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The inseminating power of words replaces that of the gaze as Tasso privileges and eroticizes the Logos. As Norman O. Brown notes, speech was "resexualized" 26 Juliana Schiesari as a means of "overcoming the consequences of the fall. The tongue was the first unruly member. Displacement is first from above downwards; the penis is a symbolic tongue, and disturbances of ejaculation a kind of genital stuttering" Allen Mandelbaum. Bai, Micke, ed. Special Issue of Poetics Basile, Bruno.

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Marilyn MigicI and Juliana Schicsari. Tasso, Torquato. Gerusalemme Conquistata. Luigi Bonfigli. Bari: Laterza, iy Gerusalemme Liberata. Predi Chiapcili. Milano: Rusconi, In Prose. Ettore Mazzali. Milano and Napoli: Riccardo Ricciardi, Angelo Solerti. Bologna: Romagnoli-Dall' Acqua, Wittkowcr, Rudolf and Margot. New York: Random House, Massimo Verdicchio Svevo and the Ironie Conseienee of the Novel "si vedono meno bene le cose quando si spalancano troppo gli occhi" Beryl De Zoete's English translation of Svevo's third novel La Coscienza di Zeno as The Confessions of Zeno, is symptomatic of a major misunder- standing in what this novel is supposedly about.

Whereas the original title places the stress of "coscienza" conscience, awareness the English transla- tion privileges the confessional and diary-like form of the novel. In one sense De Zoete is correct because the two meanings can be said to converge in that Zeno's "coscienza" is confessed in the diary which is the novel.

This conver- gence, however, is only apparent because the privileging of the confessional aspect of the novel not only underplays the awareness but also displaces it. De Zoete' emphasis on confession presupposes already a psychoanalytical read- ing of the novel or, simply, that the psychoanalytical is the dominant theme of the novel. Zeno's remark, "Ricordo tutto, ma non intendo niente" "I remember everything, but I don't understand anything," , is apropos. It can easily be read as a statement that cries out for an analyst to interpret and understand.

Doctor S. As every reader of the novel knows, the text often functions independently and despite Zeno Cosini 's received ideas of the world around him. When Zeno's actions are prompted by his desire to be and do what is naturally beyond the range of his possibilities, things always turn out to be the opposite of what he thinks to be the case.

In this ironic framework, Zeno is always the first victim of his pronouncements. His "coscienza" is always the result of an ironic predicament. The knowledge, in other words, that what we call "reality" is always different from what it initially appeared us to be. Within this context, the statement "Ricordo tutto, ma non intendo niente" instead of signifying the condition of a divided self, could be taken as a statement on the precariousness of self-understanding that puts even psychoanalytical understanding into question.

The philosopher, as some critics have suggested, is Zeno of Elea who set out, paradoxically, to demonstrate the impossibility of motion. In one of his most famous proofs, he claimed that Achilles, the fastest runner of the Greek world, could not win a race against a tortoise. He argued that by the time Achilles caught up with the tortoise at a point A, the tortoise will have reached a point B.

When Achilles covers the distance AB, the tortoise will have reached a point C, and so on to infinity. If we put aside for a moment the philosophical reasons behind Zeno of Elea's example, namely that it was meant to prove Parmenides' concept of plurality, the importance of the paradox for us is in the way it undermines our common expectations which dictate that anyone, and not just Achilles, is faster than a tortoise. Zeno of Elea chooses on purpose the fastest man and the slowest animal to demonstrate, instead, that our sense of perception is not to be trusted.

Svevo, I would like to suggest, names his protagonist "Zeno" for similar reasons and in order to draw the reader's attention to a mode of representation which is patterned on the philosopher's method of proof. An indirect allusion to this method is made in an episode which explicitly parodies the Eleatic paradox. Tullio s'era rimesso a parlare della sua malattia ch'era anche la sua principale di- strazione. Aveva studiato l'anatomia della gamba e del piede.

Trasecolai e subito corsi col pensiero alle mie gambe a cercarvi la macchina mostruosa. Io credo di averla trovata. Il camminare era per me divenuto un lavoro pesante, e anche lievemente doloroso. A quel groviglio di congegni pareva mancasse ormai l'olio e che, muovendosi, si ledessero a vicenda. He had studied the anatomy of the leg and foot.

He told me with amusement that when one is walking rapidly each step takes no more than half a second, and in that half second no fewer than fifty-four muscles are set in motion. I listened in bewilderment. I at once directed my attention to my legs and tried to discover the infernal machine.

I thought 1 had succeeded in finding it. I could not of course distinguish all its fifty-four parts, but I discovered something terribly complicated which seemed to lose its order as soon as I began paying attention to it. I limped as I left the cafe and for several days afterwards. Walking had become a burden to me and even caused me a certain amount of pain. I felt as if that ma. A few days later I was struck by a greater calamity, which I will relate later, and which diminished the first one. But even today, if anyone watches me walking, the fifty-four movements get tied up in a knot, and I feel like falling.

Zeno in becoming aware of what lies behind the appearances of things disrupts their apparent order and reveals the hidden "macchina mostruosa," namely a knowledge, that differs from our common, complacent way of looking at the world and that is no longer reassuring. Just as Zeno limps, or is about to fall, as the result of his "attenzione," this knowledge of what actually lies behind the apparent order and logic of things makes it increasingly difficult forever after to live comfortably in the world.

We shall return to the more pessimistic implications of Svevo's "coscienza" that shape the ending of the novel, for the moment we would like to identify this paradoxical approach with the ironic conscience of the novel which subverts in its wake man's mystified relation to the world.

In the chapter "II Fumo" "Smoking" , Zeno's futile efforts to quit smok- ing are a parody of man's desire for change and self-improvement that are destined to come to nought. With his resolve to stop smoking, Zeno hopes to become the strong and ideal man he has always wanted to be. Of course, the point of the chapter is to ex- pose the deluded notion that such a change can occur and that the weak-willed Zeno can emerge a new man. Svevo parodies the traditional autobiographical novel, whose central theme is the self and its transformations, by reversing the relationship between the unique, meaningful event in the life of the self and the date that records it.

In the novel it is the date that suggest the possibility of change. Svevu ami ihc Ironic Conscience of the Novel 31 [I remember a date from the last century which seemed to mark forever the end of my vice: "Ninth day of the ninth month of The new century provided mc with other dates equally musical. In so doing Svevo draws attention to the date as a literary device as well as to the fiction of "una nuova vita" "a new life" , an indirect allusion to that model of all fictional autobiographies, Dante's Vita Nuova.

La coscienza di Zeno, how- ever, is a parody of the genre, an anti-autobiographical novel, not because the others are fictional and Svevo's novel is not. What is put into question by the parody is the fiction of a self caught in the illusion of temporality that makes the self believe in the possibility of change, that it can be other than it is. When this deluded view is overcome in the old Zeno who writes the diary for the confessions, the acceptance of his smoking habit corresponds to the acceptance that time does not change but always repeats itself.

Da me, solo da me, ritoma" "And anyway time for me is not that unimaginable thing that never stops. It always comes back to me, only to me," In Eleatic fashion, for the "cured" Zeno time is motionless. Just as Achilles will never triumph over the tortoise, Zeno will never be the man he aspires to be. He is condemned to always be the weakling he knows himself to be.

Ironi- cally, however, it is this knowledge that for Svevo defines true health which he understands, paradoxically, as the awareness of being sick. Health, in other words, is achieved through an awareness of the mystifications to which the self is subject in time. Health is the result of an attention, an ironic conscience, that undermines the self's mystifications by arresting once and for all, in eleatic fashion, the temporal- ity that made it possible. We shall return later to what he believes to be the remedy for man for all time.

In the chapters that follow, "La storia del mio matrimonio" "The story of my marriage" , "La Moglie e l'Amante" "Wife and Mistress" and "Storia di un'associazione commerciale" "A Business Partnership" , Zeno's 'attention' is directed at subverting examples of "health" and "strength" that he identifies with those around him: his own father, the father-in-law Malfenti, Ada and Guido.

In typical ironic fashion Zeno's first impression of these characters couldn't be further from the truth. The old Malfenti, whom Zeno believes to be a paragon of health, dies soon after. Augusta, the ugly sister that Zeno discards as a possible mate, turns out to be the one he marries and the best catch. The beautiful Ada that Zeno pursues hopelessly later becomes sickly 32 Massimo Verdicchio and ugly when she contracts the "morbo di Basedow" "Basedow's disease".

Guido, the paragon of strength and health in the novel, the strong and ideal man that Ada prefers to Zeno, turns out to be an unfaithful husband, inept in business and a despicable weakling who has to resort to feigning suicide to force his wife to help him financially. He dies foolishly when his pretended suicide is not discovered in time. Zeno' s "fortune" undergoes similar changes. From being thought crazy and irresponsible he becomes respected and appreciated. From being com- pletely inept at conducting business affairs he pulls off a crucial business deal on the stock market making a large profit.

Ada who at first dislikes him and rejects him later loves him. Appearances, in other words, always prove to be deceptive and the fortune of the characters change radically to disprove Zeno' s first impressions. As Zeno says of himself, he is "un buon osservatore ma un buon osservatore alquanto cieco" "a good observer but somewhat blind," The wheel of fortune, however, is never stable and if Zeno is now appreciated by his family for reasons not his own he is just as quickly put down for no reason. Ada eventually rejects Zeno accusing him unjustly of having hated Guido and of having made his death seem futile with his winnings on the stock market.

Ada's false accusations have also a deeper meaning. They represent a moment in the novel which is irreversible and fixed. Soon after Ada leaves to join Guido's family in Buenos Aires never to return again, her departure from the novel deprives Zeno of the opportunity to justify his conduct and to prove her his innocence. As far as the relationship with Ada is concerned, time has once again stopped, freezing in time a false image of Zeno that he will never be able to erase.

In Ada's eyes Zeno has lost his innocence forever. The episode reiterates another, the death of Zeno's father, when Zeno is faced with a similar, irreversible experience. Zeno, following the doctor's advice makes sure that his sick, but restless father remains in bed but the father dies believing or so Zeno thinks that the son wants to keep him prisoner in bed.

As in Ada's case similar examples are Ada's father's death and Guido's death , Zeno's father's death marks a fixed moment in time when change comes to a halt and Zeno is left in a predicament that he can no longer alter. The death or departure of these characters prevent Zeno from proving to them that he is not what they think he is thus making it impossible for him to prove his innocence. Their "disappearance" condemns Zeno to "illness," that is, to endure a false image of himself forever.

This situation provides us with another version of the Eleatic paradox which, if it may seem absurd in the case of Achilles and the tortoise, in the case of Zeno Cosini, or of any man for that matter, is a simple fact of life. The brunt of Svevo's critique, and of Zeno's irony, however, is directed at psychoanalysis and at the promise of health that Freud's theories seem to guarantee. The insistence of some critics to read the novel from the point of view of psychoanalysis and to ignore the critique that Svevo gives of this discipline as only the quirk of a deluded neurotic goes only to emphasize how strong the desire of health is in everyone of us.

Nor can the apparent critique of psychoanalysis be attributed to Zeno's "antipatia" "dislike" for his ana- lyst. In Svevo's critique it is psychoanalysis's inability to discriminate between truth and lie which is in question. Svevo characterizes Doctor S. This is not to say that for Svevo man is a liar, but that very often, when words fail him, he says the first thing that comes to mind.

Man speaks of one thing rather than another not because it may be important but because he easily forgets and says only the things for which he can find the words. Dio mio! Con ogni nostra parola toscana noi mentiamo! Se egli sapesse come raccontiamo con predilezione tutte le cose per le quali abbiamo pronta la frase e come evitiamo quelle che ci obbligherebbero di ricorrere al vocabolario!

Si capisce come la nostra vita avrebbe tutt'altro aspetto se fosse detta nel nostro dialetto. My God! He has only studied medicine, and so he has no idea what it means for us who talk and write in dialect to write in Italian. We lie with every word we speak in the Tuscan tongue! If he only knew how we like to talk about things for which we have ready the words, and how we avoid subjects which would oblige us to look up words in the dictionary!

That is how we choose from our lives episodes of note. Naturally our life would take on quite a different aspect if it were told in our dialect. The opposi- tion emphasizes a difference between a universal language of communication common to everyone and a personal, original language, that alone is capable of expressing clearly and distinctly all of one's thoughts and feelings.

The 34 Massimo Verdicchio latter, however, is a language not available to man. If Doctor S. For the psychoana- lyst, instead, Zeno's lies are facts that he believes reveal the truth of Zeno's past. Diceva 'Abbiamo avuto questo, abbiamo avuto quello' " "The doctor noted everything.

He would say 'We have had this, we have had that,' " In Svevo's version of psychoanalysis, the Oedipus complex is the problem that once recognized will provide the cure. He is unaware, however, that Zeno is lying and making up stories just to please him. The infant Oedipus was just like that: he sucked his mother's left foot leaving the right one to the father," , or, "per far piacere al dottor S.

I invented new details of my childhood in conformity with Sophocles' diagnosis," When Zeno lacks good dreams that can satisfy Doctor S. Of course to Doctor S. To them everything counts. Zeno may think he has invented that he sucked his mother's left foot but as Doctor S. Psychoanalysis and Doctor S.

Non era altra che quella diagnosticata a suo tempo dal defunto Sofocle sul povero Edipo : avevo amata mia madre e avrei voluto ammazzare mio padre. The Svcvo limi lin- Ironie Conscience of the Novel 35 diagnosis was exactly the same that dead Sophocles made on poor Oedipus : I had loved my mother and wanted to kill by father. In one of the novels key allegories, the episode of the fly, Svevo points to two basic errors in man's quest for health.

The fly in question was bothering Zeno who in blowing it away damages one of its legs. Con le due zampine posteriori si lisciava assidua- mente le ali. It was industriously cleaning its wings with its two hind legs. It tried to move, but fell over on its back. Then it picked itself up again and returned obstinately to its task. Erano errori che si possono facilmente scusare in un insetto che non vive che la vita di una sola stagione, e non ha tempo di far dell'esperienza. First of all, in cleaning its wings so persistently the insect showed that it did not know which was the wounded limb.

Secondly, its persistent efforts showed that it assumed health to be the right of every- one, and that though we have lost it we shall certainly find it again. These errors are quite excusable in an insect which only lives for one season and has no time to learn from experience. The insect's two errors are that although it feels pain he ignores the origin of that pain and, second, that it regards health as something it is his by right. These are man's two major delusions.

Man deludes himself when he thinks that he knows the origin of his illness and he can cure it and when he presumes that he has a right to health. Psychoanalysis is one way that these errors are perpetuated. In the case of the animal health is regained through the animal's innate ability to adapt to the demands of nature. Health can only belong to the animal, whose sole idea of progress is that of his own body. When the swallow realized that emigration was the only possible life for her, she enlarged the muscles which worked her wings, and which became by degrees the most important part of her body.

The mole went underground, and its whole body adapted itself to the task. The horse grew bigger and changed the shape of his foot. We know nothing about the development of certain animals, but it must have existed, and can never have injured their health. It tries to survive any way it can. The same cannot be said for man. Unlike the animal, man has not learned to adjust, on the contrary, he has tried to substitute himself to Nature forcing it to adjust to his ways. At first the "ordigni," as with the animal, were extensions of man himself, necessary to his survival.

Later, however, they become instruments for the dissemination of destruction and of illness. Nowadays, however, the tool bears no longer any relation to the arm.

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It is the tool that creates the disease by abandoning the law by which everything was created on earth. Survival for man is in terms of the greatest number of "ordigni" — instruments of destruction — he possesses Svi'vo ami ihf Inmtv Conscience of he Navel 37 whereby he survives by destroying others. Altro che psico-analisi ci vorrebbe: sotto la legge dei possessore del maggior numero di ordigni prospereranno malattie e ammalati" "The law of the strongest disappeared, and the healthy natural selection was lost. We need something more than psychoanalysis to help us.

Under the law of the greatest accumulation of tools, disease will prosper and the diseased will grow ever more numerous," , italics mine. Man's illness cannot be cured by psychoanalysis or by any other cure. The only cure, the only possible return to health, in Svevo's pessimistic and apocalyptic vision, is a world-wide catastrophe that would put an end to the human race. Only with the destruction of the planet earth as we know it, illness will finally disappear because for Svevo that illness is man. The final explosion that will wipe man from the face of the earth is the final irony.

The tool that man developed initially in order to survive, and later becomes an instrument of domination and destruction, finally turns against him and destroys him altogether. The "health" that man seeks will be achieved only with the end of man. At that moment, time too will finally come to a halt and cease to exist.

A Late Divorce

In the explosive finale of the novel, Svevo's supreme, absolute irony puts an end to time and to all of man's illusions at one stroke. Zeno's "coscienza," in Eleatic fashion, disrupts our ordinary perception of the world and reveals it in all it nakedness. His language is not the language of communication but of disfiguration.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — A Late Divorce by A. A Late Divorce by A. The father of three grown children comes back to Israel to get a divorce from his wife of many years; another woman, newly pregnant, awaits him in America.

Narrated in turn by each family member—husband and wife, sons and daughter, young grandson—the drama builds to a crescendo at the traditional family gathering on Passover eve. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about A Late Divorce , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Preferisco quando non ci sia mai una parola di troppo.

E poi, alla fine, comunque sempre la sensazione che in quel paese ci sia un nodo gordiano che duri da troppo tempo ma che nessuno, in fondo, voglia prendersi la briga di tagliare finalmente. View all 5 comments. Intorno a loro i figli, i nipoti, i coniugi dei figli. Come durante una jam session, ogni personaggio, uno al giorno, si alza e inizia il suo assolo, prendendo la parola. La Pasqua ebraica, a differenza di quella cristiana, ricorda e rappresenta il viaggio di ritorno degli ebrei nella terra promessa e ha il significato di "passaggio".

E nel romanzo ogni personaggio racconta la sua esperienza e la sua preparazione al "proprio" passaggio. E nella stessa famiglia ci sono tanti drammi apparentemente senza soluzione, come quelli di Israele, terra in eterno conflitto. Non "leggiamo" di una donna, "siamo" una donna che parla e soffre. Non abbiamo riferimenti durante la lettura, solo la visione dei vari protagonisti che svelano lentamente.

Come ne L'amante, i vari strumentisti suonano la propria parte complessa, ricca, a tratti delirante senza ascoltare gli altri. Solo dopo che tutti gli strumentisti hanno suonato capiamo il disegno d'insieme e riusciamo a comprendere il tema portante. View all 3 comments. Forse per rendere vagamente l'idea di cosa sia un libro di Yehoshua - dopo aver letto L'amante posso iniziare a pensare che il suo sia proprio un modus operandi - bisogna partire dal titolo.

Un divorzio tardivo. Il responsabile delle risorse umane. Lui quei due sostantivi - amante e divorzio - li prende, li spezza come pane arabo e poi descrive non solo i due tozzi che gli sono rimasti in mano, ma anche ogni singola briciola caduta a terra. Ma si era ancora sul versante delle riflessioni personali ordinate.

Un divorzio tardivo ha un valore aggiunto: i pensieri dei personaggi sono totalmente liberi di scorrere senza che la punteggiatura ponga loro un giogo, ordinando e impacchettando. Il professore Assa pensa al suo futuro in terza persona, come se fosse un biografo alle prese con la vita di un uomo straordinario, ma ci riesce solo quando gli altri non sono nei paraggi. Gran parte degli altri personaggi non sono da meno in quanto a megalomania.

Impossibile non rivedersi in almeno uno dei personaggi, impossibile leggere senza arrivare a vergognarsi. Ritroverete questa tensione ovunque, e simboli e richiami in ogni personaggio, a partire dal cinico Israel Kedmi, con la sua lingua pronta a ferire familiari e arabi, con la sua mania di grandezza e la sua certezza di essere nel giusto, senza averne assolutamente le prove.


Yehoshua si conferma un autore capace, spietato, onesto. Un autore capace di parlare al plurale usando un ordinario singolare, capace di parlarti del divorzio di due personaggi per farti divorziare da te stesso. Pensavo che ci dovesse essere assolutamente un posto un punto immaginario a partire dal quale ti saresti scomposto. Nov 01, Shane rated it really liked it. This novel was my introduction to Yehoshua and I was intrigued and engaged by it, not so much for the story of family dysfunction but for the style and structure in which the author chooses to make his characters come alive.

As I progressed throu This novel was my introduction to Yehoshua and I was intrigued and engaged by it, not so much for the story of family dysfunction but for the style and structure in which the author chooses to make his characters come alive. As I progressed through the novel I got the impression that there was more than a mad she is schizophrenic wife here, that all these flawed characters were quite mad in their own ways, physically, emotionally, sexually and legally.

The varying degrees of freneticism, the sweating of the small stuff, the obsessions and the guilt are sharply drawn, and the nine different angles gives this story depth beyond what one expects. There is also a strong indictment of the one who not only deserts his spouse but also leaves the Promised Land. Yehuda, abandons his mentally ill wife and grown-up family in Israel and takes up with a much younger woman in America and is about to have a child with her, and his behaviour raises conflicted feelings among his adult children, grandchildren and children-in-law.

Only Naomi, the mad wife, withholds judgement and longs to be forgiven for letting the other voice in her head take over and wield the knife on that pivotal day that split the family apart. Yehuda himself is a self-pitying drama king, who is willing to bare his chest and reveal his wound to any stranger. The land of Israel also reveals itself to us as the family moves between Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, each city distinct in its topography and climate, coming across as an undefined land, a melting pot of many cultures, fears, and ideas, glued only by the Jewish tradition and the threat of attack from the outside world.

This is a strong character story and a good model to demonstrate writing style and versatility. Prima esperienza con Yehoshua, autore di cui ho sempre sentito parlare bene ma che non mi ero mai decisa a leggere. Esame sicuramente superato. Ognuno dei 9 giorni che Kaminka tras Prima esperienza con Yehoshua, autore di cui ho sempre sentito parlare bene ma che non mi ero mai decisa a leggere. Mar 29, Jim Fonseca rated it really liked it Shelves: israeli-authors. An older man returns from the USA to visit his three adult children, two sons and a daughter, and his wife, who is in a mental hospital after she tried to stab her husband.

He wants a divorce so he can marry his pregnant girlfriend back in New York. The action takes place the week of the Jewish Seder, over Passover, and the book is structured over nine days. Each day a different character reflects in one chap Set in Israel, this novel offers a lot of local color of Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Each day a different character reflects in one chapter. The sons, daughter, wife, son-in-law and daughter-in-law take over the story while the older man seems bewildered by everything.

One son is an academic, living in his conceptual world and about to lose his beautiful wife through neglect. The pragmatic daughter is married to an obnoxious clown and they have produced an overweight neurotic son. One son is gay and involved with a much older man and questionable financial dealings. At times the wife, housed in the mental hospital, seems the most stable of the whole crowd. Comportati come uno del posto. Budgeteurotrip tips. From there catch metro train to the centre. Single bus tickets are available in airport terminals for around HUF at the newspaper vendors, or can be purchased from the driver for HUF Another HUF ticket is needed to use the metro service.

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Per chi non puo fare a meno della pasta il Vapiano serve pasta fresca cucinata davanti al cliente, prezzi contenuti e buona qualita. Currency exchange? This page is in both english and italian version. General information about Poland. Summers are generally warm, winters are rather cold. Good prices available from this company with many polish destination and some international: Prague, Bratislava….

If you want an original polish experience than find a Milk bars bar mleczny , it attracts students and senior citizens, because of the low prices soup and the main course together may cost as little as Menu is only in polish, go easy and choose Pierogi. Even if you can afford more expensive meals, milk bars are interesting because they offer somewhat a view of recent past life in Poland. Drink polish vodka , here is where the original vodka was born. Open-air festivals during summertime:. Polish people are very proud of both their nation and former pope Karol Wojtyla. Showing a bit of knowledge of the local language, history and habits will dramatically increase the opportunity to make a good friend among locals.

You will fall in love with Krakow, a lively city, full of character, suitable for both a cultural visit and an active nightlife. It attracts many students and elderly citizens, because of the low prices soup and the main course together may cost as little as There are ticket discounts for women, school kids and students aged under More info can be found here.

Every saturday morning and wednesday noon there is a BIO market , only with local products, in Podgorze , not far from the centre. Walk around the Planty , the park that surrounds the entire Old Town, sunbath on the banks of the Vistula river. Visita il quartiere Kazimierz e la sua vivace vita notturna. Cheap lunch in very pleasent atmosphere? You can find one on the right side of Ul. Grodzka if you are going from Rynek Glowny. This is like going back to a recent past too, due to its basic furnishing. Menu is only in polish, a n English-Polish dictionary is recommended when ordering , there is no table service, but once you try it…you go back.

The currency exchange points Kantor in polish at the railway station usually operates at rip-off spreads. In the centre I have found a good office exchange in Ul. Slawkowska few meters far from the main square. Krakow sightseeing can be enjoyed by walking around and admire this beautiful city.

Before using the bikes you need to register in the system and pay some small initial fee. From airport Bus and Bus run to the city centre about once per hour ride takes around 40 minutes. This bus stop is meters from the railway station. Ticket from Balice Airport to the city center costs 3. If you need help or information, ask someone young, most young Polish people speak communicative English and are very helpful and happy to help. The best is called Zakaski i wodka, just in the main square of Kazimierz district.

Beds are big and comfortable; Mundo hostel. Get a train from the main railway station to Oswiecin polish name for the town Auschwitz. It takes 90 minutes to arrive and it costs only 9,5 zloty. From the Oswiecin station there are minibus or, even better, you can walk to the site.

Entrance is free after 3 p. Consigli di budgeteurotrip. Grodzka se si sta andando dalla piazza principale, Rynek Glowny. Se avete bisogno di aiuto o di informazioni, prova a chiedere a qualcuno giovane, i polacchi parlano inglese e sono molto disponibili e felici di aiutarvi. Essi forniscono quattro visite guidate gratuite a piedi. Consiste in una grande fetta di pane con con crema di funghi e formaggio. In a week over films are shown in around six cinemas 10 screens around the city and in an open air one next to Wawel castle.

International Festival of Independent Cinema. International film festival built around animations and short films. Street art. One month long photography exhibitions around the city. Typical summer open-air music fest. August — Unsound. World renowned experimental music and art event. October — Sacrum Profanum. Music fest with taking place in churches, museums and factories. September — Wianki St. Concerts and fireworks show next to Wawel castle. June — Christmas Market. Five nights one in each month from May to September : Night of Museums free museums , Night of Theaters free theaters , Night of Jazz free jazz concerts , Cracovia Sacra Night free concerts of church music and Night of Poetry free poetic evenings.

For any other practical information about Krakow, Poland and Warsaw, click here. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its biggest city. Warsaw city centre is the heart of the city. It has a dramatic history, as it was completely destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, the city managed to lift itself from the ashes. Today, almost every building in Warsaw dates to the postwar era. Warsawians managed to rebuild the old centre so fast that has been included in the Unesco heritages list.

The best way to discover this beautiful part of the city is to walk. There are nice view points, to the Vistula river. The Old town offers events, street artist performances, bars and caffee. Explore old district called Praga to get more shady but safe insight into old Warsaw. In night, there are lot of vibrating clubs on these streets. Moving in Poland is convenient. There are 3 possible ways, and all of them are affordable for budget travellers. Hitchhiking is very common in the country, polish, among europeans, are one of the best hitchhikes.

More info can be found on this page. I choose to use blablacar. It saved me some time, as the journey to my next destination was quiet long. From Krakow to Warsaw I paid 35 zloty, less than 10 Euro. Nightlife in Warsaw is intense and lively. In my personal experience I enjoyed more than in Krakow. Maybe because in Warsaw I have someone who showed me good places where to hang out. A beer is around 10zloty, good vodka has a similar price.

Sleeping at Tatamka hostel is a good and cheap option. The hostel offer an incredible free of charge laundry service, with a washing machine and drier machine available to all guests. For an extra 5zloty — a bit more than 1 Euro, you can have a rich breakfast in the morning. Rooms and bathroom are kept clean. A nice backyard garden is available for guests. They were originally created in the sixties to serve cheap meals based on milk products. After the fall of communism, most of them closed down but some survived and still bear the climate from the old days.

Almost everything inside looks, feels and smells like in the s. Most museums and galleries will stay open past midnight. They are connected by a good metro train system, run in the night hours too. Sopot is the most touristic city, among the tree, it has a beautiful wooden pier, longest in Europe. As many polish destinations can be reached hitchhiking , as well as using blablacar.

Good option is Polskibus from Warsaw, a 4 hours journey I paid around 10E — 50 zloty. The centre of Gdansk is very compact and almost everything is accessible on foot. Long Street and Long Market. The Hall of the Main City. Artus Court. Neptune Fountain. Impressive houses stand along the river bank. One of the largest Gothic churches in Europe and supposedly the largest brick church in the world. There is space for more than 20, people in the church. Olive Hostel. The hostel is very nice, brand new, with confortable and large beds, has a lovely garden, ideal for dining and drinking in the pleasant summer evenings, daylight remained until 10 pm, and family atmosphere.

Ideally located for a relax time, in Gdansk Oliwa neighborhood, reachable by suburban metro, from Gdansk main station within 15 minutes. The hostel is close to the seaside, at 20 minutes walking distance. A polish supermarket, Biedronka , with good prices, mainly with local products, is also very close to the hostel.

Restaurant, bars are available along the beautiful pedestrian and cicling path beside the beach. It goeas all the way from Gdansk to Gdynia. Where to eat cheap? The best milk bars serving hearty Polish meals at affordable prices are: Bar Neptun, at the middle of ul. Kmar Bar Mleczny, ul. Pomorska 84 a minute walk from the Oliwa SKM train stop.

A polish friend or knowledge of the local languagge is important if you want to eat there, as they do not speak english. It is an old time canteen style, do not expect table service and such. However is a nice experience! Hanging out? Try the pub Palupka. In the same street where this pub is located, there are other different bars and good people to socialize with. Summer is time for open-air music festivals. In Gdynia, July. Day trip? Go to Hel! I went there by train, it is perfect for a day trip. Visit the quiet beach where there is a focarium, stands for souvenirs, the marina, the port and the city centre, I liked the cosy houses, very typical in nordic architecture.

Do not miss the cathedral in Oliwa district, at short walking distance from the hostel, inside it has one of the biggest pipe organs in Poland and Europe.

Leggere Romanticamente e Fantasy: Anteprima: STARS. NOI STELLE CADENTI di Anna Todd

It is located in a nice quiet park. Poznan was the first capital of Poland and seen by many as the birthplace of the Polish nation. Poznan can be reached via airplane, rail and bus from many european cities. Hitchhiking is very popoular in Poland, there are good chances to get a ride, as well as using blablacar.

Good option is Polskibus it has good prices and connections among many polish destinations and some international: Prague, Bratislava…. If you want an hostel in very central location, brand new and clean, stay at Tey hostel. Wroclaw is one of the biggest polish city after Warsaw and Krakow , with a big student community, intense night-life and nice sightseeing to offer to tourists and travellers. Search for mleczny bar milk bar for a cheap and proper local tasty lunch some of them are: Bar Mewa, Bar Bazylia, Bar Mis , there are also nice canteen-style restaurants that offer buffet meals priced by weight one in fron t of the university entrance.

In a central location and for a comfortable night, stay at the friendly Friends hostel. John the Baptist. Best Film Festival in Poland. Ten days of films, concerts and exhibitions. End of July. Dialog Festival — International Theatre Festival. Known as Venice of the North because of its romantic charm and its lovely canals, because of its impressive architecture and more than 1, bridges. Travellers will find Amsterdam very interesting, good destination if you like culture and history, or serious partying and unordinary fun.

I f you avoid the red light district, Amsterdam is an excellent relaxed and charming destination. January and February are the coldest months, while July and August are the warmest months. However cycling in Amsterdam takes a significant amount of skill: the locals have been riding bikes from the moment they could walk and this informs their behavior… Amsterdam has one of the highest bicycle theft rates in the world. Dutch will get fully dressed in orange for Queensday 30th of april and for any national team football match or big sport event.

There are two stores, one has all the flavors you can think of and even make a flavor on demand, but you have to tell the owner 1 or 2 days in advance In winter he serves typical dutch food, like mashed potatoes with cabbage and sausage , the other is officially a bakery, but it mostly prepare famous whipped cream ice, lovely almond cookies and cakes.

A try is worth. The highest concentration of Surinamese restaurants can be found in the South, especially in the Albert Cuypstraat. Also check out bitterballen, a kind of fried meatball, and the kroketten the same, but shaped like a cylinder. Herring in Amsterdam is usually with served onions and pickles. A good try is the fish stand on the Koningsplein near the Flower Market. They make very good beers. The list of most famous clubs you can find here. A Nieuwendijk si possono trovare i migliori gelati di Amsterdam.

Prova anche il bitterballen, una sorta di polpetta fritta, e il kroketten lo stesso, ma ha forma di cilindro. Fanno birre molto buone. A Herengracht 90 troverete Arendsnest Proeflokaal, che serve una vasta collezione di birre olandesi. A trip takes 30 min and leads directly to the south-west of the centre of Amsterdam namely Museumplein and Leidseplein.

Travelling with these trains you might save a night in hostel. Also getting around the city and sightseeing by bicycle is a smart decision, due to the big number of bike rental offices you can find. However the best decision is to join the free walking tour , is the best way to discover the city, meet people, learn a bit of its history, monuments and most important habits and useful practical information. Avoid at all costs any steak house or fast food shop in the centre, they are tourist traps.

Damstraat Is a fairly busy road filled with small and cheap Chinese and Middle Eastern restaurants, a good place for budget travelers. If you wanna some take away, there are many shops with Vlaamse frites freshly made thick fries with many various sauces — most typically served with mayonaisse or peanut sauce, for about 2,50 eur along the main shopping streets. For food during the day, the Albert Heijn supermarkets usually have cheap ready-to-go meals on hand, from sandwiches and salads to microwavable single-serving meals. For budget meal, check out also the various Falafel and Shoarma restaurants around the Damstraat and Muntplein.

They usually include in the dish a large amount of salad. There are also many cheese shops along the most frequent shopping streets Kalverstraat, Flower market , so you can go there and try any kind of delicious Dutch cheese for free. A day in Amsterdam without spending a penny, cent, coin…. Worth a visit if only for its architecture. Additionally, there are several other festivals in Amsterdam, many of them free. Il viaggio dura 30 minuti e porta direttamente a sud-ovest del centro di Amsterdam vale a dire Museumplein e Leidseplein. Viaggiare con questi treni si risparmia una notte in ostello.

Inoltre, ci sono diversi altri festival ad Amsterdam, molti dei quali gratuiti. Events and festivals. You can buy one ticket that gives you entry to all participating gardens, and there is a special canal boat to take you from one location to another. Go to the open air theatre just by the fountain and let the entertainment do the work. From cabaret to drama to concerts to dance, there is something here for everyone and of all ages. Circus turns vintage, on an old-fashioned fairground with many different tents, the performers are each trying to attract their public, featuring spectacles of dance, theatre, magic, art, animation and music.

One of the biggest festivals in Amsterdam with parties, performances, workshops and a boat parade on the Prinsengracht on Saturday afternoon which is always well worth seeing. A free open-air classical music concert is held every year on a stage in the middle of the Prinsengracht canal. If you have a little boat, join the crowds and make sure to bring your rose wine or prosecco for full enjoyment.

All free. The atmosphere is rough, industrial, experimental. A lot of loud music, fire, smoke, noise and heavy machinery are usually elements of these performances. Do as the locals do and hire a bike to go from one place to the other. International documentary festival screening some documentary films and videos. Here other pictures:. Known for its precision engineering and high-tech products, it is admired by visitors for its charm and coziness. Germany will surprise you with its many regions and local diversity. Berlin is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife, its many cafes, clubs, and bars, street art, and numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest.

Although badly damaged in the final years of World War II and broken apart during the Cold War, Berlin has reconstructed itself greatly, especially with the reunification push after the fall of the Berlin Wall in Is an an exciting way to enjoy your time in Germany. Seeing Berlin by bicycle is a great way to have fun and sightseeing at same time. Berlin has no steep hills and offers many bicycle paths throughout the city. Many people like to meet their friends in a cocktail bar before clubbing.

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You can find them all over Berlin by street vendors. According to legend it was invented by Turkish immigrants in West Berlin during the s. One of the best is at Mustafa, nearby Curry Berlin is famous for its long and decadent after hours, going on until Monday evening. Basta essere educati e corretti per non avere problemi. Li potete trovare in tutta Berlino da venditori ambulanti. I Berlinesi amano bere cocktail. Molte persone amano incontrare i loro amici in un bar cocktail prima di andare in discoteca.

These Express trains run to and from central Berlin Mitte every half hour from 5am The trains are big and comfortable and run a far quicker service. Popular with backpackers so reservations are strongly recommended. There is no limit to transfers. Plenty of kebap, pizza and Indian fast food stores are everywhere around the city and offer good food at budget price.

Remember to not waste plastic bottles! Ci sono due treni RB7 o RB14 ogni ora. I treni sono grandi, confortevoli e veloci. Prova un currywurst al Curry 36, un kebab da Mustafa e un ottimo hamburger da Burgermeister. Ricordati di riciclare le bottiglie di plastica! Festivals and events in Berlin.

Il Fuckparade Hateparade era il nome delle prime edizioni ha iniziato come antiparade o manifestazione contro la Love Parade commercializzata. Events in Germany. Check this page for a list of events in Germany. Oktoberfest Beer fest, folk fest Munchen, Germany. Wacken Open Air — Wacken. Das Fest — Karlsruhe. Nature One Festival — Kastellaun.

For any other practical information, click here. Other german cities and destination:. Bremen — one of the most important cities in northern Germany, its old town is a slice of hanseatic history. Details of Dresdner Kulturpalast. Semperoper Theater. Christmas market in Dresden.

Allianz Arena Munich. Endless hiking and mountain biking. Passion Play village Oberammergau. Black Forest — a region with wide mountain peaks, panoramic views, it is a heaven for tourists and hikers. Harz — a low mountain range in the Central Uplands of Germany, famous for its historic silver mines and for the scenic towns of Quedlinburg, Goslar and Wernigerode. Old World Europe alive and well! General budget tips about Spain:. Try it! Be careful with tapas bar, they might show low prices but what you get is only a small portion.

Spanishs are great party animals and the spanish nightlife satisfies everyone. Start your long night by buying beer, alcool and soft drinks at the supermarket, then bring your bag and friends in an open space park, big square, river, seaside. There is where everyone starts the night. Clubs will be empty before 1am. April and June and between late September-November are the best periods to visit the city. My favorite hostel is Hola Hostel , in Eixample area, close to Sagrada familia, supermarkets, shops and bars.

Take an English-speaking tips-based Barcelona Free Tour with a local and knowledgeable guide. All can be seen from the outside for free. Rent a bike or join a Biketour and get to see the highlights of the city in a different way. Check the list of free events in Barcelona! Connect Club Discount Card offers significant discounts and special privileges for nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

The golden rule of smart traveller applies well in Barcelona; to save money and get better food, look for places off the beaten tourist track and seek out cafes and restaurants often called cerveceria where the locals go. A good idea is to avoid restaurants with touts outside; During the week, some smart restaurants offer lunch specials from 2PM to 4PM. Be aware that sometimes the menu is only in Spanish.

Buying food at the beautiful boqueria famous city market at Rambla will be a perfect mix of sightseeing and grocery shopping. In several supermarkets you can find a great selection of ready-to-eat dishes. Never keep your wallet, cash or important documents in trouser pockets or in bag pockets: a money belt is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent being robbed. As always, be alert in crowded places, such as public transport, train and bus stations, La Rambla and Raval.

More info about tourist scams. Mai tenere il portafoglio, denaro o documenti importanti nelle tasche dei pantaloni o in borsa con tasche, fare attenzione nei luoghi affollati, come i trasporti pubblici, treni e degli autobus, La Rambla e Raval. Act like a local. Explore some of the side streets for an authentic, cheaper and more locale experience of Barcelona. Walk in Born , a very popular area in Ciutat Vella and Gracia. Barcelona is known also for its famed football team. At the Barceloneta beach, the city beach not only you can get tanned, swimm and relax, there are several gym tools available for free to keep yu fit during your travel.

Festivals and events. Barcellona ospita una serie di feste annuali, molti dei quali sono unici per la Catalogna e offrono uno spaccato nella sua cultura. Day trips. Escursioni giornaliere. Montserrat — Visita del monastero situato in alta montagna per vedere la Madonna Nera o escursione alla vetta per una fantastica vista sui dintorni.

Madrid is the spanish capital and biggest city, it boasts some of the liveliest nightlife in Europe. Madrid has a very modernized and elaborate transportation network of buses and Metro the second biggest in Europe and 6th in the whole world. Enjoy a complete tour of the city with the free walking tour they organize pub crawls tour too. Sundays 3 p. Drink tap water , is considered the best spanish drinkable water. Medieval walled city and former capital of Spain, by bus is something like 1 hour journey. It was the original model for the Civitas Dei City of God , the ideal urban community.

This city has a lot of interesting places to visit like its university founded in which became famous as a centre of learning during the Renaissance.

Sevilla has the 3rd lar gest old centre in Europe where you will find many tapas bars, restaurants, souvenir shops etc. Sevilla Inn Backpackers has a wonderful location, very close to the cathedral. A chill-out terrace where you can enjoy sangria and paella organized by the hostel. What to eat? Easy answer: Tapas!!! For tight budget travellers my advise is to prepare your meals at the hostel.

There are several city markets in different areas of the city, where you can buy veggies, fruits, meat and fresh fish. Best way to discover the city, as usual, is the free walking tour , starting every day at Fancy a bit of relax? Stroll, sunbathe, drink a beer, read a book, seat at the canal bank. Fancy a bit of outdor activity? On the other side of the canal there is the Triana neighbourhood, a former gypsy area, where flamenco became famous and still now a days is played in many bars. On wednesday bar at calle huelva 27 and on Friday there are Couchsurfing meeting where you can find locals and travellers gathered to chat and drink a beer.

One of the best landmark in Sevilla is defenetly Plaza Espana, in a sunny day is a pearl of beauty. Carrera del Darro,a cobblestone street with a small river and old bridges. The district is also famous for its flamenco shows popular with tourists and the amazing views of the Alhambra. Granada Inn Backpackers is a very good hostel in the city centre. Helpfull staff, nice rooms and good prices are garanteed. Drink tap water, probably the best in spain, coming from the nearest mountains of Sierra Nevada.

This is a very nice place to spend any free time you have in the city on a sunny day. There are several city beaches, well organized and with many services bar restaurants, sport and outdoor activities, WC and first aid facilities. Valencia water is a very famous mixed alcholic drink, while orxata is a refreshing drink. Pension Universal is nearby Plaza de toros, clean and well kept, not for party people! NO paella that deserves this name contains sausage, ham or meat broth, for instance.

If you want to eat an authentic Paella, try it at the Malvarrosa beach area, when possible, make reservations or arrive early no later than 2PM , especially on Sunday, because these restaurants fill up quite quickly on the weekend. Paella is typically eaten at mid-day between PM , so many restaurants do not serve it at dinner. Be careful of those that do as this is not the custom here and the quality of the paella may be poor. The paella pan is of a size that almost all restaurants require a minimum of two servings for an order.

Restaurants that allow ordering one order are likely serving frozen paella. Since the city offers public bicycle rentals at over locations around the city and growing. This service is called Valenbisi. They are mostly of a satirical nature, the fallas take a whole year of planning and construction to complete.