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On the Sunday before last Mrs Russell died and whilst a few neighbours were in the act of burying the unfortunate woman, Russell died. Page 5.

He died on 19 March. He was last seen on Wednesday afternoon and was then in a very unsettled state of mind. She was last seen on Saturday afternoon about 3 p. Also 09 August - Page 2. SMITH will be buried tomorrow.

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Also 15 June - Page 3. Little hopes are entertained of his recovery. None of the bodies have been recovered. Page 4. Mrs Falkner has since succumbed to the disease and the children are scarcely expected to recover. A terrific gale was blowing at the time.

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It is surmised that the horse had stumbled into the creek which was much swollen at the time. She is a total wreck. Page Also 01 August - Page 2. Her body is to be taken on to the Bluff where her friends reside. Paged 2. At the time of his admission in he was suffering from consumption of which he died.

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He was a native of Ireland and has left no relation in the colony. Inquest verdict of Suicide while in a state of temporary insanity. Thames Advertiser - Captain BRISTOWE, a well known old settler of that district was found dead near a creek at Te Kaha on 15 inst with bruises about the head, caused it appears by being thrown off his horse while crossing the creek. Also 22 Sept - Page and 23 Sept - Page 3. Another boat accident is reported by which two fishermen have been drowned.

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He is not dead yet but there is no hope of his recovery. He lingered for a time in great agony but died this morning. Taken to the Provincial Hospital where he died. Inquest on 20 September. The sea running high and he was drowned. He was 72 years of age. Ebooks and Manuals

Page 7. Long obituary. They are supposed to be drowned. The oars and sails of the boat have been found. In fact the wound in the throat and an injury on the head, the apparent result of a violent blow, were of so serious n, char-cter that death must have almost immediately followed their infliction. Though it was bright moonlight, sati-factory search for any further evidence of the committal of the fearful crime which it was plain had been perpetrated, could not then be made, and, other members of the police force having been sent for, the ground was guarded until davlight— lnspector James, Sergeant-Major O'Donnell, and Detective Browne remaining up all night, prosecuting inquiries as to the probable perpetrator.

After daylight, a thorough examination of the neighbourhood was made, and some distance from the body, or about a few yards from Sewell-street. Constable Henrfrick found a tomahawk among the rushes It wns apparently by such an instrument that the gash in the throat was inflicted, but on first examinetion no blood was discovered either on the head or handle of the tomahawk.

A more minute examination, however, revealed some blood between the socket of the axe and the handle, and, from the appearance, the head and handle seemed to have been wiped before the instrument was deposited in the bunch of rushes where it was found. Ebooks and Manuals

It was a left-handed axe — that is to say, it was so made that it could only be used by a man accustomed to the use of the left hand. This simple circumstance directed Detective Browne's suspicions to Noble. Noble had previously been sentenced to three years' imprisonment for a brutal assault upon a woman near the Hau Hau tramway, and to three months' imprisonment for larceny rape being the presumed object of the. Ihe circumstance was corroborated by a carpenter acquainted with the habit of persons of the same craft.

There the information was received that he was located in a small house in the yard of the hotel— Mr Dowcll, the proprietor, having permitted him to occupy the place until he should find a situation elsewhere. This was about a quarter to eight o'clock, and when Detective Browne entered thejyard, he came to the door of the small house, dressed, but having no coat on. He was spoken to on the subject of the incident of the previous nisht, and remarked " What a shocking murder it was.

On pilfering the house, two bunches of keys were found on the bed, and Detective Browne found a pair of trousers, partly concealed, rolled up, and completely saturated, as if only recently in water. On examination blood stains were discovered on different parts of these trousers, and the left-hand cuff of a coat, found on the premises, and recognised as having been worn by Noble, was also stained with blood.

Upon his vest, likewise, after he was brought to the policestation, small blood-stains were discoveied, and we believe that, on his underclothing, blood was detected by DrDermott, though piesenting the appearar. When arrested he had a fresh pair of socks on, and a new pair of moleskin trousers.

When charged by Sergeant Major O'Donnell uith wilful murder, he exclaimed " Oh, God," and became highly excited, hut made no denial or admission of the cha'ge. Since his arrest, the police have been indefatigable in pro editing further search and inquiry, and we understand that several other circumstances have been discovered which point to Noblp being concerned in the murder,andthese.

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One item of evidence is that of the servant woman Mary referred to, who stated that she saw the prisoner on Saturday put'ing a wedge into the handle of his axe, and it is significant that the axe found near the body has a new wedge in it, corresponding with a piece of wood which the same womau states she saw the prisoner using when making, the wedge. We understand that there is also evidence of Noble having been in the neighborhood of the cottage in or near which the murder was perpetrated, about the hour the crime must have been committed.

The suspected murderer is about thirtyfive years of agp, and upon the policesheet recording his discharge from prison he is described as a native of Baltimore, in America. Though sentenced to three years imprisonment for the as3ault, of which he was convicted, hi 3 sentence was commuted to two years, and he was liberated from prison on the 12th Feb. It is not known that he had any acquaintance whatever with the parents of the murdered child, or had at any time previously been in the house, but the mother of the child is at present in such a sad state mentally that nothing can be ascertained from her as to any of the surroundings of the shocking crime by which she has been bereaved.

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  7. Whoever may have been theauthor of this deplorable tragedy, it is evident that he must have taken advantage of the absence of the parents on Saturday evening to enter the house by the front door, for the opening of which he had provided himself with a suitable key. Having thus obtained access to the house, he seems to have not only violated the child with indescribable brutality, but to have struck heron thehead a blow which would probably of itself have been fatal, and to have followed that up by a stroke at her throat with the edge of the axe, causing the fearful wound which the dead body of the poor little thing now presents.

    Whether the murder was completed inside or outside of the house does not exactly appear. The child mutf. During yesterday, many persons from all parts of the town were attracted to the scene of this sad murder, and it is needless to say that a very intense feeling exists as to the horrible nature of the crime, and as to the proper fate of its psrpetrator. It is consolatory, so far, to the public, that the police have been so energetic in the detection of the criminal, and so successful in arresting thus early the one person against whom, whether innocent or guilty, ' the evidence is most strong.