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I think it's a little bit far-fetched. But the whole Hodor thing, if I had read that as a theory, I would have said, Nah, this is crazy,'" Wright said. Although I have to say, people are now comparing my face to the Night King and going, "Yeah! It's him! It's over, there's no question about it! Actually, he does look like the Night King. In the season 7 episode "Beyond the Wall," Bran and the Night King were wearing similar outfits, adding extra fuel to the theory.

We don't know the Night King's endgame. Poor year-old Ned Umber Harry Grasby , whose ancestral home, the Last Hearth, is located closest to the Wall, was turned into a wight. He was then killed for the second time by Beric Dondarrion's Richard Dormer flaming sword. It's hard to believe he would be. Bran and the Night King could be ancient enemies.

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Look, the "Bran is the Night King" theory isn't air-tight. But Jojen Reed confirmed that Bran is "the only one that matters. And the Night King is headed for a confrontation. That target may very well be Bran. Long story short: Bran will be one to watch this final season. Before Gilead, Frances was a sales manager for a theatrical supply company.

Groom gets pummeled at a bar on night before his wedding

Fans of deliciously dramatic reality dating shows get ready! The U. The reality TV sensation Love Island, which has had five successful, constantly-discussed-on-social-media seasons in the UK and in. Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 3 are ahead. After what seemed like an. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. The author of the acclaimed memoir, The Night of the Gun , he passed away in February He writes with grace and precision With grit and a recovering user's candor, Mr.

Carr has written an arresting tale And though it is one of the most eloquent accounts of the seduction and snare of addiction, what's gotten lost in the water-cooler discussion about Carr's misadventures -- including drug peddling as well as his bout with cancer -- is that this book, in its sharp, serrated prose, is a meditation on how memory works but mostly how it doesn't , a man's obsessive effort to get at his life's true narrative using the skills he's honed as a reporter, the one piece of his life that didn't combust.

Carr's book Will your story sound the same? It adds up to a riveting, improbable story.

More important, Mr. Carr has produced a work that stands to revive the excitement and thrill of reading about reporting. It's All the President's Men , but about a dude from Minnesota with a drug habit. But that does not prevent it from being a great read. This is largely because, in using his reporter's chops to investigate his own past, Carr taps the very skills that propelled him to survive. His method, as much as his madness, is the story. The Night of the Gun is an amazingly honest and fascinating memoir. Part investigative page-turner, part redemption song, part meditation on the mercurial nature of memory, The Night of the Gun pulls a besmirched genre out of the gutter, drags it through rehab, and returns it to a respectable place in society.

And, if there is any justice, a place on the best-seller list. Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit The Night of the Gun A reporter investigates the darkest story of his life.

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Sign up and get a free eBook! The Night of the Gun A reporter investigates the darkest story of his life. By David Carr. Trade Paperback. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. And then it was as if a hill had been crested and the signal locked. The voice was suddenly clear. The static returned, but now he had my attention. I knew about treatment—I had mumbled the slogans, eaten the Jell-O, and worn the paper slippers, twice. I was at the end of my monthlong probation at a business magazine in Minneapolis; it had begun with grave promises to reform, to show up at work like a normal person, and I had almost made it.

Obeisance was required for my shanty Irish heritage. I twisted off the middle of the workday to celebrate my genetic loading with green beer and Jameson Irish whiskey. And cocaine. Lots and lots of coke. There was a van, friends from the office, and a call to some pals, including Tom, a comedian I knew.

My mother made the parade happen through sheer force of will. She blew a whistle, and people came. There were no floats, just a bunch of drunk Irish-for-a-days and their kids, yelling and waving banners to unsuspecting locals who set up folding chairs as if there were going to be a real parade.

After we walked down Main Street accompanied only by those sad little metal noisemakers, we all filed into the Knights of Columbus hall. The adults did standup drinking while the kids assembled for some entertainment. I told my mom that Tom the comedian had some good material for the kids.

He immediately began spraying purple jokes in all directions and was wrestled off the stage by a few nearby adults. We called it more because it was the operative metaphor for the drug. We had some more, along with shots of Irish whiskey. The shot glasses piled up between trips to the back room for line after line of coke, and at closing time we moved to a house party.

Then the dreaded walk home accompanied by the chirping of birds. And then somehow slinking into work as a reporter. Even as I was getting busy with the coke at night, I was happy to hold the cops and government officials to account in my day job. It was not an easy day.

It was cold. There was rain. She was on a wire, in a harness, jumping many times. It wasn't just the one time; it was maybe 15 times. When I have to hold her under the jaw and it looks like she dies, we had to spend a lot of energy on that particular scene. It was very, very difficult. We are very good friends. We know each other.

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It wasn't easy for me to pretend to hurt her. When I grabbed her under the jaw, it wasn't easy on a practical level.

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If you make a bad move -- if you don't grab her well -- she could have an injury. So I was under pressure and she was under pressure. Related: Maisie Williams wasn't so sure she was ready for the Winterfell battle.