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Another rider made a pathetic attempt to cut at the straw-filled man with his sword. He pushed his horse into a canter, going too fast too soon.


The horse, realising the uselessness of the man on its back, stopped abruptly to crop the grass three feet before the target. The rider, leaning forward, urging the horse on with frantic kicking legs and flapping arms, tumbled in a haphazard heap over the horse's shoulder.

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Shaking the poor man as if he were a rat, Bedwyr scolded with his tongue. God's blood, you're nothing but a bunch of plough-pushers! The faces of the ninety or so trainees fell longer, more disillusioned. They had come to join the Artoriani, filled with the hopes and dreams of glory - fight with Arthur, make a name for yourself!

Half of this group were from Juliomagus itself, others from Caesarodunum or Condivicnum, coming from the towns, settlements or farm-steadings, drawn to Arthur's cavalry like ants to spilt honey.

Robert Griffing - In The Shadow Of The King

All young men who were sick of Rome's apathetic attitude towards the threat of the Goths. To fight under Arthur's Dragon Banner was enough. Bedwyr took a long, slow deep breath. He and Arthur's officers had to make soldiers out of these lumps. If Syagrius were to come, as promised, there would be no need to recruit these imbeciles, no need to count on the inane.

But it seemed Syagrius was delayed, yet again, would not be coming now until next month.

Arthur, last night, talking with his officers, had raised again the issue of going home, but even for that they had to rely on Syagrius, for it was he who had provided the ships, the horse-transporters, the seamen to bring them here. Kill the zombie and explore the room, thanks to which you learn that Rais has been here.

Essays on Silence and Song

The most important thing to do is to pick the lock on the locked crate the lock level is medium to collect the unique Rais's Gun. Listen to Crane's commentary that ends this quest and, of course, it is a good idea to ransack the room to find some valuables. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Dying Light Guide. Game Guide.

The King’s Shadow

Side quests - Old Town. Table of Contents. The location, where you need to use the first key card. A crate with Rais's belongings. Dying Light Guide Game Guide. Melee weapons Firearms Throwing weapons The use of parkour and environment elements Death and its consequences.

Shadow King

Main quests - The Slums. Main quests - Old Town. Main quests - Antenna. Map Broadcast - part 2. Main quests - Old Town 2.

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Main quests - The Slums 2. Side quests - The Slums. Map 1: Mother's Day 2: Goodnight Mr. Side quests - Antenna.