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They have little time for long letters and even less patience for those who are careless with their time. Right now a lot of organizations say quite a lot. But they communicate very little nobody reads it. Take the extra time to write somebody a short letter, rather than a long one. Such brevity is not only the soul of wit , but should be the goal of your writ. I love your pithy article. At first I wrote small paragraphs for my Bulletin Inserts but now I have gotten in the habit of making them a full column long half a page in my Parish bulletin.

Reading through it goes by quickly but it may not seem quick at first glance.

I didn’t have time to write you a short letter

It is difficult making them short when there is so much good stuff to reveal about the scripture that I am focusing on. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can then name the group and adjust the settings. Please Note : Only Super Admins can add groups.

Notes are text messages or emails that can be posted to social media too! You can setup a login by visiting [your vanity URL here — need help finding this?

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You can watch this video for a better understanding of how it will help us reach more of our sheep and a brief overview of how it works. You can also check out their training video here , and some common FAQs — like how is Flocknote different than using my normal email or phone? Any questions? Feel free to ask away, or you can email them directly at help flocknote. Add this graphic to social media, in your bulletin, and wherever else you think people might see it. Watch the video below to see what you can do with each!

Most people know where to find you on the web with a little help from Google sometimes , right? That way people can get connected to your Flocknote page without ever having to leave your website. These sign up forms are also available for each of your individual groups as well.

Email your ministry leaders and ask them to add their contacts to their groups and let them know how they can do that. It should go something like this:.

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Do you have a current contact list for your ministry that includes names, emails and cell phone numbers? Your help with this ensures that your own info stays current and that we can reach more of our sheep as a church, so thanks in advance! We write long, and then we shorten. And shorten.

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Spend the time. Keep at it, even after you have shortened some.

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Make it a game. As you shorten, remove lazy language and replace it with stronger structure. Replace flabby verbs with active verbs that deliver punch. When every word takes on more meaning, you not only have a shorter message but a stronger one, too. You make your writing too long, too.

We simply try to say too much.

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Short-time working , short time , or short-timers are terms used in both civilian employee and in U. Short-time working or short time is a situation or system in which civilian employees agree to or are forced to accept a reduction in working time and pay.

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Employees who undergo training programs during their extra time off can often maintain their former incomes. In Austria , the introduction of short time Kurzarbeit in German requires a special arrangement between what are called the 'social partners' of Austrian collective bargaining which is to say, the Chamber of Commerce and the labour unions , who negotiate on behalf of the employer and affected staff the scope of the Kurzarbeit arrangement in terms of the staff covered, the maximum period of its application, the conditions for any lay-offs during the arrangement, and the scope of any professional training or re-training courses included.

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In , the German government had budgeted 5. The program was favorably cited in a Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD report, which stated that it had saved nearly , jobs during the recession. Army in An Khe from February February relates: [6]. We were in a fire fight one morning. We had our mad minute at six o'clock. We received some fire, and so we just started shooting. I guess maybe about eight o'clock a dust-off came in to take out a wounded guy.

And they came and asked for me, and they told me that I was rotating.