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Now, when choosing personal pronoun pairs—in this case, him and I or him and me ——the next thing to keep in mind is that both pronouns must be of the same type ; that is, either both must be nominative or both must be objective. Therefore, you can never use him and I together as either a compound subject or object because him is objective and I is nominative. It must be either him and me or he and I. The next step is to find out how you determine whether you need either him and me or he and I in any particular sentence. Find the verb in the sentence.

Buber, Martin | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The verb is cheated. The verb is was justified. We must, then, be in need of objectives here, and if we examine the sentence further, we see that we do, indeed, need an object of the preposition to the teacher was justified in giving detention to whom or to what?

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We know that him and me are objective pronouns, so the correct sentence is The teacher was justified in giving detention to him and me. Everything Language and Grammar. Skip to content. Posted on November 9, by languageandgrammar. Share this: Email Facebook Twitter.

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    E.g. vs. I.e.–What’s the Difference?

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