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In the front cover, Will has written a funny poem, which makes her laugh beside herself. Whilst on the train, they discuss what to tell Aloysius regarding the reason for their visitation. Tessa is so overwhelmed with disgust at how some Shadowhunters treated her fellow Downworlders that she faints and is taken straight to bed. When they arrive at the house, they notice a girl walking into the building, Will is astonished to realize that the girl is his young sister, Cecily, whom Tessa had heard Will cry out for when he was ill.

Will, seeing Cecily, makes a mad dash to the house in an attempt to see her and find out if his entire family is there, but Jem stops him and points out that an automaton has been following them their entire trip. Will then rolls down a hill and runs toward the automaton. The automaton gives them a warning from the Magister to leave his past buried, or the Herondales will pay the price. When the train arrives at Kings Cross station, Will dashes off the train and runs to Lady Belcourt's home, who is still on holiday, to see Magnus again.

Once there, Will requests that Magnus open a portal to the demon realms so that he can find and kill the demon who cursed him. A demon came from the box and went after him, so his older sister, Ella , burst in with a seraph blade in an attempt to fight him off. Their love will be their destruction. It may take moments, it may take years, but any who look upon you with love will die of it He then explains to Magnus that since his arrival at the Institute of London, he's been pushing people away because of this curse; however, he's in love with Tessa now, and is tired of living a lie, pretending to be a man who drinks and involves himself with whores to keep people from loving him.

Magnus then asks why he allows Jem's affections, to which Will replies that Jem is dying anyway, and since Ella's death was swift, perhaps Jem will get a good death from his affiliation with Will. Back at the Institute, Charlotte and the residents are all worried as to where Will has gone. Charlotte talks about the time when Will's parents came to beg for Will to return; when his parents finally left, Will asked Charlotte for one thing - to be notified if they should die.

Since then, Charlotte has had Ragnor Fell keep tabs on the Herondales. She informs Jem and Tessa that Will's father had lost their house gambling four years after Will joined the Shadowhunters, and after that Ragnor could no longer find any trace of the Herondales.

Charlotte then decides that the best solution regarding Mortmain is for Tessa to Change into Aloysius and see if there's anything more they can learn about him. However, when Tessa Changes into Aloysius, she realizes that he's no longer mentally competent, and has incredible difficulty catching any of his memories, only getting flashes of bits and pieces of his thoughts. When she Changes back to herself, she notices the face of Mrs. Dark in the courtyard, but when she checks again, the figure is gone. When Tessa goes to lunch, she sees Ragnor Fell at the table.

Charlotte, Tessa and Ragnor discuss their current problems with regards to Mortmain and the Herondales, and Charlotte pays Ragnor to go to York and keep an eye on the family for her while they stay at Ravenscar manor. Tessa reads the letter from Magnus Bane, informing her that Will is very troubled, and that she should make certain that he is okay.

Jem and Tessa run to Will's room to investigate, where Tessa discovers that Will had taken the letters that she had written to her brother during her horrid stay at the Dark Sisters' home. Jem searches through Will's room and finds a family dagger of Will's to use to track him, as well as a receipt for the yin fen that Will buys for Jem so he doesn't have to do it himself; Jem is also shocked and confused to learn that he has been paying much more for the drug than Jem was led to believe it cost, a fact which softens Tessa's opinion of Will.

In the carriage, Jem and Tessa have a conversation, and Jem tells Tessa that she's beautiful, though he says it in Mandarin, so she does not know what exactly he has said. Jem is very upset with Will and hits Will across the face before he returns to pay Will's debt.

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When they arrive back at the Institute, Jem runs from the carriage into the Institute and disappears. Later that evening, Tessa hears the screeching of violin strings in the hall, like a person screaming in awful pain. She walks into Jem's room, and sees him playing violently. When Tessa asks him what is the matter, Jem then breaks down and reveals that he's angry that Will has taken pleasure using drugs for fun, when he knows that Jem has to take them in order to stay alive, even while the yin fen slowly kills him anyway.

Tessa tries to calm him down, and sees that Jem is running a fever, and puts her hand on his head to check. Jem flinches away. Jem then asks Tessa to go back to her room, while he cleans, as he's visibly embarrassed by it. As she slips back to her room, she notices through the crack of her door that Jessamine is sneaking out of the Institute, dressed as a man. This catches the attention of Charlotte, and she immediately sends for Woolsey Scott --the leader of the London werewolf pack--to inform him of this newest development.

When he brings up the idea that Henry doesn't love Charlotte because no one could love her, Sophie slaps him across the face. Will follows Tessa out of the training room, and they have a discussion about how inconsiderate Will has been to Jem, especially regarding his recent drug use.

Notes from the Cooler:

Will appears to be truly sorry for what he's done to Jem, and tells Tessa that even though people think he doesn't care about the opinions of others, in reality, he cares deeply, so much so that it drives him mad. Their conversation is interrupted by Woolsey Scott and Charlotte, who enter the room. Back in the training room, Sophie and Gideon are alone, where they discuss what happens after the end of their training.

Gideon seems smitten by Sophie, and asks if he could see her again, even after their lessons. Woolsey, Charlotte, Tessa and Will discuss Mortmain and the werewolves he is employing and drugging with yin fen. Woolsey informs them that the werewolves assisting Mortmain are not part of his pack, and because of this, he has no control over them. Disappointed, Charlotte asks Woolsey to keep his eyes out for new information, just in case. Ragnor also notes the cleverness of Mortmain, and equates power over the Herondales as power over Will, and thus, indirectly, power over the London Institute.

Charlotte denys Gabriel's account, and claims it couldn't have been true, because Gabriel's grandfather had asked Charlotte's father to assist him in writing Gabriel's uncle Silas' eulogy.

Clockwork Prince

Will hurries to Jem's room, but notices him pacing outside Tessa's bedroom; Jem claims he was hoping to apologize to her for keeping her up with his violin playing. Tessa, meanwhile, cannot sleep, because she fears that Jem thinks poorly of her because of how unrestrained she had acted the night when she and Jem had kissed. Will is also curious why Benedict Lightwood would host a party that involved individuals such as Nate, especially such a party to which other Shadowhunters did not seem to be invited.

Tessa then Changes into Jessamine, and Will escorts her to the ball. During the carriage ride to the ball, Will tells Tessa why the Lightwoods hate him; when Will was twelve, Tatiana Lightwood was madly in love with him, and Will sought to stop her from loving him. He then discovered her diary, and read aloud the contents at the London Institute's annual Christmas party. Will then appears beside her, and informs her that it was he who sent the letter, to create a diversion so as to get Tessa away from her brother for a moment. Magnus then informs them that since Camille's footmen, Archer, recognized Will at the party, it's likely that others have or will as well, and suggests that they all leave.

The three of them head toward the carriage, but are stopped on their way when Will notices a blue-skinned demon exiting the party and chases after him. Tessa and Magnus end up going back to London in the carriage without Will, after Magnus assures her that Will, as a Shadowhunter, is bound to hunt and kill demons, and that he will be perfectly safe.

Jessamine swears that Nate truly loves her, though Tessa reminds Jessamine that he is her brother, and that she knows better than anyone that he loves no one but himself. Jessamine is furious at Tessa and proclaims her to be jealous, before she shouts that she hopes Mortmain kills all of the Shadowhunters. Brother Enoch uses the sword to untie Jessamine before he places the Mortal Sword in her hands. Tessa is afraid they're going to torture her, but Sophie assures her quietly that the Sword forces Nephilim to tell the truth.

Charlotte proceeds to question Jessamine mercilessly, and Jessamine, unable to lie purposely, reveals that she met Nate only a few times, and that he'd proposed after their second meeting. Magnus casts a painkilling spell and puts Will on the couch to rest and heal. Petersburg with a human lover, and not in Paris as she had told him, Camille brushes off the dalliance, even going so far as to suggest that if Magnus does not allow her her "diversions," she will break up with him.

Magnus is so hurt that he effectively breaks up with her, and, in an effort to make Camille jealous, states that he and Will have begun a relationship. Magnus awakens Will to demonstrate his point, and kisses him on the mouth. Camille is disgusted that Magnus would consort amongst Nephilim, and demands that he leave her home. While waiting for the Silent Brothers' carriage, Tessa corners Will and makes him promise not to speak to anyone of the events that occurred on the balcon, and though he jokes at first, Will eventually swears on the Angel that he will not say a word.

Tessa and Jem then enter the carriage and travel to the Silent City. Upon arrival, they manage to convince Jessamine to write a note to Nate with the promise that, should she genuinely help them catch Nate and Mortmain, she will be punished more leniently.

Jem and Tessa then return to the Institute to prepare their plan. The rest of the members of the Institute began preparing for the evening meeting. Will and Jem are worried about leaving the Institute unguarded yet again, but just before they leave, Gideon arrives to train Sophie. A letter then arrives from Nate, accepting Jessamine's request to meet at sundown in a tea storage room on Mincing Lane. However, as she proceeds to do so, she notices Sophie and Gideon in a tender moment in the hall outside of Jessamine's bedroom, and chooses to simply go without the angel out of fear of interrupting them.

He dies before they can question him. Nate greets her and beckons for a kiss, but before they kiss, he informs her that he does, in fact, know that she is Tessa in disguise. He then tells her that he'd known since he had received that letter during the masquerade ball.

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Nate then shows Tessa a gigantic automaton, who has an unconscious Charlotte clutched in its clawed hand. Nate commands the automaton to set Charlotte down and crush her with its feet. A fight ensues, and Tessa manages to control the automaton by Changing into Nate and commanding the automaton to hold the real Nate.

While he is subdued Will manages to attach a new invention of Henry's-- designed to disrupt the automaton's mechanisms and cause it to explode --to the automaton. Will then dives upon Tessa, who has transformed back to herself, and shields her with his body just as the automaton explodes. Tessa, noticing neither her own injuries, nor Will's, runs to Nate and tries desperately to save him, even despite what he's done, but he dies after telling her to always wear the clockwork angel. After Nate's death, Tessa realizes that everyone has gathered around Will, and feels guilty as she runs over to him to find that he is bleeding profusely.

When Jem explains the extent of Will's injuries and points out her own wound on her head, Tessa becomes overwhelmed by shock and faints on the floor of the warehouse. Tessa is brought back to the Institute, where she is put in the infirmary with Will. She awakens briefly to overhear Charlotte speaking with Brother Enoch.

Afterward, Tessa floats in an out of consciousness, and the next time she awakens is to witness Brother Enoch using tweezers to pick the pieces of shrapnel out of Will's back, while Jem sits at his bedside and holds Will's hand for comfort. She then quickly falls asleep again, and has a dream where she speaks with her Aunt Harriet. She later awakens to overhear Charlotte telling Jem at Tessa and Will's bedside that she's sure she will ultimately lose the Institute to Benedict Lightwood, after not realizing that Jessamine was a spy until it was too late, and indirectly causing Nate's death before they could glean any information about Mortmain from him.

Jem asks her what Henry thinks about it, but Charlotte confesses that she didn't have the heart to tell him what she fears, since he already blames himself for Will and Tessa getting hurt as a result of his invention. Sophie then calls Charlotte out of the room, leaving Jem to say a heartfelt goodbye to Tessa before he leaves.

Tessa then falls asleep and dreams of Jessamine crying in her cell. Jessamine tried to use her wedding ring to carve her initials into the stone wall, but the stone breaks under the pressure, revealing that it wasn't a real diamond; this revelation makes Jessamine even more upset. The next time she wakes up, Will is at her bedside with a lemon tea, and after she worries about his injuries, he promises her that he's okay.

Tessa begins to feel lightheaded, and as a result of her confusion, believes that she's dreaming this encounter with Will. She loses consciousness again. Will travels to meet Magnus after receiving a note from him. While he walks he thinks about Tessa, and hopes that after tonight he will no longer have to push her away. When Will arrives at the address he is surprised when Woolsey Scott opens the door instead of a footman. Magnus appears behind Woolsey and invites Will in, explaining to Woolsey that he needs the use of a room to summon the demon Marbas.

Woolsey allows him the use of his late brother Ralf's room. Magnus leads Will to the room, and begins the summoning, using the demon tooth Will recovered. The summoning is successful, and Magnus indicates to Will to take over. Will questions the demon, Marbas, asking wether it remembers him. The demon recognizes him after a while, recalling the curse he inflicted and happily repeating it.

Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski

Will, visibly upset, begs the demon to lift it, saying five years is long enough for his suffering. Marbas chuckles and refuses, saying he was stuck in the Pyxis for twenty years, and that perhaps Will should be cursed for just as long. Will is about to throw himself at Marbas when Magnus interrupts, saying that something about the story strikes him as odd. He says that any demon trapped as long as Marbas in a Pyxis would be extremely weak when released, and unable to cast a curse as strong and subtle as the one he claims to have cast on Will.

Marbas disagrees, but Magnus warns him, using his father as incentive, not to lie to him. Marbas reluctantly admits the curse was false, saying that Will's sister Ella died because she was struck by his stinger, and not because of a curse. Will falls to his knees, shocked, and Magnus calls Marbas a blue-skinned bastard before destroying him with fire.

Magnus tries to comfort Will, saying he still has a chance to make things right and assuring him that Tessa, despite Will's belief otherwise, does seem to like him judging by what he saw on the balcony. Will gets up and leaves, while Magnus watches him. In the morning Tessa is awoken by Sophie, who tells her Charlotte sent her to take Tessa back to her room.

In Tessa' room she tells Sophie that she saw her with Gideon, trying to warn her against him because of his family's association with Mortmain. She ends up upsetting Sophie, who storms out of her room. In her office, Charlotte begins composing a letter of resignation for her position. Henry walks in and sees the letter over her shoulder, and is shocked. Him and Charlotte have a long talk, where they figure out that they have both been mistaken in their beliefs of why they married each other.

They reveal their love for each other and share a kiss. Will appears looking for Tessa, and after noticing and reading the letter asks Charlotte to call a meeting to discuss new plans. He leaves to gather the others, but before he does he lets Henry and Charlotte know how grateful he is for everything they have done for him, leaving them confused. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Damian St. Giles wakes up naked and shackled to a bed when a flame-haired enchantress appears and offers him a brew to ease his pain - and enflame his desire. He soon realises that this Highland beauty has given him a potent aphrodisiac and she is fully prepared to take all his body has to offer. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

In Her Bed (The Dragons of Challon, #2) by Deborah Macgillivray

More Details Original Title. The Dragons of Challon 2. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews.

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  • To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about In Her Bed , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 09, Jessica rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No One. One of the worst books I ever read. The hero was a total jerk toward the heroine and never improved.

    This book was all about sex. She drugged him to have sex, then drugged him to forget they had sex. That's male rape! There was no love here. It was very boring and I struggled to finish it. I wish someone had t One of the worst books I ever read. This author does not know the correct use of reign or rein, either. Jun 01, Sassy Sipe rated it it was amazing.

    Petrona Award Winners (2013-12222)

    Jan 31, Tammie King rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who loves a good historical. When you find a book that makes you weep, you know you have found a winning author. Deborah Macgillivray will make you feel many highs, but also many lows. Macgillivray will wring emotion not just out of her characters, but out of you too.

    So, hold on for an emotional ride as you take a trip back in history to Scotland She was lost, she loved and she felt despair. She had so much placed on her shoulders from a young age. She When you find a book that makes you weep, you know you have found a winning author. She had to raise three boys when her parents died and now she has to protect a whole clan from being taken over by the English. Scotland is going through many changes. The English have toppled Scotland and the Scots have to bow down to an invading army.

    Will Aithinne be able to protect her clan or will a warrior take her place? Damien St. Giles, a warrior and lord of the English king has had dreams for many years. When he gets to Scotland he sees Tamlyn, he knows she is the woman from his dreams. There is one problem, she is betrothed to his cousin Julian Challon and they are much in love. Damien drowns himself in mead one night and wakes chained and drugged to a bed. Who is this woman who visits him? Lady Aithinne is the cousin of Tamlyn.

    They look very much alike with a few differences. Aithinne has a red tint to her hair, freckles and speaks of green in her eyes. To save her clan she must produce an heir and pretend that the babe is the heir to her recently deceast husband. Aithinne comes to love Damien, but when he calls her Tamlyn will she be able to ever forgive him?

    The only thing I wish the book had was a longer ending, as I wanted to continue being a part of the world that Deborah created. Jan 23, Leeanne Grant rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: anyone who love real romance and history. Giles, Lord Ravenhawke, so I really wondered what happened that week he vanished just before Tamlyn and Challon married. Now I know! And what an adventure he had. Only poor lad, does not recall most of it due to being drugged! Aithinne Ogilvie is the lady of Coinnlier Wood, but since the death of her guardian, the Baron of Lyonglen, she's been in charge of his holding as well.

    With war with the English looming, this Scottish miss is smart enough to know she has to move to secure her hold on the two fortresses before King Edward gives her and them to either the Comyns or Campbells. She and the people of Lyonglen hide the fact the old lord died of old age. She concocts a pretence of being married to the old baron, and if she carries his heir, she hope it will be enough to keep Edward from playing matchmaker. Only, she needs that child. She sends her three brothers triplets and her person Viking body guard out to collect her a stud to do the deed.

    She never planned on falling in love with the stranger in her bed. I really loved Aithinne. She is a gentle soul, yet one determined to protect the people of her valley. Damian as a hero as commanding as his powerful cousin, Challon, and through is very similar in looks a much different person inside. He is sexy, funny and yet complex man. You get to see Tamlyn and Julian again, so that is fun.

    I cannot wait for the next Dragon of Challon to come. Dec 18, Jolyn rated it really liked it. Damien was the perfect hero, I actually liked this story much better than Tamlyn's and Julien's. Good twists and turns and steamy sex.. Feb 16, Tara Read rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: historical romance readers. I enjoyed this book even though I am not good with historicals. Jan 04, Stephanie Burkhart rated it it was amazing. Giles is knight is service to King Edward I. Known as a Dragon of Challon, he finds himself at Glen Shane, Scotland before going to claim his ancestral lands.

    Damian also possesses the "kenning" in which he sees his lover, helpmate, and wife. On May Day he doesn't expect to find her and he doesn't expect to be in her bed. He sends his English knights to claim Scottish fiefs and w Damian St. He sends his English knights to claim Scottish fiefs and wed Scottish noblewoman to bread a nation. Giles is once such knight, but he has his own mind.

    Damian possesses the "kenning" a gift from his Scottish mother. The woman of his dreams haunts him and be believes that woman to be Tamlyn Ogilvie, who is engaged to marry Damian's cousin, Julian. Heartbroken, Damian drowns his sorrows in mead. Three teenage triplets promise him his heart's desire. They kidnap him and take him to Lyonglen. Aithinne Ogilvie is the Lady of Lyonglen and she desperately desires to have a child. She believes the child will allow her to keep the glen, but when she sees Damian in her bed, she has doubts. Through her use of the kenning, she discoverers his heart favors Tamyln.

    Interestingly enough, while cousins, Aithinne and Tamlyn favor each other. Chained to her bed, Damian makes love to Aithinne. However, she's anguished by her deceit and sends Damian away after two nights with a tansy that's suppose to make him forget. Three weeks later Damian arrives at Lyonglen to claim his inheritance and meets Aithinne again. With no drugs clouding his mind he realizes she's the woman of his dreams, but can Damian and Aithinne find love outside of her bed?

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    This book did not disappoint. I did not want to put it down. McGillivray's writing is crisp and sharp, engaging the reader on the first page. There's wonderful balance in the language, which makes vivid descriptions yet never lingers. It's easy to picture the book's setting, which made it easy for me to be drawn into the world of the characters. Damian is honest and noble with a true sense of responsibility and passion, which give him depth. His rearing of Moffet, his bastard son, is admirable. Aithinne is all witch, and while her motives are good, her actions are questionable.