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In literature, the Western landscape is too often held hostage to its relatively brief cowboy past, with a bit of fly-fishing thrown in. Its role as a character tends to be one of beautiful vistas mixed with rugged individualism. Many authors seem to be unaware of the very real dangers posed by living in close proximity to the pine tree-filled Rockies, where there are no signposts but plenty of mountain lions and unpredictable weather.

Perhaps because, living in London, she has enough distance from American themes to see the possibilities in the location, Salvalaggio has managed to write a series that does justice to a setting where, no matter what crimes people will inflict on one another, nature is always a more imminent threat. Her characters are constantly exposed to the primal vulnerability that subconsciously haunts any person who lives in or close to the wild.

In her first book, Bone Dust White , the biting cold and blinding, unceasing snows of winter keep her heavily pregnant protagonist, Detective Macy Greeley, off-balance and trapped in enclosed, almost claustrophobic situations. In her second, Burnt River , a dry, hot summer is host to wildfires that leave a throat-scratching smudge of smoke in the air; they stand as a warning to anyone venturing into the woods.

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The distances of Montana attract Salvalaggio, too. She was raised in a military family whose go-to vacation mode was long car journeys, often to national parks, and the easy relationship Americans have with road trips comes second nature to her. A wife, mother, and grandmother, the cancer took her life in December Before encountering this crisis, Darryl came to believe that God is good and all His ways are best.

Hearing a bleak prognosis with little hope for cure, Darryl believed that if God planned it that way, it was the very best for him! Living out the passion of the apostle Paul, Darryl became known as the boy whos not afraid to die. He accepted suffering with joy by remembering Jesuss pain tolerated for him on the cross.


In his final words, he expressed, Jesus died for your sins and my sins. Im going to see Him! Even in his dying moments, he wanted others to experience the love of Jesus. His life demonstrated that joy comes from Jesus and is not dependent on circumstances. Life, suffering, and even death had a purpose because of a gracious and loving God. When his time came, he eagerly stepped into the presence of Jesus. His desire would be the same for you! As a pediatrician and as a parent, I urge you to read this book. Gods greatness is seen throughout as we observe real parents and a real adolescent struggling with very real tragedy.

Devouring page after page, I was inspired with great lessons about parenting, godliness, grieving, and endurance. May we all grow to share Darryls eternal perspective. This book is a victorious cancer story without parallel.

Darryl used suffering as a backboard for proclaiming the joy of Christian victory. His disease and demise are an excellent lesson to teach us that all preachers do not have a three piece suit and an ordination certificate. It is an easy read and will stimulate your own witness. Darryl never felt sorry for himself no matter how bad the physical pain. He was acutely aware of the pain Jesus suffered for our eternal salvation.

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This wonderful life-changing book touched my life and made me want to be more open to share my faith. Told with such authenticity, vulnerability, and sensitivity, this is not the story of love enshrined, but rather of love enfleshed. Inspiring to the very core, Darryls story as written on his mothers heart and shared on the printed page has a message which will be personalized in the life of every reader. Caring now for the chronically and terminally ill, Rose and I are once again ministered to greatly by these godly friends Dr.

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John B. Instead, Muriel embarks on a courageous quest for health that includes not only her body, but also her psyche and spirit. She discovers that all aspects of her being are woven into one tapestry—you cannot permanently heal one part without the others. In the midst of this journey she has her third bout with cancer. This time she has the understanding and tools to walk away from conventional treatment and practice gentle approaches to becoming and staying well. Ultimately, she is led to the joy and serenity that abide in the deep recesses of her soul—her Invincible Summer.

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Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. A true story of romance, love, and suspense Karins Story chronicles the life of Karin Beck-Beggs, a Danish woman who was born in the middle of World War II and raised by a single, alcoholic mother after the death of her father. She was just three years old when he died. It tells of the economic difficulties she experienced as a child and how she was abused by those closest to her when they should have protected her.

In this memoir, Beck-Beggs shares how she became pregnant at seventeen and a half and married the young father, an irresponsible alcoholic. The marriage didnt last long.

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Raised in a society and environment which was a spiritual vacuum, she came to a place of despair, emptiness, and hopelessness. One day she was so desperate, she cried out to a God she was taught didnt exist. And he answered her prayers shortly thereafter through miraculous circumstances. A young, Christian, American airman came into her life in an unusual way.

Karins Story narrates how she accepted Christ as her savior at age twenty-two and experienced many miracles over the course of her life. Credit Now Playing Utah. Before Us Like a Land of Dreams follows a disheartened Western mother traveling an evocative route through the arid West. As her narration fades, the ancestral dead speak directly: a ragged Mormon boy yearns after a Shoshone family. A defeated polygamous wife shuts her mouth for good. A hoarder's queer son demolishes the artifacts of his lonely Idaho childhood. Descendants of British squatters sustain fami.

Listen Listening An elite colonial clan gradually awakens to the stark blue of the Great Salt Lake.