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Arnold Leibovit served as executive producer and Simon Wells , the great-grandson of the original author, served as director. The film is set in New York City instead of London , and contains new story elements not present in the original novel nor the film adaptation, including a romantic backstory, a new scenario about how civilization was destroyed, and several new characters such as an artificially intelligent hologram and a Morlock leader.

Elliot Jr. In , Dr. Unlike his friend David Philby, Alexander would rather do pure research than work in the world of business. When he completes the machine four years later in , he travels back to and prevents her murder, only to see her killed again when a horseless carriage frightens the horses of a horse-drawn vehicle. Alexander realizes that any attempt to save Emma will result in her death through other circumstances.

Distraught, Alexander travels to to discover whether science has been able to solve his question of how to change the past.

The Time Traveler's Wife (9/9) Movie CLIP - Henry Returns (2009) HD

At the New York Public Library , a holographic sentient librarian called Vox insists that time travel to the past is impossible. Alexander travels to , when the accidental destruction of the Moon by the lunar colonists ' demolition team has begun rendering the Earth virtually uninhabitable. While restarting the time machine, he is knocked unconscious and travels to the year , before reawakening. When Alexander comes to he learns that Earth has now healed and the human race has reverted to a primitive lifestyle.

Some survivors, called " Eloi ", live on the sides of cliffs of what was once Manhattan. Alexander is nursed back to health by a woman named Mara , one of the few Eloi who speak English. He observes the broken moon and suggests that maybe his teachings led to this future.

One night, Alexander and Mara's young brother Kalen dream of a frightening, jagged-toothed face and a creature calling their name. Alexander informs Mara of the dream, and she tells him they all have that dream and notices that his watch is missing. The next day, the Eloi are attacked and Mara is dragged underground by ape -like monsters. The creatures are called " Morlocks " and they hunt the Eloi for food. In order to rescue her, Kalen leads Alexander to Vox , which is still functional after , years. After learning from Vox how to find the Morlocks, Alexander enters their underground lair through an opening that resembles the face in his nightmare.

He is captured and thrown into an area where Mara sits in a cage. He then reveals that the Morlocks have brought the time machine underground, and tells Alexander to get into it and return home after he gives Alexander the answer of why can't he change the past. When Alexander stops it is the ,,, revealing a harsh, rust-colored sky over a wasteland of Morlock caves. Accepting that he cannot save Emma, Alexander travels back to rescue Mara.

After freeing her, he starts the time machine and jams its gears, creating a violent distortion in time. Pursued by the Morlocks, Alexander and Mara escape to the surface as the time distortion explodes, killing the Morlocks and destroying their caves along with the time machine. I think he traveled forward in time and had that visit with her before he died. So he lived the visit before he died, but she didn't catch up to it until she got old. It is a young Henry that is visiting her as an old woman. Apr 13, AM. In the letter that Henry wrote to Claire, which she opened after he died, he told her that he had visited her in the future when she was an old woman so she knows whether or not she will ever see him again and he didn't want her to just sit around waiting, always hoping he'd come back when he didn't.

This isn't stated in the book, but I kind of think that Henry was seeing Claire in the future just before she died.

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She was there with him in his final moment and he was there for her at her final moment. But that just me adding to the story. Jun 24, AM. That is a good theory about her dieing after she sees him. Because in the letter he said something happens, but he wasn't going to tell her what. Jul 25, AM. I was a little disappointed in the ending and didn't really get it either, but your expalinations seems to seem logical.

I think I wanted to story to keep going even though I knew they died. It was such a nice love story but so sad. I was in tears near the end! I really felt Henry and his torment. I don't know that I could have been as clam and even as Clare. Nice story. Jul 29, AM.

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Jul 30, AM. I believe he was there to see her when she died. Through the book he kept showing up at the time of death, including his own. Aug 04, AM. I think that when Henry met Alba at 10, Clare did show up, but Henry disappeared before they could really say anything. Henrey just says he loves her, and then is gone.

I think the ending is the only time they are actually able to be together after his death.

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Aug 05, AM. Aug 14, AM. Chris, Clare never got to see Henry when Alba did. There was a scene in the book where Clare admitted she had the dates that Henry would visit Alba, but Clare herself couldn't ever get to him in time until that very last one. Aug 19, PM. I thought Henry saw clair again prior to her death, But I like the Idea that he was there waiting when she died. Aug 23, AM. She saw him just fleetingly then, as he was disappearing. He showed up at Alba's field trip and called Clair, but she only got there in time to see him disappear, and didn't spend any time with him.

Aug 23, PM. I don't think Henry came to visit 80 yr old Claire as she was dying.

Character Analysis

She was always waiting for him after he died, and he told her that he would visit her one day when she was old. Before he died, he visited Claire's future self and when it finally happens, it happens to Claire's present self. She was just waiting for that moment. They arrive with what I presume the director judges is just enough time to get them out of danger. The bigger question is that how is there even a time of death in the historical record when there was no death at that time in the 21st.

Instead of dying the hosts were taken over by the Travelers. Hence there was no death, and hence at some time in the future there would be no recorded time of death from the 21st. The Director operates based on historical information to change the past. Once history is changed the Director exists in a new timeline without that information, but the information was already transmitted such that it affected the past and doesn't require it to be sent back again from the new timeline.

It's always interesting to see what models of time travel a show uses. This show models the future as existing in many branches and so the fact that we ended up in a different branch doesn't cause a paradox because that backwards causation was from the original branch. It's the Back to the Future model. Contrast this with, say, 12 monkeys the show where the past and the future is always consistent: you can never change the future, any actions you do are just bringing about the future that always happened. Your theory about the show's model of time is incorrect, wolfbysilverstream is correct.

Proof: in the Helios episode all the travelers were expecting that their actions would mean their existence was eradicated. They repeated the pledge ".. The same logic applies to traveling and preventing the death of the host causing the T. L to never be recorded. This is a "single timeline" model not a "multiple parallel timelines model" and is therefore full of paradoxes.

Well, there's the model the travellers think is true, and the model that is actually true. The parallel timelines model has fewer blatant plotholes so I think its in better shape. Thats true, and its always been a problem I had with parallel universe time travel. At least in the Back to the future model, the branches weren't exactly "parallel universes" in the sense that multiple universes exist at the same time.

It's branching in the sense that it creates a very similar set of events unfolding, except for the consequences of the backwards causation. But that there's only one reality and it is consistent with past events, but not necessarily with alternate future events. I realize I originally said "future as existing in many branches" about the BTTF model, that was my mistake. I don't find this model too outlandish past consistency, but not necessarily future consistency.

Time travel necessarily creates backwards causation. But it is a further stipulation that the future-caused past-effect must also be consistent with its own future-cause. If we allow backwards causation, we get the past-effect being inconsistent with its downstream future for free. Time travel is a mind fuck for sure. Fun to think about. Posted just a few hrs ago.

The Time Machine

The first time I got a bit confused with the countdown was the traveler that came to the body of the old woman undergoing assisted suicide. She came in minutes before death because the nurse was just leaving to get the medication. I was confused, too.

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I thought that Marcy was supposed to die after hitting her head on the stairs, but that makes no sense, seeing as how no one could have died from such a minor bump. I might just be slow. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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