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This does not mean that you must ignore their plight, but does determine that you cannot do for them what they are unwilling to do for themselves. There is not a rule of thumb for how to give wise assistance to them. Their plight is a result of the personal decisions they have made and the attitudes that have influenced those decisions. Remember, they are human beings becoming or not, by their own choice The critical point for the next step in the transcendence process follows the acceptance of the personal ability to move through victim consciousness by accepting responsibility for using the Universal Laws to take charge of their manifested experience In truth most will find that abundance is measured by the inner feelings of self-approval and confidence that precludes the necessity of impressive material demonstrations for ego aggrandizement.

What you do with regard to self and others is more important than what you have. When this is accomplished all that is necessary is attracted without effort, for each is then encompassed within the expansive Flow of Creation To become a Graduate is the Goal of all. How this is to be accomplished is uniquely experienced through Freewill choice.

Help is available. Each must know theirs is a unique experience not to be compared to others. Each incarnation is for their own particular soul purpose to be created through their choices and decisions It is our goal to trigger the Awareness of this connection in every human possible connection to your Higher Self, who spends so much Energy to manifest your presence here so you can play this Game! LM through direct connection or through changes in the Mass Conscious Awareness on a Planetary Level, using what you refer to as the th monkey theory. First and foremost is transcendence of the Victim Consciousness into Personal Responsibility.

This process will require that individuals Separate Themselves from those refusing to change their perceptions and to Align Themselves with others who are willing to make this change. When lives begin to change as a result of accepting and using Personal Responsibility through the application of the Universal Laws, those previously unwilling to change will again choose to follow suit or not In the asking for help the opportunities that genuinely "feel" right will present themselves.

Incorrect choices will be difficult and bring little satisfaction Asking for discernment brings knowingness and other opportunities to pursue At the base of the rescue stories lies the Victim Consciousness Schools for Future Humans - Human Plus. One of my Parallel Personalities in Italy a years ago! Everything is an illusion. Lydia Monroe. Over the years I gathered a huge number of articles, videos and photos of dead flocks of birds, dead groups of animals, dead schools of fish and other sea animals, forests, broken by winds and tornados or burnt by fires, but I could only post a few photos on our sites not to overload them.

But now plankton is also dying together with all waterlife. Many articles have been written about it by scientists. Our Earth is oversaturated by tiny negative parasitic civilizations like: viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, worms, poisonous plants and seaweeds and so on. So all those articles about rejuvination of industries and economics worldwide especially in Russia are not valid, though that could be done in the New Daughter Universe, on the New Earth! Otherwise such articles create even more confusion in people's heads.

Before entering the Planetary Game on Earth such Beings would be more instructed how to play the Game, for instance, most of them do have prerecorded scenario of someone's past life, so they could quickly adjust to the environment. Their bodies have been designed to withstand lack of OXYGEN, by being made in laboratories, it helps to avoid diseases. And in a form of a Plasmoid-Orb, they learn all human emotions at the time of accidents or catastrophes and all forms of life on Earth at all times, starting from one-cell creatures.

There are a few photos of Orbs below out of many in my storage. Unfortunately this program decreasing not just Oxygen, but also the vibration of the Planet and People's Awareness. Robert Monroe described one of them in his books. Often I hear deafening noise of Energy Stream entering our place here, reminding me the parade of a million of shouting soldiers!

I will take Robert Monroe's life as an example, and show his evolution according to what he wrote in his books. That, in general, will apply to all peope, who came from the Source of All Suns. M-Field spreads in the whole Universe, filling it with Sun Energy. When Robert was still inside his Sun in the Source of All Suns, he got a message from his Sun, that he was going on a journey down below to our Old Universe.

He had to experience emotions and all forms of life on all vibrations below the Source of All Suns, except the last 2 levels 1st and 2nd , vibrationally the lowest ones for humans. Special attention he was supposed to pay on being a human. Robert was supposed to become a Graduate and leave the Planetary Game. After that Robert was supposed to climb up level by level back to the Source. At the beginning Robert, like many other participants in the Source, was excited by this new adventure. Then the time came and his Sun detached Robert from itself and dropped him from the Level of the Source down to the lower 11th Level through the Aperture Portal.

Robert looked like a Sun Ray. But when he proved to be alone, without anyone to accompany him, he forgot what was the aim of his journey. He was unsettled, lost and lonely, he forgot what he was supposed to do, didn't know what to do next. Later he started moving down level by level, leaving part of himself on every level, those parts, one by one, will help him to return back to the Source! Those parts were also growing and performing different duties in maintainance of our Universe together with other Sun Beings.

The same happened to many of us and, like Robert Monroe, at the beginning we had to move lower and lower, vibration after vibration, Level after Level till we reached the lowest vibration for humans - 3d physical Level and Planet Earth. The best form to explore and learn all other forms of life and emotions after having a human life and becoming non-physical is to become a plasmoid orb or some other type. There are many of such Schools in our Old Universe! Then it lessened, and I felt the warm Sense of Understanding, entering from all external points of me.

I knew these Forms had deliberately diverted their Radiation I wondered how I must ident look to them, probably a dull Gray Piece of Fog. She : This is Our Reference Point, until we decide to. I : Decide to do what? She : I, uh. I : What do you do in the meantime? She : Well, for one, we make and gather Like honeybees. Or Guernsey cows. I : What else do you do? She : Experience Earth Consciousness. Not just in Physical Human Form — remember, we could only feel part of it, just a part.

Now we go through it completely, from the smallest Uni-Cellular Life up, millions of different Life Cycles, most of which we were unaware of, as only Physical Humans. Even the Physical Earth itself has an Active Consciousness. I : The natural Food Chain Process, it still exists and you experience it?

From Beginning to End? She : It's an important part of the Learning Process. BB : Some change, huh? Want me to show you around? It appeared much the same. BB : Lot of changes Heavy Cutback on the Survival Imprint, for one I : But you don't even sleep here, do you? BB : No, don't need to Oh, yeh, that's the other point. No Repeaters, just One-Timers. BB : Oh, sure. I : I haven't had a percept on that taking place. BB : Sure, you have.

I : How? Just went up and faded out? BB vibrated triumphantly: Well? He focused. The little one was wide open. Going to make the big leap, huh? I hope so. AA blanked. You hope so! Don't you know? The tiny form vibrated. I mean, it came so quickly, it was such a surprise. I'm still not used to it. It's really going to happen, after I tried so long. I guess not. I wanted to, but it never happened. AA opened more. I thought anyone could just walk up and get in, if there were entry points available.

Oh, no. You have to qualify. AA stored and scanned. The form flickered. I don't know what you mean.

AA blanked heavily, then focused softly. I understand, the excitement and all the anticipation. The form flickered more. What's a rote? Rote is information you have that. AA cut off, then reset. Where did you come from? The form lighted. Over there. It was easy.

AA followed the focus. You mean the Planet, where humans are? Yes, yes. AA vibrated. Then it's not your first time. You've been Human? There must be some mix-up! No, no, there isn 't. The form grew brighter. I've never been a human, but I've studied them a long time.

I've lived with them, they've fed and loved me. I'm going to be a Human. They tell me I've earned, I mean learned it. And I'm going to be a good one. I know it! Robert Monroe got experience as a monkey, on page he says: "There was much monkey left in me, too much. I'm flat on the bottom and strong life energy is pouring up at me from below. I'm getting larger and larger and I eagerly convert the Energy into being me. I'm a Whirling Vortex and my action takes water out of the energy and helps me get bigger, and I become more conscious, more aware. I'm like a round puffball on top, and I feel myself growing upward more, than outward.


Wait, that's. We were floating over the Earth, over a heavy forest. The brown field in the near distance was familiar. BB hovered in front of me He indicated behind me. I turned. It was a medium-sized cumulus cloud, white on the side, where the Rays of the Sun touched it, gray on the back, with a dark flat bottom. Clouds have consciousness? The basis for life? Waters, minute bits of chemicals All the ingredients. What would a thunderhead be? Or a tornado, a hurricane, weather lows and highs! I'm a fish, a very big fish! I can feel my stabilizing fins waving gently to keep me in place, my vision is split, I can't see exactly straight in front of me.

I try moving, just thinking about it, and I speed forward very rapidly, turn right, left, roll, steep climb, then dive. I shoot uncontrolled through the surface, mouth open, gulping in something as I do. I am aware of another fish diving with me, tail and back of the body sculling, sculling strongly.

I just think and it works, like walking or running in a physical human body. I stop. Ahead of me is another fish, it is coming at me. I broke through the surface into the air, reached out, and stretched. I was just above the water, and I saw the body of my fish, with a second one alongside it, arch through the air and reenter the water with the smallest of splashes, but immediately there was a rushing, a swirling under the surface. Fun, huh? It was BB beside me.

I couldn't reply, I was shaking so hard, so he went on. He had a percept you weren't ready and he was right. But you asked her about the food chain. I am lying down in soft thick grasses, lying on my side. I open my eyes. Come on, RAM. I roll over and stand up. I have four legs! How sure and stable it feels! I think about moving it, and it jerks. I flex my legs, pull in my claws. I have claws!

I feel great! Watch out, world, here I come. Well, come on, then! The tan panther lopes off through the trees, and I follow. It is waiting for me, sitting casually on a thick branch. I pull up beside it, sit back. Pretty good for a beginner, RAM. I am too stimulated to reply.

ЖУТКИЕ ИСТОРИИ из реальной жизни [Спецвыпуск] ПМИ

I am remembering the great sense of power in my muscles, sorting out the massive input, that had come through my senses. Have to go down now. The tan panther stands up, turns, and walks down the tree to the ground. I didn't know cats could do that, they always back down. I stand up, and slowly back down, jumping the last eight feet easily.

First lie down under the tree, near the trunk. Then pull a short skip, very short. I lie down in the tall grass, and very reluctantly reach and stretch. We were hovering just above the ground, and I looked down. Below us, breathing shallowly and slowly, lying in the grass, was the body of the tan panther.

I am floating high over a rugged, snowcapped mountain range, and I can see for hundreds of miles in every direction. I turn my head. Extending out from my shoulder is a broad arching wing tapering to a round point, feathers ruffling in the slight turbulence.

I roll my head to the left, there is one to match from the other shoulder. I'm not floating, I'm soaring. I break the turn, and the feathers on the trailing edge bend down on one side, up on the other, instant ailerons. Just fold the wings and doooooown we go! Hey, uh, RAM. And I bet these wings can take a big G load coming out of a dive if you open them slowly. That's about fast enough.

vous rejoindrez vous partagez credit a la consommation non paiement

All back to normal, back to cruising speed. What a bird! Must be a condor Wait, that's just air, wind! I take from it the parts needed by the Whole and send it back through the narrow tubes, because it is needed. I do this so easily I don't think of it as work, it's breathing. They take one human physical life cycle and one only, and come back here to "Renovated Super-Human School of Compressed Learning" and join in.

I turned inward, then opened. Is this One-Timer pattern going on back, where I came from? BB lighted. Oh, sure. I flickered. I haven't had a percept on that taking place. BB smoothed. Sure, you have. I blanked. That last Outer Ring, remember? I flickered again. But they were the ones going Home to the Source. BB vibrated triumphantly.

I turned inward and closed. The whole thing was getting out of hand, or better, out of my mind-set, beyond my ability to absorb and understand instantly. This is the only point available to apply such energies.

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By far the greatest motivation—surpassing the sum of all others—is the result. When you encounter and perceive a graduate, your only goal is to be one yourself once you realize it is possible. And it is. Thus we "go to physical" because of what it is — an intense learning process, a school of a very unusual sort. It has the implication an indirect suggestion that an important part of that learning process is to force the admixture of two different types of energy modulation. One enters as male and the other as female. The drives, needs, enculturation, and other factors all may be designed to literally force the accommodation, melding, and understanding between these two systems of consciousness Every single thing we learn, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, is of immense value There—beyond Time-Space.

This is fully understood only when one encounters a Graduate of the Earth Life System Process of being Human, who 'resides' in the There. You then know, not just believe, that it is worth any price to be Human, and to learn And I am all of those life passages, all of them. So part of my energy at this moment may be used to develop a personality and I may have several Parallel personalities going on at the same time, being developed at the same time.

They tell me right now, one is old, one is crippled, one is male, and where they are I am not ready to know. There are Beings on other places and our Energy is aware of all these other places. What are these other forms? It is focus of attention, of Consciousness, which is without diversion or deviation. No other Energy, available to you as Human, is as powerful.

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  2. Libéré de soi ! : Se réinventer au fil des jours (Hors collection) (French Edition).
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As a lens will direct Energy you call Light, so you can use Consciousness Other Voice If you would like to explore these sub-levels, I would be very happy to do so with you. They are on a vibrational rate on sub-levels one through seven. It is the same pattern. Animals exist on sub-levels eight through fourteen, and when a person attains, when a consciousness attains sub-level fourteen, it can no longer go any higher unless, it is willing to change its form of Consciousness.

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  • The Voice of Conscience: A Political Genealogy of Western Ethical Experience (Political Theory and Contemporary Philosophy).
  • Sub-levels fifteen through twenty-one are what you call Human Life on this Earth. When a person progresses to sub-level twenty-one, he then has the choice of going higher or staying within the realm of Human form, but he cannot go higher, unless he is willing to give up Human form.

    They are your sub-levels, that you enter upon death. You are on sub-level twenty and because, that is an ascending level, you can enter into the realm beyond physical life, but you cannot stay there, unless you are willing to give up your Human form. Is that clear? I will never incarnate again as a Human—as another form of life, yes, but not as a Human. The words are very hard, because your plane of existence is not the same It appears to her to be like many selves extending from a Circle and between.

    We are trying to show her there are many, many dimensions of one Human Self. As she can see and understand, that she is much more of that conscious Self, that she sees in the mirror, and that she experiences in her waking state. She will be much more prepared to go into the multi-dimensional levels of the Consciousness, and this is why we are working on various levels, and not only the visual.

    This drive I have. Where does this fit in? We can tell you something about that, though you may not like it. I need to know. Service to humankind might be classified as self-serving, but in your case, because the effect spreads so widely, this does not apply. The more we improve humankind, the more our prospects improve. One major improvement is equal to one hundred minor ones. You mean one tall mountain is equal to a low range of hills. So this service—this improvement—is worth doing?

    Most definitely. What of the bonding we identify as love? Where does this energy fit in? My friend, we have so much of this bonding built up to take us to infinity and through it. We take it with us as we go. It is the major energy base for our intellect. What you now perceive as love clarifies, not stultifies to cause to appear ridiculous. It incorporates both pain and pleasure; it is the union of opposites to create a whole. And you found plenty of love this lifetime, once you dispensed with your illusions.

    There must be a tremendous amount of experience stored here, in you. How many lifetimes are there? A thousand perhaps, or more. We stopped counting long ago. Every possible situation is here, every emotion. There is nothing you can encounter in an Earth life, that isn't stored here. Then what am I doing, going through it all over again?

    To find one final piece. And you are very close. When you have it, we lift off. We shall be gone. Gone where? We don't know. You will have to tell us. I see. But—are you certain you have the right one? I have an idea, that there's another one being human here at this time —another one out of this I-There of ours. That is so. That is your reserve or substitute, you might say.

    A back-up. But you are first in line. This other. She is. Should I arrange to meet her? Later perhaps.

    Турция / Сиде

    She would seem like a long-lost sister. Mar 25, He comes from a poor background, dropped out of school at 13, and has been on the move ever since, working sporadically in low-paying jobs on farms in Australia, New York restaurants, gold mines in Peru and dozens of other places.

    He has slept under bridges in India, in telephone booths in China, up a tree in Brazil, inside a morgue in Liechtenstein, in prisons in Colombia, Paraguay, Georgia and Afghanistan — where he was mistaken for a spy — and as a pilgrim in houses of worship representing every major world religion. Jorge Sanchez is ranked 2 on The Best Traveled website. He sees travel as a pilgrimage, a quest for knowledge and learning. He says that if one wants to understand the world, one must see it.

    But he also believes that every great traveller must also know when it is time to go home. Q: You ran away from home at 13, leaving a note for your parents that you were off to Western Sahara? Yes, I left home when I was 13 and caught a boat from Barcelona to Mallorca. By the time I arrived in the Canary Islands, I was My father worked for the gas and electricity company; we had no car. They were poor. I just escaped. I knew my parents would be very upset. In those times the Spanish Legion accepted minors as volunteers in Western Sahara. This was , when it was still a Spanish colony.

    I became a legionnaire just so I could travel. Once I got my passport at 18, I hitchhiked across 11 European countries, taking any kind of job in Paris, London, the Isle of Wight, Geneva and other places to earn money to survive. My goal was to learn languages and the art of travel. After two years of vagabonding in Europe, I had to return to Spain to join the army, which was compulsory during the Franco era.

    Sanchez now has 21 passports. Are you working now? Jobs for me have been a means to earn money to keep travelling. I have worked in a dental laboratory in Paris; sold cheese in the markets of Italy; played chess for money in The Philippines and Indonesia; worked with a group of gold miners in the Madre de Dios region in the Peruvian jungle. I have done any job imaginable, but I have no real profession.

    At the moment, I work for hotels in the Spanish province of Girona once a week, picking up passengers at the Barcelona airport. Q: You mentioned that you had spent at least one night in every country save Liechtenstein and Tajikistan. You went back to Liechtenstein, but the hotels were too expensive so you slept rough. Can you tell us some more unusual places where you have slept? At 5 am, a hearse arrived. It woke me up when the driver and a helper opened the door near where I was sleeping on the ground. After a few minutes they returned to the hearse carrying a black coffin.

    I once slept in a tree in Florianopolis, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, for fear of bandits because I had no money to sleep in a hostel. I have also slept under bridges several times, mainly in India. I slept inside a telephone booth in Chengdu in China. Sanchez often relies on the hospitality of strangers. In , I asked for help in a jail in Ipiales, at the border between Colombia and Ecuador, because there were many rascals following me with sinister intentions. I think that a real traveller has to spend at least 24 hours in every one of the countries of the United Nations.

    I have slept in of them now, only missing Tajikistan, which is why I will travel again to that country in the future. Do you hope people will read your story and be inspired to travel, even if they are poor? In fact, when you calculate the money that you will spend travelling, you have to deduct the money that you would spend remaining at home.

    For some people, travelling and living several months in low-cost countries such as India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Bolivia, Peru, Morocco or Mozambique is even cheaper than staying at home. I never go to expensive hotels. I stay in hostels, dormitories, pensions. I always visit the local markets to eat. I hitchhike or travel by bus or train during the night to save the cost of a hotel, and to gain time. You can work in many countries, teaching languages or on farms in Australia and New Zealand.

    Q: You told me that it is better to travel when you are young then when you retire. Do you advise people to save for their retirement or to travel as much as they like and worry about money later on? I think everyone must find their own way. The worst thing to do is to spend your life doing something you have no passion for.

    Some people prefer to work all their life and to save money until they retire, and in between to travel once or twice a year during their holidays, like a tourist. Then at 60 they start travelling intensively, frantically even, as if trying to recover the lost time. I have spent a total of 30 years on the road, and now that I am 62, I have no more money and no way to earn it.

    It is like the fable of the grasshopper who spent the winter months singing and the ant who worked to store food for the winter. I am the grasshopper. I do not regret anything, I am happy with the life that I have chosen, so now I have to face the consequences. So what places are left on your to-do list? Yes, it is true. One of the places that I would like to visit is Agalega Island in Mauritius. Along with Tristan da Cunha, Pitcairn and Tokelau, this is one of the most difficult inhabited islands in the world to reach, because they have no airports and the ferry service is so infrequent.

    I have tried to travel there twice; there is a regular boat that departs from Mauritius Island every six months. But both times the boat was fully booked with locals, who have [priority]. In , he visited the remote island of Tristan da Cunha. Do you think if one is born to be a nomad there is no way to settle down and still be happy? I needed more knowledge to fulfil myself, and I sensed that I could only attain my goal through travel.

    Now I realize that the real thing is the family. But to understand that, first I had to travel the world and to complete seven around-the-world journeys. Travels are an instrument of learning, a way of life during your younger years, but there are superior goals in life. If the desire to travel is strong, those people must travel; otherwise, they will feel dead in life. If you are sure that travelling is your destiny, you have to follow it. Hitchhiking is the cheapest way to travel.

    There are still many countries where drivers pick up hitchhikers. I hitchhiked not necessarily to save money but because there was very limited public bus service. You fly in the low season, you use charter flights. And often times, I just sleep outside, especially in expensive countries. The waiting rooms of hospitals, you can sleep there, or in train stations. Sometimes I go to the Salvation Army. I make friends and they invite me to stay with them. And I live like a monk here in Barcelona to save for travel. Really low cost.

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