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"chimera" in Spanish

What is now officially codified as the state's national anthem is shorter than the original composition and comprises only the first and last verses and the chorus of the Patriotic March, omitting much emotional text about the struggle for independence from Spain with strong arms they tear to pieces the arrogant Iberian lion.

It has been called "Himno Nacional Argentino" since it was published with that name in It had lyrics by Esteban de Luca and music by Blas Parera.

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In mid, the ruling triumvirate ordered the Buenos Aires Cabildo to commission a national anthem. The Catalan musician Blas Parera, music director of the local theater, set it to music and performed it for the first time with the orchestra he conducted on 1 November. Less than a year later the Assembly of Year XIII estimated that the song was not effective enough to serve as a national anthem. On 6 March several poets were asked to submit lyrics. Parera was asked to compose a new musical setting around the same date. He must have finished the piece in a few days. The published song sheet is dated 14 May He again conducted the official premiere in the theater on May 28, and was paid pesos.

The lyrics are ardently pro-independence and anti-Spanish, as the country was at that time fighting for its independence from Spain. The song became popular immediately. Within ten years documented performances took place throughout Argentina, and also in Chile, Peru, and Colombia until they had their own national anthems. In Esnaola was commissioned to create an official version.

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He took the task to heart, making many changes to the music, including a slower tempo, a fuller texture, alterations to the melody, and enrichment of the harmony. In a committee produced a historicist version that undid several of Esnaola's changes, but introduced new problems in the sung line. After a heated public debate fueled by the newspaper La Prensa , this version was rejected and, following the recommendations of a second committee, Esnaola's arrangement was officially reinstated.

Throughout the 19th century the anthem was sung in its entirety. However, once harsh feelings against Spain had dissipated, and the country had become home to many Spanish immigrants, a modification was introduced by a decree of President Julio Argentino Roca on March 30, When a player takes an objective card, the reaction card below activates immediately turn the card face up. The are two different types of reaction cards: - The one's that activates instantly illustrated with a thunder and; - The one's with a temporary effect illustrated with a clock.

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    Then in turn order, the players try to place some of their 4 cards in the correct line of time. On your turn, indicate where you think your card takes place, left, right of the card showing the date to check it, turn your card and show the date. Right - one less card in your hand, one card more to timeline. Incorrect - the card is returned to the box and you take a new one date below.

    "La libertad femenina tiene fecha de caducidad" - Tener 35 y ser soltera. -SUBTITULADO-

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