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This book is that voice.

Your Sense of Entitlement

I loved it. Their advice is highly, highly recommended. Writing is something you did when you were a kid. Or it was one of your best subjects at school. This book is designed to help you to take that whisper, that need, that desire to write, and turn it into something practical. This is not a book about the craft of writing. There are lots and lots of courses and books out there to teach you the skills you need as a writer.

Courses about structure, and sentences. Books about hooks and climaxes, plotting and pacing. Workshops on the art of copywriting and on how to get more clients.

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We recommend you sign up to those workshops and read those books — as many as you can find — and do those courses. Learn everything you can about the craft of writing. Where to find ideas, and what to do with them. How to get a book written. How to build a writing business. How to transition into a writing career. And more. Regular listeners of our top-rating So you want to be a writer podcast will know us well. She has a publishing career stretching over plus years that includes roles as a writer, journalist and editor.

Valerie is author of the book Power Stories: The 8 Stories You Must Tell to Build an Epic Business — as well as countless magazine and newspaper articles — and has a no-nonsense approach to the business of writing. Her Word of the Week segment on the podcast is a highlight for Val — but not so much for Al….

Allison Tait is the internationally published, bestselling author of two epic, middle-grade adventure series: The Mapmaker Chronicles and the Ateban Cipher. You never know if what you had to go through was exactly what you needed in order to have the determination to succeed. After reading this I do feel more determined then before. Watching my own growth in the past year I should think more of my self and my abilities.

Reading this article has reassured me. Oh yes. Your article is so spot-on. I have, still are and am sure will continue to experience all that you have written in my passion for writing. I love to write in a niche that I hope can help to motivate others for self-improvement to live a life they love.

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  6. However, doubt, fear and perfectionism always makes the journey a little tougher but just like you said, go ahead anyway! The things you learn when you overcome your obstacles will only allow you to help more people. I really hoped my answers would turn out differently; I really need a vacation. Not really. Great article. I love number 8! Thank you, Henri. This describes me well…. I make excuses NOT to write. Too tired to enjoy this thing in life that had been so fun.

    At the end of my to-do-list it becomes another chore. But, to be more fully who I am I need to embrace the fact that I am also a writer. I need to make it one of the things I give priority, and make more excuses TO write. Thank you for this encouragement. If you want to write, you need to prioritize it. Thank you for that great post, Henri. Somehow I found it right at the perfect time.

    And your blog, by the way I have been stuck for weeks, trying to get the courage to just begin writing, and going public with my ideas. But all I have been doing is procrastinating and pretending to look for inspiration. After reading your post, I know I have it inside me. In sign 8 you talk about the string that is attached to my heart that is pulling me to greatness… I can not resist anymore. I must trust the process. I must begin. And you will keep changing. It is a calling to be a writer. No question of it. I write, I have always written, I will always write. No-one who is not a writer will ever understand this need.

    And no-one can ever take it away from me. End of.

    So You Want to be a Writer? Lesson #1 – You’re Full of Crap

    Thanks for the post and thanks Mary for another great guest post! I now have a series of essays out in proposal stage and started a blog last Friday. The thing is that if you feel inspired to write, there will always be someone out there yearning for what you have to say. Henri, what a great list!

    You know what, it made me cry?! Those days I get inspiration for topic ideas is a super-duper day. I write a crappy first draft and I edit later. There will always be excuses, doubts and fears in anything worthwhile, you just have to see them for what they are thoughts , and keep going. Well well well Henri! Powerful post, Henri. I am a writer, agreeing with every item in your post. Writing and reading are food for me. Where would we be without people like us who want to define, understand and dream about the story.

    Thanks for your post. Yes indeed. Thanks for this, Henri. Very encouraging — now I must stop and get on with some writing!!!! Writers truly are a different breed. And, inspiration is everywhere — you just need to open your eyes and your heart to it. Let it flow through you. That is so true, Henri. Unused inspiration is like a seed that dies.

    You need to plant it, water it and nurture it. Grow it up and write. One more element should be added. Never give up. How many publishers rejected the first J. Rowling or Ayn Rand breakthrough? A dozen or so. For Jack Canfield, it was or so. Seven months ago I committed to begin my writing career, and even though I was scared out of my mind of whether I would succeed, nothing but good fortune has come my way since.

    Thank you for sharing this. Keep on going, Cindy! Henri, Thanks for the encouragement—just what I needed to hear this morning. I may not be the best, no one may read a word I write, but I am suited to this craft. My primary goal in my blog is to be an encourager, a positive force in this often dark and confusing world. Thanks again for being an encourager too! If you even feel a hint of wanting to write, you should write. Doubt, excuses, and lacking. Those three really hit home. Awesome post. You made me remember who I am. I can identify to 6 most specially. I admire the masters.

    Those artists who have helped me become who I am today; those who have showed me the way to a meaningful life. Thanks Henri…. The 9th sign: When colleagues, faced with having to write something, seek you out to ask for your help. I really like 5, — always try my best to only put out the very best that I have but I aslo know that I have to release my knowlege and Ideas to the world and see what comes back.

    That is the only way I am going to get real feedback on what I am trying to do. So true. You can only do your best and put it out there, and then see what happens. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Be Inspired. Related Posts. About the author.

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