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The Culprit

Now the 90s: the famous businessman Raul Gardini bought the palace in order to give it to his daughter. He also suicided, with a shot to the head, in Milan. Even Woody Allen in the was thinking about buying this house, but wisely changed his mind after reading about all these tragic deaths. Not yet. In , bass player John Entwistle suffered a heart attack a week after renting the palace. Tags: history mysteries Venice. Your email address will not be published.

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    • The first, Sutler, concerns the flight of the man whom the crafty peculator has set up to be the chief suspect and the unfortunate consequences for a male student who develops a crush on the fugitive. International authors dominate Man Booker Prize longlist. Man Booker this longlist is an incitement to read. The Spinning Heart: a surprise Booker choice.

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      Almost English: a Bayswater comedy of manners. The second mini-novel, The Massive, is a prequel to the first. The most overtly political of the four and the most interesting, it tackles the topical issue of workmen alleging that they have been poisoned by contaminants while working at the Iraqi burn pits where all the rubbish from building projects is destroyed. We know at the start that these men will die of horrific cancers within a few months of each other, so the story is about how their employers and the American government collude in bringing about their deaths, and about what makes these men take on this dangerous work — why they become murderees.

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      The third volume, The Kill, set mostly in Naples, is something of a change in tone. The final mini-novel, The Hit, featuring a professional killer in Cyprus who starts to question his own motives for doing what he does, is the most moving, and ties up a small percentage of the loose ends. But my summaries do not do justice to a hugely convoluted work in which dozens of characters execute a dance that has obviously been minutely choreographed, although one that to the reader increasingly seems to appear dizzyingly random.

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      Motives get more shadowy and the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred; ambiguity becomes the key note. The House method of storytelling is to create brilliantly realised characters, focus on them for a brief, intense period, and then abandon them, often leaving their fates obscure. What on earth happens to Lila, the barely pubescent prostitute who carries around a toy panda that, thanks to the vagaries of the plot, is stuffed full of thousands of dollars? It is all available on the Picador website , however.