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Again, everything belongs to God. In the parable of the talents Matthew , we see, among other things, that we are simply stewards handling and managing what belongs to another. God is very interested in what kind of stewards we are. He knows that if we can be faithful over a few things, we will be faithful over much. He wants to be able to use us in His Family for all eternity. He must see we are good stewards today before He will make us stewards in His Kingdom.

This is a principle that involves much more than tithing. Our homes should be kept neat, clean and tidy. They should be safe, properly maintained and inviting. Our children must be reared properly. If you are struggling in managing your finances, examine if you are tithing properly. Are you paying God what is rightfully His? Is He really your financial partner?

If we do, God will know that we are better prepared to take on more responsibility in the near future and teach others the lessons we have learned. Another sin that could cause us severe financial problems is coveting.

Does Romans 13:8 Teach It Is a Sin to Borrow Money?

When motivated by this love, we want the best for others. We are not envious of what they have been blessed with, but rather we are joyful for them and thankful for our own blessings. Learn to be happy for others and their success. Assume the best in them. Maybe they have been wise stewards and hard workers. Maybe they have been specially blessed by God for one reason or another.

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Too often people attack those who are successful and try to find reasons to knock them down or find fault with them. Even if an individual acquires money by questionable or dishonest means, God knows, and ultimate judgment is His. Revelation Read the devastating effects of coveting in James These effects will impact us if we fall into that sin.

And do not kid yourself! We all have to fight this sin. We all must fight this spirit and strive with all our might to overcome this society, Satan and ourselves. Unrestrained human nature leads to ruin. It leads to the ruin of nations and individuals. Coveting is actually idolatry! Colossians When we covet, we are putting another god before the true God. The world does this continually, but we are to be different—unlike this world, which is ruled by Satan. Avoid lusts. Live within your means and be happy doing so. Anything else is sin.

Indeed, as Christ said, we should all take heed and beware the sin of covetousness! Another area of our lives to consider is that of giving. But have you really learned to live by the principle of give? Are you a cheerful giver? Are you eager to help others when needed and appropriate to do so? Jesus Christ taught us that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive Acts Do you really believe that and live by it?

It is not natural for us as humans to think this way. This point gets right to the very nature of God Himself. He is the greatest giver of all. Jesus Christ taught us to follow the principle of giving even when there is no physical benefit that can come back to us Luke Learn to give for one reason—for the purpose of serving and helping others.

1. Pay More Than the Minimum

This is not only talking about giving money. Give by sacrificing your time, by serving the physical needs of others, by spending extra time in prayer for others. Certainly, in your business affairs you need to follow this principle as well. In this world, stealing and cheating are becoming the norm—considered part of doing good business. But people interested in obeying God should live by a different standard. Be sure you apply the law stated here and God will be sure to fulfill His part. All of this involves a way of life. Those people who really live by this principle are blessed immensely by God.

In this article we have, obviously, not been able to cover all aspects of finance. There are many other practical laws that must also be applied. Armstrong request a free copy. There are many other scriptures in which God speaks about managing our finances. Study those verses and in faith trust your heavenly Father to provide for you. True Christians will have trials, but God will always be there to deliver and provide for us. Your future and mine does not depend on the economy, interest rates, job creation and so on.

Our future depends on Almighty God! Do not let finances be the focus of your life.

Christ told us that we cannot serve two masters verse Satan would love to distract you from the real purpose of this life. Seek God first in your life. Seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. All of these matters of lesser importance will be taken care of if we do! What a promise from our Savior!

Helping Families Thrive™

Remember that we are looking beyond this life. We are looking to our future—when we inherit all things Romans 8; Hebrews 2. We are like a young heir who must work and struggle and learn! His dad will not just give him everything; he must learn certain lessons first. If we diligently seek God, make Him our financial partner and grow spiritually by overcoming lust and covetousness— learning to and desiring to live the give way of life— then God will unleash blessings on us that will be hard to even imagine! Walk forward in faith, doing your part, understanding that God knows what is best for us and when it is best for us.

Know God will bless you today and for all of eternity if you diligently seek Him first. Sadly, that god is money! They serve it, obey it, they strive above all else to obtain more of it. C CW Lawrence, all rights reserved. Yes indeed, in the minds of many, money is revered as a god! In fact, understanding God's minimum requirements for money is a way to thrive in married life as we avoid some of the difficulties that can take place over the course of a marriage. Rather than seeing the goal of a new marriage as the accumulation of things, couples need to build a strong team relationship and seek God first.

10 Financial Principles That Are Biblical

Jesus talked about the desire to accumulate things and about worries over money. In Matthew , He advised: "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Rather than being owners of all we hold, we are more accurately "renters" in this world — caretakers of what God has given us.

Once couples accept that God owns everything and they have simply been chosen to be stewards or managers of His property, then it's important for them to manage according to His principles and standards.

2. Spend Less Than You Plan to Spend

How we faithfully manage what He has given us will determine whether He will give us greater things to manage. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master" Matthew The biblical concept of stewardship begins with understanding that we will be judged by how well we take care of our resources, including the people in our lives.

Here are some important truths to keep in mind as you consider how to become better stewards:. Think ahead to avoid problems. Too often, couples put off planning until they are so deeply in debt that it seems impossible to get out. That's not planning; it's reacting. Couples need to begin planning by writing down their goals and objectives, which should include a balanced budget, and these goals and objectives need to be reviewed yearly.

One of the first goals includes avoiding financial bondage by staying out of additional debt and committing to paying off existing debt. This doesn't necessarily mean that a couple should never borrow money, but borrowing to buy consumables, such as gifts, vacations and clothes, should be avoided. This type of borrowing will put a couple back into insurmountable debt faster than they can pay themselves out of it.

Keep good records. It is impossible for couples to have their finances under control unless they understand the basics of good record keeping. Recently it was discovered that fewer than two out of 10 couples know how to actually balance their bank accounts. This means that many married couples seldom know how much money they have to spend or how much they are spending. Couples should work together to develop their financial plans, but there should be only one bookkeeper in the home who pays the bills.

Two bookkeepers tend to invite disaster.