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First of all I have to say I am not some financial guru. Just a few years ago my finances were a mess. My finances were a mess. Like a minor fix on the car. Sound familiar? Credit card number one, credit card number two, overdraft, loan number one, loan number two…. Before I knew it, I had too much month at the end of the money, and my only source of income at the time was a new fledgling startup that just received an angel investment. We were barely making any income because the product from the new company was yet supposed to be fully developed, and it was a race against time.

I resolved to what was my final loan to save the company. I was on my own, and I started with myself. I decided to first take care of my own finances before figuring out my business. So I read a few books, watched a few seminars, and more importantly I took action. I started tracking my personal finances. I created a budget for me and my fiance. Together we made a firm decision to stick by it.

That was our number one rule. Then we started eliminating our debt, and after we were done with that, we started saving some money. We learned that you also need to financially reward yourself and the ones closest to you, so that the struggle makes sense. When you do it like that, your rewards are thought out, and you make the decision based on your real wants and needs.

Nothing wrong in needing financial help, you are definitely in the majority on this fine planet. Somehow we find a way to mess it all up. I remember one of my investors telling me a story about his friend. Why in the world would you do that? By the time we got on Dave's plan, we were ready to work with gazelle intensity to get rid of our debt!

The Top Personal Finance Books to Get a Handle on Your Money

That really encouraged us and kept us going! Now we are debt-free and helping our daughter through her first year of college. We are also saving for retirement at a good rate and building a new house.

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We enjoy earning interest now, rather than paying it. We couldn't have done it without Dave. We pay cash for everything, and we tell our money where to go. We can't even tell you the peace and freedom this has brought our entire family!

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The first months were the most painful as we went from credit to cash. But it's so nice not to be paying for today and yesterday anymore! By following Dave's Total Money Makeover plan, you will gain peace of mind as you get control of your money. Just remember to stay focused. The key to our success was both of us getting on the same page at the same time. We now work together to plan our spending rather than racing to outspend each other. We are each other's source of strength during weak moments when spending sounds fun again.

It's time to start managing your money better

We have learned to have FUN talking about money and financial goals. It's no longer a contentious subject. Our advice: Honestly assess your earning capacity and live below your means. Be in control of your own destiny and your own happiness! My promise to you is this: if you will follow the guidelines of this proven system of sacrifice and discipline, you can be debt-free, begin saving, and give as you've never given before.

You will build wealth. I will also promise you that it is totally up to you. The Total Money Makeover isn't a magic formula to wealth.

Lesson 1: Save $1,000 in an emergency fund.

This system will not work unless you do, and then only to the degree of your intensity in implementing it. In the following pages, you will meet many individuals and families who have won many money victories, but not one of them won until they won the battle with the guy in the mirror. Your situation isn't your spouse's fault well, maybe, but we'll talk later , it isn't your parents' fault, it isn't your children's fault, and it isn't your friends' fault.

But guess what? That means that if you're the one who got you into this mess, you're the one who can get you out. No law, regulation, or mandate will fix you. No politician's promises or government handout will fix you. No dream job or sky-high salary will fix you. Some of those things may help, but none of them will do a thing unless you take charge of your own life.

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This is your life, your call, your future. This is percent your decision. If you're ready to move, then let's get going. Right now. I'll lead the way. But I won't push you across the starting line, and I can't drag you across the finish line. This whole journey from start to finish is up to you. My financial life began turning around when I took responsibility for it. People all across America have used these steps to become free, regain a sense of confidence and control, and build a future for their families.

The 10 Best Personal Finance Books to Change Your Life

Please join me on a journey away from the young man I was, the one I described earlier who was racked with worry, fear, and guilt over money. Take this journey with me to your own Total Money Makeover, but remember, the first part of the quest is confronting the man in the mirror. That man in the mirror is your Total Money Makeover Challenge. Several years ago I realized I had let my body dissolve into flab. I had worked so hard for so many years that I had abandoned the care of my physical condition.

The first step to getting into shape was to realize I needed to change my ways, but the second and equally important step was to identify the obstacles to getting there. What would stop me from getting into shape? Once I understood those obstacles, I began a process to lose weight, grow muscle, and become fitter. Your Total Money Makeover is the same. You need to realize there's a problem, but you must also see what could hinder your move toward financial fitness. Look in the mirror. Take a long look. What do you see? Suck in that gut; hold up your chest, and really look at yourself.

It doesn't matter how many angles or poses you take; the mirror is cruel. Focused intensity, life-or-death intensity, is required for you to reset your money-spending patterns, and one of your biggest obstacles is DENIAL. The sad thing is that you can be financially mediocre in this country, financially flabby, and still be average. And if the truth be known, being average, normal, and financially flabby is pretty much okay by most folks' standards. This, however, is not a book for the wimpy among us. This is a book about winning, about really having something.

We started out our marriage with absolutely no debt. We lived on a single income, the cars were paid for, and we even had a small amount of savings. However, we eventually made the misguided decision to move into a much larger house that stretched us financially. After a few years, I changed jobs and we increased our annual income—giving us the illusion that we could increase our standard of living. That is when the debt really started accumulating.

We financed two NEW cars to replace our old ones. We started buying everything on credit. We even got a home equity loan. Before we realized it, we were buried in debt!

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  7. Ramsey III. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. This book is specifically designed for millennials to deal with problems when managing finances. Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill. However, the greed is not just any ordinary greed, but greed that is balanced with the willingness to share the wealth that is owned. That is the conclusion obtained by Napoleon Hill who compiled this book after previously interviewing world millionaires and philanthropic personas.

    Those are the 10 must-read books to increase financial literacy. Of those 10 books, which one have you read? Categories: Financial literacy books, financial freedom, financial tips, finance, books, reading.

    The Total Money Makeover By Dave Ramsey in Hindi - How To Save Money - How to Become Rich -Debt Free

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