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Any further payment is dependent on exceeding production targets and also partly on gas prices. Not the outcome Shell would have wished but the best obtainable after it has long worn out its welcome. I am surprised that Shell is still able to operate the way it does despite OPL , illegal cover up of oil spills, spectacular uturn on the arctic, animal testing, being the cause of earthquakes in Groningen, spying by Shell Security and Government teams, screwing over its pensioners and many many more disgraceful actions.

The company has lost its way and its morals and what it used to stand for. It should be easy to verify whether any documents purported to be Shell documents are authentic or fake. If fake, then the scam should immediately be reported to the appropriate police authority.

Sounds like a classic scam to me!! Thank you, Mr. Donovan, for the kind attention. I also tried to reach Shell Global Hotline but I am not sure if they even entertain such circumstance especially coming from an ordinary person like myself. You have followed this up with various allegations in a further posting submitted for publication.

Before we proceed further, please provide a detailed account of the background to this story, ideally in chronological order and with supporting evidence. We would then put the allegations directly to Shell CEO Mr Ben van Burden so that Shell has the opportunity to investigate and respond if it wishes to do so.

Any further publication by us will depend on the information you supply and any response by Shell. My husband is the Project Manager and he and his workers have been there for five months now. The project is done. My husband asked Mr. Blinks to let him go to his bank so he could get some money out and Mr. If any one of you, by any chance, who knows this person or know someone who may be associated with him, please inform me right away.

I have limited communication with my husband and I am helping them to get out of the Gulf. Moreso, since there was contract signed, Shell and its legal department cannot assist. Thank you all for your time and effort and with sincere gratitude for your help…. Many people heaved a sigh of relief when she left Shell. She was the result of the positive discrimination process. Malcolm Brinded, number 2 in the Shell hierarchy, sanctioned corrupt practices, deceit, theft and other illegal action involving a conspiracy of Shell managers. Hello all, I am new to this site.. I think its in the interest of the Irish people and to stop these large Multinationals puppeteering our Government… Ossl have never veered or indeed backed down from their allegations and one can only think that it happened..

Joe Gannon.. Paddy Briggs did brilliantly at the AGM. Cornered the board of directors with a cleverly framed question that put BvB and his colleagues in a very bad light. He provided a classic example of taking care of the few not the many. A few horrendously over-paid people at the top of Shell compared with the welfare of 29, elderly Shell pensioners, many just managing to scrape by.

Agree with the last point by The real Shell- my take is that employees take on a cult status and are actually proud of it this is sad by the way, but understandable as they all want to feel some sort of safety in numbers; group think springs to mind, and it smacks of some massive level of insecurity in these individuals.

Management loves this too as they breed staunch supporters at the lower levels, protecting them from anyone who wishes to stand up against something they see which is not right. Same old shit, different company. This is exactly what Shell does to staff who dare speak out against them. They discredit them and intimidate. Ladies and Gentleman you can see in full sight Shell using this forum to attack anyone who has an alternative view to their own. I hope they are compensating you enough Annoyed and Hello Haterz.

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You have well and truly sold your souls to the van Beurden. The two major lagging indicators suggest there was very little improvement under Visa but the number of audit findings increased highlighting a love for bureaucracy and not getting into the hearts and minds. The latest posting on executives remuneration was based on an article by a City A. This executive compensation package seems akin to the latter, where good old business principles are dependent on the spin of a roulette wheel. He did expose systemic weaknesses during his audits rather than amplifying unimportant findings in order to reach a minimum number of findings as preached by the then head of HSE Koos Visser.

As the head of such an outfit one often has to take more extreme views in order to get the message across and Koos managed to irritate a great many directors in Shell but he did improved the standard of HSE with his often dogmatic stance! His team of auditors largely consisted of true professionals. Bill, himself a top professional from the maintenance sector, always put the finger on the sore spot and the good thing is he did not back down under pressure.

And when you expose a systemic weakness the pain is immediately felt at the very top. And then things start to happen, either the problem is fixed or more devious actions of self preservation commence. Many auditors back down in such a situation. I assume that the annoyed dutchman never has put his finger on a weak spot important enough to be invited for an interview with the CEO of Shell.

And believe me, this only happens if there is a real issue…. Many thanks for your posting. Please note that Bill Campbell has replied to the comment in question. He was a useless auditor at Shell us Dutch called him a mierenneuker and is a useless contributor now. Readers might give more credence to your attack on Bill Campbell if it was not done hiding behind an alias.

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Something Bill and I never do. No attempt to discuss the issues. Just a blanket condemnation. Thus, not only rude, also lazy. I was such a poor auditor that I was asked back to carry out audits for SIEP after I retired but anyway you are entitled to your cowardly opinion. I comment often in frustration that Shell does not appear to learn from its past experiences.

It is not hard to understand the latest claims by the Head of Legal, here is someone who declares publicly to investors etc that we RDS had no visibility, no knowledge or understanding that monies in the deal would go to individuals but on 10 April this year RDS said they did, they knew up to Director level. On that we are totally in agreement!

The difference between Voser and BvB in indeed like night and day. I think that will end up costing the company dearly when it boils over, but we shall see. Well Regular Browser I guess we just have to agree to disagree. I am probably labelled an optimist by my staff and most likely because I only have a few years left to go.

I do however see. For me the glass is half full and maybe one day it will even be brimming over! I am not sure Donovan would necessarily disagree — there were shysters then and there are shysters now, that at least has been consistent. As I mentioned in my reply, the accountability existed in a different framework and are not equitable I should also point out that Shell and companies like it were not peddling one set of principles while living another.

Deaths are a bit of a red herring, industry across the board has got a lot safer due to regulation and interventions after some painful lessons learned — if you think that this has anything to do with anyone at Shell you are seriously deluded. One only needs to take a walk around the buildings and sites where management flouts their own rules and even calls up people on mentioning it. I lose count of the amount of work groups and think tanks that report perfectly actionable plans to the SEC but due to financial expediency are ignored. I have no problem with BvB as an individual, he is a smart guy and did a great job in Downstream and was a much more palatable choice than Brinded or anyone else for the top job.

Like I said I also had great hopes that this would be the guy that broke the poor leadership mould but after a positive start he has gone into the same tired and failed policies that all of his predecessors fell into. Can he turn it around? Maybe, but after the contempt he showed for the OPL raids I doubt it.

One thing we are definitely aligned on and agree on is how much leaner the company is. Technical competence has been gutted from the organisation and all the sycophants have been promoted beyond their capability. A cursory walk around any of the main offices shows you how well this has turned out with a toxic and uncollegiate atmosphere. That was a time to be proud to work for this great company, now they have now EVP different from any other two-bit operation. Those of us who want the company to succeed look around at what has been done and shake our heads and if you read the comments closely on here you will see that while most of us have gripes it is because we have a love for the company and want it to reach its potential, not be frittered away on a whim.

As for the gold plating that still goes on, where there is any spending at all. The problem with cutting corners here is that you pay for it later. It is this that we remaining technical people with integrity want challenge to, not because we have any particular axe to grind, or did not get promoted some of us are happy doing solid technical work , but rather we desire to do the right thing and deliver for our shareholders. As for BG, if you read other posters here the concern is not that it was a poor choice but rather it was overpaid.

BG was not all it promised to be and this deal had a very long burn on it and was probably the only deal Shell could do to remain competitive. Ultimately the BG deal was the acceptance by management that they had failed in their ability to grow the company organically through poor leadership on the Upstream side over many years. Much of the acreage that Shell paid billions more than it needed to was looked over by Shell time and time again and management opted to ignore the recommendations of technical people in favour of playing financial games or dabbling in business that Shell could never hope to master — all under the auspices of doing things on the cheap.

I welcome the optimistic counterpoint that you bring to the table, for sure it livens up the discussion and gives readers a chance to see a different side of the company, although on most points it is clear that we will have to agree to disagree. As I have mentioned in my contributions in the past well before the time of BvB at its heart the company is a great company, full of many talented, capable people who have done some wonderful things over a century.

For as long as these people continue to prosper in positions of power throughout the company and promote more of the same type of people the company will always underperform and this particular site will always have a pool of people who get just frustrated enough to shine a light on the dark corners that the same management team try and keep in the dark.

Thank you Regular Browser for your interpretation of the Halcyon Days but I am sure that the owner of this site would totally and categorically disagree with you, especially as in the days you refer to there was very little public accountability. So I respectfully have to disagree these were halcyon days. They may have appeared to be all singing all dancing fun days but there was far less accountability in those days, we killed more than 20 people a year with little public outcry, we polluted wildly in Nigeria without the visibility and true we were led by technical professionals. I do agree though we have had some shockers in the past including Vosser who was a pure bean counter.

As for what Ben has done I think you only have to look around the company to see how much leaner we are now, the days of hundreds of men building things to way above any known standards and gold plating projects has long gone. The GHG numbers continue to tumble, our incident frequency rate continues at an all time low, our process safety incidents also near an all time low.

You say the industry was leading this progress again I disagree Shell was out there as a leader, we invented the Golden Rules now seen throughout industry, we pioneered Tier 1 and Tier 2 reporting metrics and used them to drive performance and Goal Zero was ground-breaking in its day. They are out there for all to see. I hope we can revisit this debate in a couple of years time when I hope you will even grudgingly agree BvB is doing a pretty good job. The Halcyon Days were when this great company was led by technical professionals instead of bean counters. I can talk about many things such as the early North Sea discoveries, the first steps towards GTL, the days when there was a hum of excitement around O75 and Shell Centre, the exciting innovations coming out of Kessler Park and Bellaire.

Yes, there were problems in those days too but the system was different and the company was not pushing its credentials through a set of business principles that it does not adhere too. From that point on we have the Nigerian problems although I would argue they began before this and concur they were badly managed from the beginning , the hollowing out of technical capability, the selling off of parts of the business which made a difference, the reserves crisis all the way through to the Brinded, Van der Veer and Voser era. After what I thought was a promising start and a fresh approach BvB seems to have decided to tread this well worn route.

That said it should be praised that the HSSE function has made a significant dent in major incidents such as deaths over the last decade or so. Much of this has come off the back of greater scrutiny and learnings from incidents such as piper Alpha so it is not an island in itself and I would argue the industry is generally safer not just Shell — although we see the consequences when these things are ignored. You are right that many of the transgressions come to light due to greater scrutiny and the internet is a great enabler of this. I would counter that these are choices made by management and the SEC though as time and again the Shell People Survey tells them what is wrong and they choose to ignore it because it is inconvenient.

That is why this site exists as there is no other outlet to vent frustration when the SEC does not listen. The general population of Shell is much more ethical and wants a much better company than the SEC do, yet nothing changes and things only seem to get worse. Walk around any of the main buildings and you see this in peoples actions and faces.

The atmosphere in C16 is toxic, as with Bank Street, Woodcreek and Shell Centre and this was the case long before the current crash in prices and the BG merger. Regular Browser, I too welcome debate and glad you also despise the trolling. I do however disagree with your concept of the Halcyon days, are you referring to the period when we killed more than 20 people a year but made massive profits, perhaps you can enlighten us. More tidbits. For those who said the Port Arthur refinery was a bad project. In the past 3 years the plant has been first quartile on income and a leader in reliability.

The most profitable Shell refinery and now Saudi has it.

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To all of the folks who derided Shell for firing Todd Monette, he has been sacked again by Lyondell for the same reasons, ethics violations! Trolls is not name calling merely pointing out a particular type of action. I think you will find that downstream does not post the largest profits — perhaps you should look further than one year. Downstream should be making a profit when upstream is down as feedstock is lower — the advantages of vertical integration. Yes the fundamentals are not straightforward but there is a clear linkage as the refineries and chemical plants use crude derived feedstock aside from Pearl and some of the others.

StarJumper's Bride

I think it is a bit of a leap to assume that natural gas is going up all evidence points to a world awash in both natural gas and LNG — the analysts and people whose job it is to forecast these things do not share your rosy picture. I of course welcome debate and I agree some of what BvB has done is to be commended on other things he has fallen short, just like any other company.

As regular watchers of the company will note it has substantially underperformed compared to its halcyon days and while that is not all to do with BvB and the SEC those people play out the same failed policies and strategies and learn nothing from the wealth of data that being around for over a hundred years provides. This is what I rail against as well as nepotism, sycophancy and ineptitude. If you have read my posts you see that I am fair and reasonable and credit where credit is due.

There is a lot to celebrate as well as to criticise and perhaps you can have a role as countenance here to pointing out all these positives beyond the financials so that people can draw their own conclusion. I am sure Donovan, I and others would welcome the opportunity. Regular Browser, before calling people names like trolls perhaps you should look at your own posts! Downstream nearly always produces the largest profits in Shell, but if you too look closely you will see the turnaround in Upstream from a 1.

The downstream increases are not directly linked to crude oil prices as you incorrectly state its more complicated than that. I was suggesting that instead of people being so critical of the current management they should perhaps give them a break and see what a great job Ben and the SEC is doing. Other culprits remain in the shadows but not for long hopefully. What they could have decided instead was to buy BG and spin off the gas retail business, which BG did itself not long afterwards! Perhaps you should look again at the results Hello Haterz all of the profit has been in the Downstream which is to be expected in a low price environment where raw materials are low.

The Upstream earnings are abysmal considering the deal was predicated on buying plum BG assets. The results have also come off the back of stripping the combined company of assets and staff so we will see how sustainable they are moving forward, especially when the balance sheet cannot be massaged by creative accounting and when there are reserve write downs and asset repricing based on BG Groups poor cost control and project management.

I hope that you are proved correct and over the long term the hefty price tag was worth it but make no mistake the jury is still out and thats even without accounting for all of the troubles in the courts the company is facing. Contrary to your trolling I would also say that most people on this site desire the company to succeed and only ask that the company live up to its own principles which would ensure long term profitability, BP showed what happened when you put short term gain ahead of sustainability.

No need for an apology BonusGroup, glad to see others dragging the skeletons from the closet. Life may have been a continuous garden party for some, sadly others were not so lucky. Chapman sits on the board of Rolls-Royce, ironically chairman of the Safety and Ethics committee. That is why Frank Chapman set-up BG Group like a mini-Shell, copying processes and ensuring asset fit between the two companies.

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Who would you have sold BG Group to when you retired? This did not happen over night it took years of manouevering. The results just in show how wrong the press and common opinion was. The dividend is once more not under threat. I wonder what the haters will go back to moving about now? At least on this occasion there is accountability, but not learnt at BG Group. Not all cops fell for your trinkets for the natives corruption but all cops are paying a price. Think on it. I did not post the articles 28th April BonusGroup and 3rd May BG Group was founded on very little credible geoscience.

Technically inept staff promoted to heady heights as a reward for longevity, loyalty and willingness to play corrupt corporate games. Probity was a word never heard in the corridors of the pavilions of Thames Valley Park. The more things change the more they stay the same, i. Too many lunches at the Bull in Sonning and 10k runs on the Thames towpath! Nonetheless, it was entirely inappropriate for a former high-level Shell official to act as contact minister for Shell. See this article — Vince Cable — Minister for Shell. Also, related article from which these extracts are taken:.

In the writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other leaders of the southern Nigerian Ogoni ethnic group were executed by the Sani Abacha military government. I guess what we have all realised is that Shell and BG as with most other big, ancient blue chips hire based on personality traits- alpha males and females , in the vain hope that they create healthy competition and motivation amongst the lower job groups who aspire to lead bigger teams with more control power.

Others were more coprolite than corporate. RDS — What a snakepit.

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And it keeps on getting worse. I am surprised they can recruit decent people. Cannot see why a prosecution could not go ahead and be successful, it appears abundantly clear from the correspondence that handouts to certain individuals would be required to secure a deal and many senior officers in the RDS organisation were aware of this and were complicit indirectly or directly. My experience after many years especially as a Auditor for the then SIEP and then RDS is that compliance with the aforestated principles diminishes exponentially the nearer you get to the Boardroom.

Time will tell. There was a pseudo competition as to who would be the next CEO after Frank Chapman, but it was clear from the outset that it could only ever be Finlayson. However, he got too comfortable in the role, had a falling-out with Andrew Gould and left in a huff, probably because he did not want to sell to Shell. This left Gould holding the baby when the share price was rock bottom. Even demanding that Helge start with BG Group earlier than planned. The whole scenario was transparent from the outset. And what of Andrew Gould? Or, perhaps, he thought that by working for a British plc he might be in with a chance of a Knighthood?

And what better way of getting a Knighthood than by selling a failing company and, thereby, achieving shareholder value. With the limited truths upon which BG had built its foundations, it was a safe bet that the illusion would fail sooner or later. Every year the same answers come back about speed of decision making, working environment the chicken cubes and effectiveness of management communication. Each year we, the long suffering staff, are told this is not stuff we can affect and to concentrate on trivial items lower down the list.

That piece of HR BS should be laid to rest and senior management made to read this site to see what the real issues are. Regular browser…………. I concur with your response, my comment was from an ex BG purged employee perspective. However having dealt with him first hand on organisational failings and deficiencies in safety management, the causal factors for fatalities and serious injuries in BG operations, his intransigence in dealing with the issue showed his true colours.

In all my years i havent ever seen such reckless decisions, bullying, incompetence and nepotism. We have Shell People Survey which confirm this every year but management always blame it on restructuring. At least we have the RDS blog to tell us the truth! This is all very exciting! What next? Plus a lot of BG managers were former Shell pets too. The more things change the more they stay the same. Only folk who could make a difference tend to get purged so the inept status quo is maintained.

A negative is there are still some left, hiding under their stones. Wot, corruption in Nigeria? Cannot be. I never see de disting! Dey be hones people. De most hones people in de world. You must not know Bruce. He has a very foul mouth and curses quite a bit in business settings. I find it ironic he is accusing another organization of being useless recognizing he comes from one of the most useless organizations in Shell. Who in their right mind would want to work for such a vile company?

Allegations of corruption, serial polluters and ill treatment of their staff. Sounds like a Bangalore call centre would be a more fun place to work. Well done to that boy Crockett for standing up for himself. Re Corrib I was stationed in Mayo for a short time, there was a lot of us drafted in to deal with and monitor protestors at various locations including the main terminal..

Corrib vendor trashed for cover up looking very believable now. Police now banned photos of Corrib brutality against locals… yes u could not make it up. OMG in modern parlance. Bribes were paid in Nigeria, really. I would never have seen that coming. Almost as bad as the fantastic revelation that Shell HR force fitted female and POC candidates for senior positions interviews. It was common practice. I am utterly disgusted and ashamed of the hypocritical company I work for. The shell business principles are officially dead. I suspect a lot of folks are getting fed up with the hijacking of this site by Nigerian activists who continually make false claims against Shell rather than pursue their own government.

I guess Shell is the easy target. Most of the spills in Ogoniland have been created by the Nigerian folks drilling into pipelines and trying to steal oil and yet this is passed off onto Shell in an attempt to extort money from the corporate world. I wonder where that money would go to in any case. Continual lengthy sermons are getting boring.

The expected cleanup of Ogoniland may save the land but many may never recover from the terminal diseases pervading Ogoniland and increasingly killing our people. German Geologist hired by Shell, Kay Holtzmann, has recently revealed Shell concealed data on the level of environmental contamination of Ogoniland. The company is largely irresponsible and will rather wish all Ogonis die. I call this an Armageddon. Livelihoods have been destroyed and none will be compensated, Shell and the Nigerian government continue to launder their image with a lazy-loaded clean-up programme after many have died from heavy pollution and many currently suffer from terminal illnesses.

Shell should have been ashamed of her actions in Ogoni and act quickly to address this mess. Ogoni is faced with ultimate death. The story of the Ogoni should not be told about any civilized society. The world must continue to be made aware of the story of the Ogoni, a small minority that had been exploited to death by Shell. We will continue to prick the conscience of the world and highlight the injustices perpetrated against the Ogoni people until they are addressed. We will not let Shell hide her crimes against the Ogoni people nor shall we be persuaded by political manoeuvres which do not address our concerns for a safe environment and our right to self-determination.

There is definitely a stench of discontent in the office where I work. Everyone I know has one eye on a new job and have accepted that shell is no longer the great employer it once was. The crown jewels are being sold to fund BG deal and pay dividends.

It surprises me not that HR management like Mr Darcy are reading this. John you got any jobs going? Darcy is a proud and arrogant man to whom those are lower classes than him. Someone has a chip on their shoulder! Time to bring yourself down to earth and recognise what is really important to people. Keep the blog going John. Its gives us an avenue straight to the top. Corrib Shell Police Corruption — If they ran for the hills I would question whether they had integrity at all. Sadly Shell never cleaned up the whole Corrib fiasco post takeover of Enterprise and continues to pay the price today.

As I pointed out the same corrupt management sycophants are put in charge of trouble projects as they will toe the party line instead of actually fixing the problems. You only get promoted to JG2 and above these days if you actually leave your moral compass and own mind at the door each day. It was shocking and somewhat disgusting what happened to former allies. This is supported by numerous Shell People Surveys over many years where this has been raised as an issue time and again. Like all large corporations Shell is not interested in anything which disrupts the existing power structures and fiefdoms — though there are some places where the culture is a little more open.

Those who do choose to speak out either get sanctioned via their IPS or CEP and are marginalised, while the sycophants and nepotists rise to the top to ingrain the culture. This has been particularly apparent since the merger with BG and the message is Shell folk should be grateful that they have a job and should put up and shut up.

Rocking the boat on HSE, the pay freeze, filling of jobs with unqualified graduates or brown losers etc. Management have succeeded over a number of years in taking a once great company and turning it into a mediocre shadow of its former self characterised by mismanagement and poor strategic choices. This is a great shame as there are a lot of dedicated and talented employees across the company, though they do not stand a chance in a culture that does not reward competence but sycophancy. John you know the shell machine is hurting when they desperately ask you to stop what youre doing! Spare a thought for us prisoners who have these people as our masters and have to jump on command or face HR death squad.

OPL details, Mayo, and the appalling management actions in Norway have been hidden from us.

shades of deception crestar system book 4 Manual

Thanks for keeping us informed! Good health to you sir. You have many appreciative admirers. Looking back at the same period of time over the last three years 1 January to 15 March there were 60 postings in , 45 in And 14 this year. Clearly a downward trend. You yourself have done well from it.

Thanks for your comments. Good of you to create this sudden surge but seems rather counter-productive to your suggestion that it should be closed based on the lack of use. Hence my suspicion about your background and the integrity of your postings. We are used to regular DoS attacks and other covert activity including by Shell. Some people do not like what we are doing, yet keep returning, as you do.

Your postings remind me of comments made long ago by Musaint and LondonLad who happened to be one and the same. A former senior Shell executive. Do the aliases seem familiar? If your objection is just the Shell Blog, then visit royaldutchshellgroup. The way this is going, I am anticipating a complaint from Zik that you are hogging the forum. I find I am visiting this site less and less due to lack of content. How fortunate then that you are free to do as you wish.

The website and the blog will remain as they have for over a decade, the leading source of Shell insider information for the mainstream news media and for all parties interested in Shell. Why is it still nailed to its perch? Even Paddy Briggs has given up. Over 3, comments posted overall, over 2, on the Shell Blog. Why do you want me to close down this free speech forum available to Shell employees and other parties interested in Shell? It costs nothing and no one is compelled to look at it or post comments on it. Do you by any chance have a connection with Shell management, which has tried very hard to close down this website?

Justice Peter Charleton opens a public inquiry next week in Dublin Castle. He has total power to act as he sees fit. It was recently reported that Nigeria has lost over N billion in the last 11 months due to the force majeure declared by Shell Petroleum Development Company SPDC as a result of the vandalism of the inch Forcados export line in But like we said, the issues that have led to these oil production disruptions are obvious, however, the Federal Government and its Oil Corporation — NNPC, are busy beating around the bush, playing politics with these issues and dilly-dallying with the whole problem.

And not all these, for instance, so called fact-finding visits and dilly-dallying by the Presidency to score cheap political points and make it look like they are doing something to address the Niger Delta situation. What exactly are they looking for when all the issues are there for all to see. The Oil and Gas company policies that work in Europe and US may not work here in the Niger Delta region; hence they should adopt policies that are friendly and accommodating to the host community locals and elites.

They should not use force or coercion to try to drive their business because this will be counterproductive, as has been seen in the past. Most of them have even had their rivers meant for fishing business polluted and damaged for good due to oil and gas exploration and production activities. So, the Federal Government and relevant authorities need to put themselves in our shoes to fully understand what we are saying here. These and many more are some of the issues that Government needs to start looking into.

Suncor sources confirm that final sale details are being finalised for announcement in Q Shells Cop protecting Shell booze Cops.. She also failed to address the Shell police alcohol despite another CS confirming the alcohol as factual. Watch this space. It was a well kept secret that the DUC had a marvellous tax deal in Denmark, in the past Shell Denmark was often the number 3 or 4 cash earner for the group due to this tax deal. Only the NAM with the huge gasfields made far more money.

Norway was a lot harder on the oil companies and kept most of the proceeds themselves. And if they can get a lot of money for it, it is a good time to leave the ship there, Maersk has little ideas how to go about milking the licence that was renewed a few years ago. They had mentally accepted the licence would come to an end when the old man Maersk McKinney Moller fixed an extension with the government. He died soon afterwards…. You are totally right Bill. Brinded may not have benefited directly but the real question is whether he and other managers were mercilessly cracking the whip and conveniently turning a blind eye.

It is time that management are made accountable for their actions and to not allow them to ruthlessly pass responsibility to the foot soldiers. OPL The latest blog on this website asks if there is any evidence that Brinded benefited personally from his role in the alleged fraudulent deal? This we assume will come out in the wash if this affair ever gets to trial. He certainly would have indirectly benefitted if the odd oil blocs increased the reserves significantly because this would have been one of his principal goals as Upstream Director now doubt contributing to bonus rewards etc.

But whether he benifited personally or not is not the key issue at this stage but rather whether he was aware that the monies paid over by Eni and Shell were being directed, all or in part, to the private bank accounts of corrupt officials, and if so he, if this can be established by legal process, would be an accessory to such corruption. Somebody made a massive design error. What is this about food items and magazines? Nothing better and more important to worry about? Life must be great. Be more like Exon! I wouldnt be surprised if Trump forces Shell to sell em here too. Tsk tsk tsk.

Shame on you Shell! Merry Christmas everyone. You should be ashamed of your thinly veiled racist comments but we agree mankind never ceases to amaze me either. All seems a bit coincidental. Did that play have any bearing on his unexpected premature departure? A colleague once told me I had to try at least one during my life. So we went from Shell Centre 1 to one of many lunchrooms in the various basements some blocks away. About hugely fat black girls were frying up the shrimps. I got a plate with a full french loaf split open and I assume a kilo of fried garlic shrimps on top.

I believe there was a leaf of lettuce too. Plus a pint of Coke. Grogon is not the sleepy, uneventful corner of the Crestar System it should have been. Something has attracted a great evil to his jurisdiction, and that evil is focused on the woman he loves and those close to her. He might be her mate, but the cause for which she fights demands all her passion and her loyalty.

Then what are these growing feelings she has for him, and why does she care so much how her illegal activities will affect his career? As the threat to the galaxy grows, Alerik and Maegan struggle to reconcile their beliefs to defeat a common enemy. More Books by J. Graphic Novels Comic Strips. My Wishlist. Know about stores. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the US to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Japan to your country.

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