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For every drug dealer arrested on the corner or every Taliban fighter killed in Afghanistan, 20 more will step up to take their place unless the root causes of the problems are addressed, the Wiremakers tell us.

It all comes down to 'The Wire' in terror case - The Globe and Mail

As much as the show is a call for the authorities to revolutionise their approach to tackling the drug trade, it is also a plea for a radical rethink of American foreign policy. The theme of season three is reform, and a clear line is drawn between band-aid attempts to make it look like something is being done about the problem for example demolishing the housing projects and radical policies that might actually make a difference such as Hamsterdam. Although it isn't spelled out, we are left in no doubt that replacing one US-made leader in Iraq Saddam Hussein with another at present Nouri al-Maliki , is not a viable solution to the problem of international terrorism.

Avon: Fuck Marlo. And fuck this fucking war. All this beefing over a couple of fucking corners. Slim Charles: It don't matter who did what to whom. Fact is, we went to war and now there ain't no going back If it's a lie, then we fight on the lie. But we gotta fight. More evidence that reform - reassigning personnel, renaming departments, reallocating budgets - can often do more harm than good.

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This episode is the first written by Richard Price, and kicks of with a demonstration of the two Americas — a favoured Simon thesis. A muscle guarding the Barksdale stash, soon to be taken out by Omar, describes how some "white motherfucker and his wife" came looking for the "po' house", which he took to mean one lived in by poor people until it turned out they were more interested in Edgar Allen Poe.

There's also a lot of stereotypical "masculinity" on display and not just Cedric's chest. When his much-loved dog loses a fight, Cheese's male pride leaves him no option but to shoot it.

The Terror of Barbed Wire in the First World War

When it turns out the dog was set up, he starts killing people. Carver eventually persuades Herc to name a man he would sleep with to get the Olsen twins, which is of course then used against him; McNulty and Bunk's slimy tactics for picking up women are exposed; and Carcetti engages in a power play with Burrell before they can establish relations. The lack of balance in our characters' lives is highlighted when Kima struggles to connect with Cheryl and the new baby.

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We meet a new character, the Deacon, a churchman who is Bunny Colvin's confidante and Cutty's helper. In true Wire style, the Deacon is played by Melvin Williams, a former drug lord who was arrested in by former Baltimore police officer turned Wire writer Ed Burns in a case reported on by former journalist David Simon. There are some great scenes - worlds colliding at the cinema; Rhonda taking the initiative with Cedric; McNulty and Bunk's faces when the "dawg" penny drops - although the pace remains muted.

FBI informant listed as owner of limousine in deadly New York crash

Unfortunately catching the culprits is rare, as booby trap artists are usually smart enough to not hit the same spot twice. A year-old Canadian woman was caught on camera after repeatedly dragging obstacles onto north shore trails. In Oregon, a psychiatrist was charged with fourth-degree assault and two counts of reckless endangerment after creating blockades, laying nails, and stringing rope across trails.

Two men in Utah were arrested via Facebook tips after setting some truly barbaric traps near Provo, Utah. A couple of others have been caught on camera but incidents far outnumber arrests.

Cologne hostage-taker was 'slated for deportation'

What did most of these people have in common? They just wanted bikers to slow down.

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  • While most of us mountain bikers are courteous and respectful of other trail users, it only takes one reckless rider or a giant shred crew to give us all a bad name. So how can we all play nice together?

    Old electrified fence with barbed wire. Terror jail concept, bar.

    Second, slow down a little. After work at 6 pm is not the time to go all out on a busy, multi-use trail. Save that stuff for one-way bike specific terrain. Third, as a general rule always yield to other users. Even if they jump out of the way before you, the effort alone goes a long way. If you do find booby traps, document it, remove it if you can do so safely and spread the word.

    Happy trails!