interested in reviewing the panel discussions and keynote addresses to discover more about funded projects focusing on the San Joaquin Valley. Congratulations Jose!

Check out our faculty Prof. Jason Stratton, Prof. Bernadette Towns, and Prof. The Academic Year ended on a wonderfully high note. There were so many important and inspiring events during the last few weeks of the semester, but everything culminated in Bakersfield Colleges rd Commencement Ceremony. Here is the slideshow of images from the evening:. So proud of Somaly Boles who graduated with her associates degree. Seriously smart, incredibly talented, a calm personality, no drama, and so beautiful.

The entire Executive Office was so excited. Here are some photos with Somaly. This year we thought we would try a new approach to all of the pre-commencement celebrations. I will have the Veterans and the Delano celebrations in my next blog. She urged the students to carry themselves with honesty, integrity and ethics and to help others who struggle along the way.

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Graduating student speaker Sharita Knowles told a powerful story about how she went back to school after having children, worked full time at a hospital every night to support her family while she went to classes during the day, and how members of the BC family such as Janet Fulks, Steve Watkin and student peer mentors helped her get a job at the Welcome Center so that she could see her kids at night. The Chicano and African-American Pre-Commencements are living demonstrations of the truism that education is the great equalizer in our society.

Regardless of the racial, socioeconomic or other struggles that define your past, an education at BC offers the opportunity to overcome those obstacles and build a new legacy for yourself and your family. Women dressed in ornate costumes moved in beautiful syncopation to the trance-inducing rhythm of two young boys drumming between ferns on the Outdoor Theater stage.

One woman burned incense in a wooden bowl to accompany the ritual, spreading good intentions throughout the theater and invoking the spirits of the ancestors. Rodriguez said how grateful he was for everyone who helped organize the event and was awestruck at how it has grown to become one of the most anticipated events of the year. The keynote speaker for the Pre-Commencement was television journalist Christina Lopez , who spoke about her struggles as the child of farm workers who became a first-generation college graduate at the height of the economic recession, and how she overcame her obstacles to succeed a TV reporter in Bakersfield and a documentarian chronicling the life of civil rights leader Dolores Huerta.

Lopez offered an important message for other first-generation graduates. After Lopez spoke, each student got the opportunity to take the stage and thank all of the parents, teachers, friends and family that encouraged them to get through college. Remember… Somos BC! The four readers: Prof.

Paul Beckworth, Prof. Cynthia Quntanilla. It is always a treat to have our trustees at college events.

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I will miss you! Corny Rodriguez. Jennifer Johnson, Prof. Cynthia Quintanilla. Commencement Day was incredible. So many roles, so many volunteers, so many names to mention.

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From our ushers, to Francis Mayer, our emcee to our name readers, and photographers. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The Commencement Committee included:. More behind the scenes photos. I received an email from Tarina Perry and Administrative Secretary from my office , who told me about her amazing experience as a mentor to a group of students on campus:. However, it turns out that most needed occasional directional information and only a select few fell under my wing. Although one student is struggling, I am there to offer guidance and encouragement; another student changed her major and is moving right along.

Along the way there were many times he wanted to drop a class or needed assistance with just a quick edit of an essay and I was there to lend a hand. Together, we worked on his resume, attended BC football games, and he even went to the hockey game with my boys. I am glad to say he is and always will be a longtime friend of the family.

Thank you Lesley for this amazing opportunity; both Andres and I have grown so much from this experience! The event was definitely one of celebrating our students. A retired Biology teacher, Sharon was so enthusiastic about the program. After the Umoja program Zav, Nan and I were talking in the parking lot just telling stories about what a great year this was for BC. And then Jackie Lau joined us and we were talking about Measure J. Jackie was a constant at Chester Avenue the headquarters for the campaign. Phone banking, precinct walking…..

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Thank you Jackie! Here is a video posted on Prof. So proud of BC faculty and out curriculum. Summer Institute The last three years, BC has had a summer institute right after graduation. Catch all for students who are undecided. Behavioral Science Metamajor. Arts and Humanities. Hard to beleive that so many of the colleagues I started with at BC are retiring. BC colleagues were there in full force in addition to the Alapha Kappa Alpha sorority group and the Links group. It was a treat hearing all the wonderful Odella Stories. I am here in this picture with two women who spoke at the retirement.

It was wonderful seeing Jackie Fisher there looking so well and so strong. Congratulations, Olivia!! He has been incarcerated since he was 12 years old and was convicted as an adult at He has sued CDCR twice and won due to his 20 years in solitary. After his speech, he passed out a sample form letter click here to see the letter to students to send to elected officials and others. He wants everyone to know how thankful they are for the college program and the rehabilitative steps being taken. A partnership geared towards making the current rehabilitative trends a permanent fixture in prison life.

Thank you for your continued support to Bakersfield College. I am honored to serve these students and assist them as they achieve their goals. Thank you for your belief in us. Celebrating the heritage of BC is important and exciting. I love hear about accolades given to our past teachers and staff. I taught English and study skills at Bakersfield College for 21 years, retiring from the classroom in While an English professor at BC, I also served the Bakersfield Californian editorial board as a citizen representative for one year.

Clifton B. Gordon for assisted living care. I really enjoyed helping graduate students polish their papers for publication in prestigious journals or conference proceedings. Most of the panelists are either judges or lawyers, but offer encouraging advice to BC students who want to explore the field.

I covered this event more in depth in my May 7th blog but when I saw the article in The Rip, I wanted to highlight it again. Here is the link to my blog post.

When BC prepares for an event of this magnitude, we go all out. Chris Glaser has gathered a group of ushers and event staff to help with our summit check-in and crowd control. But putting all of the pieces of an event together is an intense process! Thank you to our event ushers and event staff from left to right Tarina. All are holding out their phones showing Slack! See that document Tracy Hall is holding? Our ushers will know exactly where to be, what to say, and who to go to for help. I was also introduced to Slack.

And how is our team prepping the details for Leadership Matters? By sending ideas, comments of encouragement, files, photos, updated files, and more ideas, all within Slack. That is how BC rolls! Ralph had me laughing and I had so much fun being on the show. Thank you Vice Presidents for a fabulous I could not have done it without you! Selfies by Zav! Superhero behind the scenes Blanca Blanco had the night shift on Thursday evening and we had three programs on campus. Thank you Blanca for all that you do. Here is Blanca! She can always be seen with a smile on campus. And then there is Neo who has turned my life upside down.

Last night he ripped a strip of carpet. Sonya Christian's Blog News and Notes. Uncategorized June 17, Comments: 9. Calla Lily. June 17 Bill Potter. Uncategorized June 10, 1 Comment. Good morning Bakersfield…. It is Saturday, June 10th and a great day to be a Renegade. Alex Dominguez, Sonya Christian. A great day to be a Renegade. Today is the day we honor our fallen brothers and sisters.

Let us remember. Here is my introduction of Chancellor Eloy Oakley I have good news. Friends, I give you that leader, our Chancellor, Eloy Oakley. Angelica Garcia. Panel 2 at Leadership Matters. Gregory Stoup. Tom Burke. Panel 3 — Leadership Matters. Laura Hope. Tarina Perry. Janet Fulks. Lesley Bonds. Keren Stashower at Leadership Matters.

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Criag Hayward, Josh Wyner. Gang from Cabrillo. Trish Quall with her students. Jack Hernandez. David Koeth. Let me start by revisiting the rd commencement. Thank you Manny De Los Santos for this great video! Trustee Romeo Agbalog. Michael Kane. Amber Smithson. Sonya Christian, Amber Smithson. Lauren Skidmore and Chancellor Tom Burke. Sonya Christian with Connie Gonzales. Cheryl Scott. Josh Ottum and his family. Nick Ellis. Gelder and Christian. Bill Thomas, Sharon Thomas. Lily Agbalog, Romeo Agbalog. Darren Scott and Cheryl Scott. Marlene Heise. Sharon Baker, Bill Baker.

Ezra Romero. Joe Moore. Earl Wallace Cory, Jr. Oliver Rosales speaking. Kristine Diekman. Lori Wear Presenting at the event. Erin Tarjan and Kristin Tarjan. Celebrating our talented students.

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It is Saturday, May 20, …one week after graduation and a phenomenal week to be a Renegade. Graduation The Academic Year ended on a wonderfully high note. Here is the slideshow of images from the evening: So proud of Somaly Boles who graduated with her associates degree. Because dispositions for arrest charges remain essential for so many purposes, ranging from employment matters to firearm purchaser screening, it remains paramount that agencies create the arrest record first.

Currently, fingerprints remain the best, and often only accepted, way to establish records that law enforcement can use to match conclusively with an unknown or questioned subject. Those states that have ratified the Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact are mandated to use fingerprints to facilitate the interstate exchange of criminal history record information for noncriminal justice purposes.

By , 52 states or U. Due to the heavy workload from combining the requirements for auditing and validating records, as well as confirming "hits," some agencies simply do not promptly enter persons wanted for minor violations and only enter those persons wanted for more serious crimes. However, because wanted persons do not know whether police have entered them into NCIC, they often may assume that police have stopped them because of their wanted status versus a minor traffic violation.

This can result in unexpected actions by the individual e. For their own safety, police must consider that individuals wanted for minor charges may resist arrest as often as those individuals with felonies. Therefore, it remains vital that the police can determine whether a person is wanted on any charge, no matter how serious the crime. Because officers often know their subjects and expect to find them within a few days, they frequently place warrants over the visor in their patrol car, or in other convenient places, for easy retrieval. Unfortunately, during the interim, other officers in the same or another jurisdiction may have contact with the individual without even realizing that the individual has outstanding wants or warrants.

Another department may have even jailed and released the individual because the officer either did not enter the individual into NCIC or did not enter the record in a timely manner. Although NCIC mandates agencies to enter wanted records in a timely manner, some agencies do not enter or complete all wanted person entries. Although it remains true that every entry requires maintenance and action to remove it upon capture of the suspect, not promptly or thoroughly completing entries can result in costly mistakes.

To help ensure officer safety, managers should encourage their officers to "pack the record" when entering wanted persons in NCIC. By entering all available nonmandatory data, particularly vehicle information, officers can help make the NCIC record even more useful in locating wanted persons. Checking Arrested Persons. Similar to the example of the firearm purchaser at the beginning of this article; some wanted person serve time in jail for a minor offense and get released without the discovery of their wanted status in another jurisdiction for a more serious crime.

NCIC's "hit" confirmation procedures ensure rapid verification of an individual's wanted status. Within 10 minutes of the inquiry, the agency that entered the wanted person record must confirm to an inquiring agency if the subject is still wanted. Wanted person records remain in NCIC until the entering agency removes them. To maximize the capability for conclusive identification, numerous states are working to implement the FBI IAFIS initiative that will allow rapid nationwide fingerprint-supported identification of subjects on record.

IAFIS provides a 2-hour turnaround time for electronically submitted criminal prints, which potentially can result in positive identifications in criminal cases. Various users have an ever-increasing demand for access to criminal justice information for a variety of reasons. Criminal justice practitioners should have immediate access to all of the information necessary to make informed quality decisions and to help ensure the safety of the officers involved.

While certain procedures for fingerprinting, entering wanted records, and checking wanted status remain at the core of law enforcement information management, officers must remember the importance of the information each user provides and the impact it can have on other individuals or activities. Good information management in law enforcement is more than mere record keeping, it provides tools for solving cases and preventing crime.

Such information systems remain vital to continue progress in reducing crime rates, to aid in the effective administration of justice, and, ultimately, to help officers protect the communities they serve. Department of Justice. Bureau of Justice Statistics. Secret Service Protective Files. Federal Bureau of Investigation. In Massachusetts, the Police charged an 18year-old male with trespassing, underage drinking, and drinking in public.

Based on these offenses, his release was imminent. This case shows how IAFIS can raise the capacity of the police to identify wanted persons to the next generation of crime fighting. NCIC records for wanted persons must include the FBI-assigned originating agency identifier; the subject's name, sex, race, height, weight, hair color, offense, and warrant date; and the agency case number.

In addition, agencies must enter at least one numeric identifier with the record, such as the subject's date of birth, FBI number, vehicle operator license number, or social security number. Based on this information alone, investigators generally can make a tentative identification of an individual, although fingerprint comparison remains more reliable and can provide the basis for a more conclusive result.

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