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After all is said and done will it be everything that she Ally thought it would be or will she be disappointed? This book was okay. It was a very quick and steamy read. The sex scene left just enough for your imagination. There was a little twist at the end that you kinda of saw coming. I recommend this book to others. This book was on hot amazing read which I could not put down. I read this one sitting I was so into it.

Alley transfers college and joins the cheerleading squad. She is then told of the initiation that comes with being on the squad if she is willing to a great. Hot hot and so fun. After transferring to to a new college Ally joins the cheer leading team as she always had in the past but after her first time out with the squad she is told of the initiation. On further questioning she finds out that the football team likes to try out the new squad members as a group if she is willing to agree to it.

A naughty short story for when you have a few minutes to relax and enjoy it. OMG was this hot. This book was amazing.

A Taste of Cheerleader Discipline

I could not put it down until I finished reading it. Trust me, you will love it. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reading Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. The story is well written and the author crammed in a lot of sexiness in such a short amount of time. She moaned as he massaged her rack. Hardown leaned down and licked her tits with his tongue. At that moment, Courtney pushed her tongue into Mr. Hardown's mouth. Hardown pushed his tongue back into his mouth to meet her tongue.

They made out for several seconds as he groped her amazing boobs. Once they had separated, he leaned back, unbuckled his pants, and dropped them. His erection was clearly visible through his dark green boxers. Courtney walked over to him and got on her knees.

She yanked his boxers down his legs and off of his feet. Once they were gone, Courtney turned her head and stared at his seven-inch cock. Her face indicated shock. I don't know if it'll fit in my She shoved Mr. Hardown's dick into her mouth and began to suck on it.

He groaned loudly as she pushed his large cock down her throat. Her mouth nearly covered his entire shaft. She pressed her tongue against the head, moving it back and forth against his urethra. Hardown felt the semen in his cock rise. He knew that he couldn't cum before he entered her. Hardown gently pushed her head to the side, and she released his cock from her mouth. Hardown stood up and whacked his dick against her cute little nose. Getting to feel the skin on my skin is so much better. Hardown placed his cock onto her pussy. He shook it several times, beating her clitoris as he did so.

Courtney gasped, unable to deny the pleasure that Mr. Hardown was giving her. Finally, he pushed himself inside of her and began to fuck her.

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Courtney moaned as Mr. Hardown pounded her twat with his cock. The walls of her moist pussy gripped his dick, making him want to move even faster and fuck her even harder. Suddenly, the door to his office opened. Courtney's best friend and cheerleading partner, Jenna Vagnus, walked into Mr. Hardown's office. Jenna stared at the two, and her face widened in shock. Hardown screamed. He pulled out of Courtney and ducked under his desk. He was busted. His reputation would be ruined. The school board would fire him immediately and ensure that he never worked again.

You're fucking the principal? Hardown was just giving me a test and And you never thought to invite me? I am very disappointed in you. Hardown stared at Jenna. He was stunned. This wasn't the reaction that he was expecting. She leaned back and spread her legs, revealing her violet cheer panties. Courtney turned to face Mr. He nodded in approval.

He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he got up and calmly sat down in his chair. I want to see it for myself. She climbed onto the couch, grabbed Jenna's panties, and pulled them off of her legs. Hardown's cock got hard again as he stared at Jenna's pink shaven pussy. Courtney tossed Mr. Hardown Jenna's panties. They landed on his face, and he inhaled the moist fluids that were inside of them.

He could smell it. Jenna was just as naughty as her best friend. Jenna moaned as her best friend ate her out. Courtney stuck her ass up in the air as she kissed Jenna's moist pussy lips. She also rubbed her fingers against her own clitoris so that she could have an orgasm too. Hardown pounded his cock as he watched the two cheerleaders play with their pussies. Hardown had some very naughty fantasies, but this was far better than anything he had ever imagined. As Jenna screamed, Mr Hardown yelled. Eventually, the screaming became too intense. He wrapped Jenna's panties around his cock as he ejaculated, smothering the crotch with his warm cum.

Jenna got up from the couch and gave Courtney a wet kiss on her lips. She walked over to Mr. Hardown, grabbed her panties, and sucked the cum right off of them. Hardown," she said. She'll be pissed if I don't save some of my pie for her. I'll see ya around, Courtney.


Hardown a nice long look at her ass. After a few seconds, she pulled her skirt down and walked sexily out of his office. Hardown got to his feet and walked over to Courtney. She rubbed her clitoris, purring softly as she thought of a variety of naughty things. Hardown grabbed his ruler off of the floor, raised it into the air, and smacked her pussy. Courtney screamed and removed her hands immediately from her cooch. And how long can you do one? Courtney stood up and did a handstand.

Her skirt flew up, allowing Mr.

Prescription for Discipline - CF Publications, Bethany Burke • BookLikes (ISBN)

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