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I was a bit confused at first as my Virgin planner has Ransom also on Universal. However Universal will be showing Series 3 of Ransom. Just in case anyone else was puzzled like me. Virgin ultra have been showing ads to say they are going to be showing The Rook but no date as yet. Any chance you may know if Perpetual Grace has been picked up in UK? Source Sky. It has vanished. Even when you look at the shows they have or type search there is nothing. Possible 5USA have got rid of it and not put out anything yet.

Please could you get in touch with channel 5 to find out.

Oprah Winfrey Sued by Pastor Over ‘Greenleaf’ TV Series

Thank you. Sorry if has been mentioned but season 2 date is not listed above. Could you please move Catch 22 to June. I caught an ad in the cinema the other day which confirmed a June broadcast on Channel 4. I only ask as sometimes I have a delay in the page loading when scrolling up on my iPad. I am in contact with E4 about it, but nothing new I can report at the moment either way unfortunately. It is in the list though. The list above is showing four icons for every entry — including a link to google plus which no long exists. Is that just me? Makes reading the list a bit confusing. And after I posted that, they disappeared.

Either you spotted the problem and cleared it or it was a temporary glitch my end. Sorry, probably my fault as I was tinkering with something. Should all be back to normal if you reload the page. Humm… It was the day after the US last year, which I think is where that date came from, as we assumed it would be the same this year. They keep releasing dates for shows coming on but still no date for F. Have they still got plans to show it.? D which is a year behind. Am I missing something or has it not started yet?

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For me and my son it has to be Dark Matter, such a brilliant series with plenty of material for more series. It was way better than other studio output and it was canned far too early. I could go. Cheers Sy Fy…. So everyone. I have a question and this includes Dave. For me I absolutely loved Flash Forward. I would have liked Speechless to continue, and Life In Pieces, but other than that, I think we got off pretty lightly this year. Totally agree with Speechless and Life in Pieces.

See a Problem?

Why do they cancel the good comedy ones?! They are both brilliant! Not into any of those shows. They did say they would air it, but now its the final season that may have delayed it or changed their plans. Maybe next month. You may have been watching a rerun of Season 4 possibly, but Season 5 has not yet aired in the UK. It is set to come to Sky Witness in June You might well be correct although this site did originally state How To Get Away With Murder, Season 5 — Sky Witness — 08 January at but i then think it was delayed i also thought i may have been mistaken and was thinking netflix but i remember emailing my GF as she is an avid follower so i i am probably getting confused — thanks everyone for the follow up — all the best.

Blindspot has been renewed for a fifth and final and probably shortened season according to tvline. Last 3 seasons of the Mindy project added to sky box sets from a couple weeks ago. Very much doubt they will air on a channel especially as the show ended 3 years ago. Might not be an unknown anymore. Very pleased to see The Mindy Project, at last. So just got an e-mail back from E4 saying they have no current plans to show Supernatural. And they wonder why people resort to illegal downloads!!!

And not everyone can afford the price of boxset dvds either. It is legitimately on the iOS and Android stores. So, it is legal, but be aware, the money you are paying goes to PlayOn, not the creators of the shows or the networks that run the shows. That means it makes it less likely a show does actually get picked up over here, and devalues it, making it less likely to be renewed not that it matters in the case of Supernatural, which is ending anyway. It also might mean the service could get blocked at some point for UK customers if the US networks challenge it. So it just depends on whether Sky think there is an audience for it.

Has season 2 of Good Witch aired in the UK before? Because it starts on Movies 24 this Sunday afternoon, at 3 pm with a double bill. Hi Richard. During the end credits for Blindspot, it was confirmed that the next episode will air on Monday June 3rd on Sky Witness, this is because in NBC will be airing the next episode on May 24th, also there is a very low change of Blindspot getting a Season 5.

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Last Man Standing, Season 7 - 5star.

Darren Criss to Star in, Executive-Produce Musical Comedy at Quibi

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Mindhunter, Season 2 - Netflix. Instinct, Season 2 - Sky Witness. Siren, Season 2b - Syfy UK. Dear White People, Season 3 - Netflix. Preacher, Season 4 - Amazon Prime. Succession, Season 2 - Sky Atlantic. Brassic, Season 1 - Sky One. Power, Season 6 Final - Netflix. Carnival Row, Season 1 - Amazon Prime. The Witcher, Season 1 - Netflix. Krypton, Season 2 - E4. Homeland, Season 8 - Channel 4. Outlander, Season 5 - Amazon Prime. Watchmen, Season 1 - Sky Atlantic. Chicago Med, Season 5 - Sky Witness. Top Boy, Season 3 - Netflix. Criminal, Season 1 - Netflix. New Amsterdam, Season 2 - Amazon Prime.

The , Season 6 - E4. Away, Season 1 - Netflix. Back, Season 2 - Channel 4. Bulletproof, Season 2 - Sky One. Cowboy Bebop, Season 1 - Netflix. And yet, Cayan somehow manages, here and there, to surprise us - especially when Breene lets us glimpse at his scheming mind. Better for us,?!? Shanti is a warrior, not a preacher. Did I miss something here? View all 7 comments. Buddy read with the MacHalos doesn't that make us sound like we should be singing backup to Diana Ross or something?

According to my fellow buddy readers, they didn't enjoy this book as much as the first. I don't agree, obviously, as my rating shows. Why I liked this one just as much as the first, but in a different way This book is deeper and darker, it's a better look into what makes up Shanti, Cayan, the Honor Guard, Sanders, etc.

It gives more the initial one or two dimensional charac Buddy read with the MacHalos doesn't that make us sound like we should be singing backup to Diana Ross or something? It gives more the initial one or two dimensional character markup we were given in the first book. Characters need more than their sparkling wit ok, maybe not if they have a sparkling wit and good looks to progress a story.

More points of view.

Oprah Winfrey Sued by Pastor Over 'Greenleaf' TV Series

The first book is all Shanti, all the time, which is amazing, but I always wondering what was going on in Cayan's big noggin - I picture him with a giant skull to go with his giant skeleton. His POV is surprisingly disappointing, I feel like it didn't give me the sort of insight I thought I'd be getting, it felt like a brief made-you-look glance at the inner workings of his mind. The Honor Guard teens aren't your average teens you think of poisoning to save the world the pain of having to deal with them and their idiocy.

Don't be mistaken, they still have the stupid goofiness of teenage boys, but it's tempered with serious intent to live through the upcoming threats. Specific villain. The Hunter is the first single person villain we've met and I have big hopes for him bringing the crazy.

Right now, he's very "Mr. I really prefer my villains to bring the bat shit crazy. I want to be wondering what fuckery their sick minds will be bringing to the party, i. The Hunter has the lack of feelings and conscience going for him, but I need him to get buck wild. New characters. Burson , that old fool is fun. We also have Rohnan , who kind of gets on my nerves, but I think he's a good addition the story due to his helping talents.

Stella Sanders got her groove back in this book. I was kind of undecided about him in the first book, but he's much more fun in this book. I like when people let the crazy out. Now if book 3 doesn't make me wanna cut someone, they bring the crazy, and it all has a HEA, I'll be good.

If not, well I've got cupcakes awaiting me if I need that kind of support. Baked goods are always there for you. View all 14 comments. They get the old man named Burson out of a Graygual camp, and acquire a powerful Graygual leader, name the Hunter. Who chases them for the rest of the book. Shanti reunites with Cayan and his men, together they set out for the Shadow Lands. Burson is shaping up to a Yoda like character, the Hunter a Darth Vader type. This series is living up to the hype.

It's getting even better! Where I'd struggled in the beginning of part one to get my mind into the story and this world with all the different types of people, I'd jumped now head first into the story and was in from page one. And what a ride it was! I'm still breathless and panting. Shanti finds her adopted brother and with him a mysterious stranger and heads straight back to Cayan thank to the elders ;.

Together with him and some others of the bunch they go on a dangerous journey to Whoa! Together with him and some others of the bunch they go on a dangerous journey to get to the shadowlands where Shanti has some business. Long story short, I. You have to read the first book first! It's still not a love story and the romance is still very subtle, but it's brooding and I've never read a hotter mind mingling than between Cayan and Shanti.

And I can't even write more, because I have to start book three View all 4 comments. I've figured it out!! It's romance!

Guy Antibes - The Monk's Habit -The Disinherited Prince Series, Book 2- clip2

It's romance that I missed in the first book, now in this one as well. If Shanti let go of her past, let herself heal and love again, I believe this series will be a lot better! If you need one reason to read this book The horse. Read this for the horse. As many of the other reviews mentioned, the book is driven via the story and the plot and there is no problem in that. However, I need a balance of all aspects in order for me to be fully engaged within the series.

While I did enjoy the book and its turns and twists it provided, I was not fully entranced by it either. I found myself putting it off or disinterest towards the plot in itself. It felt somewhat redundant, the world-building and intense action is carried further within this book. Howev As many of the other reviews mentioned, the book is driven via the story and the plot and there is no problem in that.

However, the characters seem to be at a stand-still. Personally I lost interest to carry on with the series. May be another time Why is this series, so good?? Stubborn woman Shanti finally realizes that she needs Cayan. It was pretty obvious to everyone else but she can be very stubborn. I did like how she apologized to her team and to Cayan. What I don't understand is the reasoning she uses to keep Cayan at a distance. It drives me crazy that she is interested in men that are fine, but not as amazing as him. The adventures are exciting and I like the growth that happens in the groups.

I was confused at first about the Wanderer vs Chosen prophecies. Th Stubborn woman Shanti finally realizes that she needs Cayan. The Seer is interesting if a bit deranged. Still he is always right so it just gives the story some humor. Good book and great series I just wanted a little more of romance. Well, I'm officially hooked on this series. Hunted picks up where Chosen left off with Shanti sneaking out from the Cayan's city to continue on her journey to go to the Shadow Lands to take the trials to be officially "Chosen.

The "gift" is kind of corny with all the mind power stuff. The romance is dialed back quite a bit in this story although there is the visual inventory by Shanti of C Well, I'm officially hooked on this series. The romance is dialed back quite a bit in this story although there is the visual inventory by Shanti of Cayan those blue eyes and rippling muscles I think Shanti's character is a bit uneven.

Sander's character one of Cayan's soldiers is a hoot at times. This is not a series that can be read out of sequence and have it make sense. I'm used to the narrator now and she does a good job with the book. Hunted is the second book in the series. It is about Shanti, the heroine, continuing her journey to save the world.

There is some action and adventure, but a lot of it was based around mental fights. The characters did not stay true to how they were portrayed in the first one which didn't make the story flow well for me. There is no romance in this story. Book two in the Warrior Chronicles can best be described as a leeway to the real story that is yet to come. While there was plenty of action and humor, this just felt unfinished.

James Fraser

I'm not discouraged because it was still entertaining but a slower read. I have book three ready to go but I'm not in a rush to get there. I still would recommend it though. I don't know how I feel about this one. Yes, I do, that's a lie. Yes, Shanti and her peeps are still totally kickass. We gain two new characters, Rohnan and Burson. Both good additions. We also delve deeper into the psyches of Shanti and Cayan. We now know their deepest insecurities. BUT We're missing so much that I loved about the first one!

The stuff that gave life to all the serious and I don't know how I feel about this one. Kickass fighting and epic battle scenes only goes so far when all you have to lighten things up every now and then, is "the crazy guy had his crazy guy smile on again" not an actual quote, but basically. And Shanti and Cayan. I'm usually a fan of the slow burning romance. The build-up is often the most exciting part for me. But not in this case. Every time they get near each other, they basically light on fire with arousal and she's just like "His sexy mental tongue tease is not helping my already aroused state.

Maybe it would be different if she actually acknowledged her body's reaction to him and had a little internal crisis about it? Not much better but it would be something. But no, we don't even get that. We just get them turning each other on instances few and far between and then having no feelings about it. Back to vengeance and depression. HE obviously has feelings about it.

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Cayan wants Shanti bad but he's so damn nice! He just accepts whatever non-pace she wants to be in. So frustrated. On to book 3. I suppose. It took me forever to write this but finally here it is: Chosen was surprisingly good, but I had such a hard time getting into this one. Maybe my mood was affecting my enjoyment of it? IDK what it was exactly, but it just dragged. Everyone stumbled around doing whatever without a real goal in mind. Winfrey gave her all for the adaptation of Toni Morrison's "Beloved," showing sadness and anger in equal measure on screen.

She even went method and simulated the experience of being a slave in preparation. But the film was a sprawling and overlong epic as handled by Jonathan Demme, and the its failure at the box office sent Winfrey into a "depression. Winfrey plays a small but significant role in Ava DuVernay's civil rights drama "Selma. She quietly and just barely holds her head up to recite the Preamble of the Constitution and prove her civil knowledge.

But it's devastating to see someone even like Winfrey humbled by pervasive racism. In this HBO movie, Winfrey plays a woman searching for a mother she never knew. Henrietta Lacks was the unwitting donor of a tissue sample that was eventually used as a cure for polio and countless other medical advances.

But after years of lies and cover ups from the medical community, the Lacks family has grown untrusting and paranoid.

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  5. Winfrey plays Henrietta Lacks' daughter as unpredictable and volatile, and her performance anchors a movie about how an African-American woman battling her own paranoia comes to terms with her heritage and family's legacy. In "The Butler," Winfrey walks a fine line between sweet and motherly -- and even unlikable.

    She's cheating on her upstanding husband and struggles with drink, but she's still a sage figure in this family's household.