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It is for these reasons that they have become an indispensable part of my set. I found in them the same passion, the search for sound, dynamic and timber features shines through. Excellent quality! He is known for its contribution to the development of jazz guitar technique composed mainly of hammer-on, pull-off and tapping. Jordan received four Grammy nominations.

He received a Bachelor's Degree in composition and digital music from Princeton University in , studying with many important digital music artists such as Paul Lansky and Milton Babbitt. Umberto Fiorentino is undoubtedly one of the best Italian and European jazz soloists, especially because of theyears spent studying and researching on the front of electronics applied to jazz.

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He has been able to create a language always new and creative, in which to merge a exquisite technique never linked to the spectacularity of certain extremists of rock and jazz with a fresh inventiveness, agile and able to move intelligently in the most diverse situations. He was a member of Lingomania, a band that was awarded in and in by the referendum of national critics held by the magazine Musica Jazz, in the category 'Best band of Italian Jazz'.

He has won several awards as best Italian fusion guitarist. He exhibited his pedals. I tried some of them before I started. To put it briefly, I bought two of them. They sound as good as they are beautiful. The Ripetente is an analog delay with a warm and enveloping sound.

It has a soft and natural sound. The M Crunch is a not too tight overdrive, very close to the sounds of a valve amp. It has a natural vibe and is never harsh, with a slight compression if pushed and the right emphasis in the midrange to give thickness to the lines. It has its own personality and it is not the clone of other pedals. With his first guitar Solieri took his first guitar lesson from the director of the band of his village but, by his own admission, the solfeggio bored him.

So he became self-taught to the music he loves most: rock. He has a great passion for Elvis and for bands that were active between the sixties and the seventies: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc. Initially he was also interested in jazz, but his love of rock and roll was much stronger. The turning point was in , due to the meeting with Vasco Rossi at Modena station, a collaboration lasted over thirty years.

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Maurizio Solieri's collaborations are many also because of his curiosity and musical growth. As a soloist he composed and recorded several albums and he also published an autobiographical book "Questa sera Rock'n'roll: La mia vita tra un assolo e un sogno". Maurizio Solieri has always been a point of reference for many guitarists. It immediately demonstrated its power and versatility. You can switch from a warm jazz sound to a crunch metal one, passing from hard rock to blues.

In short, it can solve many situations in which you only have a guitar and a signal of an amp. I used it in a Masterclass recently and some guitarists asked me what I was using. Everyone was pleasantly surprised. He was asked to play in the most prestigious clubs in Italy and abroad, known worldwide for his performances along with the top DJs of the dance scene. His new project Rock Tribute dates back to on tour with his band, Andrea pays tribute to the greatest rock bands.

He uses the M Crunch.

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Given that the impedances differ from those of the pick-ups of the guitars, and that the sound of the string instrument is very peculiar, I had many difficulties in selecting the right pedals, especially because, beyond the technical data, a test was always necessary. When I tried the Mendoza pedals, I was immediately struck by the presence of sound they gave to my violin, both on clean and distorted notes. I have chosen the Crunch which, in addition to giving body to the clean sound with high volumes and the gain almost to a minimum , has a very effective tone selector that corrects the tendency of all electric violins to have a sound a bit too sharp on the high frequencies.

The same pedal with more gain works beautifully on distorted sounds becoming an overdrive. I am always traveling by plane, therefore I opted for a modular pedalboard with a clean part and a dirty one. Fattoria Mendoza, kindly made me an M Crunch in a smaller size. Danilo is the winner of the prize as best bass player in the contest 'Top Jazz ' of the festival Musica Jazz.

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A musician who has made playing guitar his life. There is a small town in Tuscany where the locals pass on artistic traditions of craftsmanship and ceramics: Montelupo Fiorentino More posts by Irene Ferri.

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Io non so parlar d'amore. Esco di rado e parlo ancora meno. Il cuore, la voce. Per sempre. Unicamente Celentano. Facciamo finta che sia vero. Disc 4 - Adriano Live - Arena di Verona Le migliori. Artist information: b. Years active: — present. Claudia Mori Mina. Amazon: Adriano Celentano.