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How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead

Although no two children are the same, and your results may vary, hundreds of thousands of health professionals and parents alike agree: TGuard is an effective, easy to use tool to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking once and for all. Still not convinced? See what others have to say. Skip to content. Watch Video. Order Now. Dentist Approved. As a soft, flexible, and comfortable medical device, it has been thoroughly tested and is made to the highest standards. Easy to Use. Thumbsucking will be a thing of the past with TGuard.

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  3. How to stop a child's thumb-sucking habit.

Learn more about TGuard Technology. How it works. Thumb sucking can cause a whole host of health and social problems for your child.

How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead

Learn more. Prolonged sucking can affect the development of the teeth and jaw. Dental Work.

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  • Thumb sucking is a very convenient focus for bullies, and can be the source of serious social trauma. Worse, the stress from being bullied compels children to suck more, which creates a self-reinforcing loop. Thumb Sucking can be a source of teasing. Every time your child puts their thumbs or fingers in their mouth, they also introduce all of the germs they picked up since they last sucked.

    This causes frequent illness. Frequent Illness. The risk of dental problems is related to how often, how long and how intensely your child sucks on his or her thumb.

    Help Your Toddler Kick the Thumb-Sucking Habit

    Although some experts recommend addressing sucking habits before age 3, the American Academy of Pediatrics says treatment is usually limited to children who continue thumb sucking after turning 5. Talk to your child about thumb sucking. You're more likely to be successful in stopping the habit if your child wants to stop and helps choose the method involved.

    How To Stop Sucking At Vegan Outreach (How To LEARN)

    Sometimes paying no attention to thumb sucking is enough to stop the behavior — especially if your child uses thumb sucking to get attention. If ignoring it isn't effective, try one of these techniques:. If you're concerned about the effect of thumb sucking on your child's teeth, check with the dentist. For some kids, a chat with the dentist about why it's important to stop thumb sucking is more effective than a talk with mom or dad.

    Rarely, some doctors recommend using unpleasant techniques, such as covering your child's thumbnail with a bitter substance, bandaging the thumb or covering the hand with a sock at night. For some children, thumb sucking is an incredibly difficult habit to break.

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    Thumb sucking: Help your child break the habit

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