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I win multiple drinks each month as well as car washes.

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The app often provides three day specials of discounted or free items with coupons. It looks MOTRs as well as provide updated regular gas price. This is one of my most favorite apps! I am incredibly disapointed because this app only shows some store in the midwest like MO and looks like one southeast of St. Louis MO too. I couldn't even find any for IL!!

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I live in a totally different part of the country but there are "On The Run" locations all over the place near by me. They may not have Exxon or Mobil but they are still around. I was hoping that "On The Run" would be for the entire country for all locations that want to be listed in the app, especially as so many people drive to see friends and loved ones all over the USA. Change the name to show clearly that this is only for one specific area of the US and not anywhere else.

The Mum on the Run - Running from Life with a Wine at a time

Its not even all of MO either! Thats bad business! It would be very helpful for those of use who don't fly and prefer or must drive instead for work or because we want to. THAT would be far more accurate than this really is- waste of space for me. I just hope its better asap!!! I came in the other day and both attendants didn't know how to assist me, instead of pushing me off the lady helping me got her manager who was able to work everything out without a hitch! We are very happy!!!

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Thank you! Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Yep… shaved em. Granted I was trying to shape them, however the shape they seemed to resemble was the shape of sperm, a slim sperm who had been on the lemon detox diet…. No one ya hear… and neither was I … [Read more…]. Motherhood is a unity.

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When you become a mum, you understand other mums. Sometimes merely being a mother is enough to unite you.

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Wondering where this rage has come from. A journey from loss to hope…. Having children is no doubt one of the biggest blessings in life. But for so many women, becoming pregnant and being pregnant can be a time of great stress and uncertainty.