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Ivory Sword

He made the existence of Vibranium known to the greater world and sold small quantities of it to foreigners whom he believed would not turn it to harmful ends. Antarctic Vibranium , also known as Vibranium B or S. A particularly influential noble partook of this mystery element, fashioning it into a family crest which served as a key their most sacred treasure, The Plunder Stone. His more duplicitous heir chose to abuse its power for criminal endeavors, fashioning a weapon out of it which melts all forms of munitions used against him.

Over the years the antarctic variety has become much more prolific on the global stage. A mercenary looking to utilize Anti-Metal as a terrorist weapon in satellite espionage discovered it had mutagenic properties, giving him similar alloy melting properties in the mesh suit he wore. Revealing that human exposure to it can also be deadly, as Anti-Metal's vibrations can dissolve the iron content in the blood, causing any manner of health deficiencies because of it. But a war-criminal scientist found and perfected a means to fashion it into useful munitions, yet kept the secret to himself.

While a largely theoretical practice, it is possible to transform Wakandan Vibranium into Antarctic Vibranium. A fraction of the sacred mound of Wakandan Vibranium was converted to Antarctic Vibranium by particle bombardment, specifically through Gigawatt Baryon Beams produced by a massive Cyclotron apparatus. Alternating the differentiating isotope that separates Wakandan Vibranium from Antarctic Vibranium.

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During the Vibranium Vendetta story-line, a unstable form of Vibranium called Nuform was created by Roxxon that would quickly degenerate into Anti-Metal if not regularly bombarded with Microwave Radiation. It was revealed that Klaw had struck an accord with A. M in order to procure a defense system liquidating mind control device called Scream , which he could utilize through the power of a similarly sonkinetic superbeing called M.

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  6. Reverbium is an artificial variant of Vibranium that was created by Sajani Jaffrey after most of the world's Vibranium was rendered inert. This variant is imperfect, so rather than absorbing vibrational and kinetic energy, it does the opposite and pushes it away, making it a powerful weapon even in small amounts. It was revealed later that Sajani had kept some bits of said faux material for further study at Horizon Labs until its abrupt destruction and dissolution.

    One of the flaws of Reverbium, is that while the metal itself is incredibly potent. Its atomic structure is highly unstable, making it less resilient than pure Vibranium. The right particle bombardment can send its subatomic structure crumbling into dust. It is later revealed that some A.

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    To face the Lacuna is to face Emptiness, where there are no answers and there is only one question. The Worlds of the Messengers Each Messenger brought forth Worlds of Attributes that surround and inform the nearly empty center. This Center is not Empty, for only Lacuna is Empty. The First Level holds the Worlds of Suffering, where life struggles to be born and die each day. Those who seek Truths hope to stand in Emptiness, where, perhaps, Death may be transformed by rebirth. Intellectual Man was created to answer the questions of existence and non-existence.

    The Teachers were Men of the World of the Intellectual, but were corrupted by events and forced to serve the other attributes as well. Physical Energy and Power and stifle Ideas in favor of instinctive, impulsive Action.

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    Man then acts without thought, but later repents his Action in the light of Ideas. The Physical ignores Intellectual and Ethical restraints, interfering with attempts to ponder the Truth. Aesthetic The Aesthetic strives to be in Perfect Balance.

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    5. OECD Economic Surveys: Norway 2010.
    6. Whenever Illicitness threatens the Balance, the Aesthetic will help Ethos to restore it. Then again, when Intellect tries to subvert the Illicitness, this, too, threatens the Balance Somatic The Messenger of the Somatic is always obsessed with the unimaginably insensitive attitudes of the Messenger of the Aesthetic. The Sentients continually inventing new ways to heal, repair, modify, or shape shift their bodies. However, after the Disgrace of the Teachers new intrigues were spinning out of control. Not Chaos, but creativity and destructiveness.

      Thereafter, the Sentients forgot the Messengers in their haste to build Empire and civilizations. Then they discovered the face of Man.

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      Read more Read less. Learn more. Not Enabled. While doing his undergraduate studies, he developed the strong interest in history that he has brought into his writing. Each act leads to new opportunities for successive generations of individuals. Vekich studies the ancient myths and legends, discovering the historical facts that created the myths. He reproduces the evolution and intersection of myth and history in his fictional universe.

      He has published in several scientific journals and volunteer newsletters.

      Kessner enjoys reading religious texts relating to Far Eastern and Judeo-Christian philosophy. Combining disparate viewpoints in new ways, he brings ironic or unusual cosmological concepts into his fantasy fiction storytelling. Kessner has converted common theological ideas into an unconventional fictional world in which the creative powers learn from their creation, rather than the other way around. His characters therefore have unique influences on their world, and readers enjoy a refreshing view of life.

      Bronze Sword

      No activado. I received this volume with much anticipation. I have greatly enjoyed the first two volumes, Ivory Sword and Bronze Sword, very much. The writing style is quirky and unexpected. The tale draws you in slowly and entertains throughout. Rust Sword continues the saga of Day One with all the joy I was expecting.

      This novel is a cut above the romances and bland fantasy stories I have been reading lately. The characters are well-written and mess well together. I also see that the elf prince and lady duchess have not hooked up yet.