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From the key role for green entrepreneurial states to the vitality of citizen movements in driving change, the authors assert the green transformation is like no other we have witnessed so far. Safe water.

Environmental Transformations and Cultural Responses

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A new site builder by Viewbook. This publication is an output of Transformations, a project initiated by Viewbook in to explore changes and support photography in a digitally connected world. In this publication photographers and photography professionals reflect on what they see as the most interesting transformations in and around photography today.

Through essays, interviews, photographic work and short quotes, it raises a conversation on how technological changes and shifts within the industry affect the role and work of the photographer today.

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Seen from different geographical and cultural perspectives, the material gives a snapshot of some of the changing attitudes, institutional values and practices in photography. This is for you: the photographer, industry professional or student who wants to engage in the conversation and rethink photography with us.

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Contents The publication contains pages with 10 articles, 5 interviews, 22 short visions on transformations in photography, and a foreword by David Bate.